How to Delete App Store History in 3 Steps, With Photos

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How to Delete App Store History in 3 Steps, With Photos

To use App Store, you will need an Apple ID account, which means you’ll have access to all personalized and custom content and a digital trail of apps and content you downloaded, purchased, or even once had installed on your device. So if you were wondering how to delete your App Store history, it’s definitely possible to not only remove the history from the current device but also any history you made using your Apple ID, regardless of the device you used.

Down below, you’ll find the process explained in 3 simple steps, with photos, so you can find and delete the history in minutes.

How to Delete App Store History in 3 Steps

Deleting your App Store history isn’t hard. However, finding the location of the App Store’s history is slightly tricky. Therefore, follow these steps below since you’ll know exactly where to look to efficiently delete the history in minutes.

Step 1: Open AppStore and Log In

The first thing you want to do is open the App Store. This guide is suitable for all Apple devices, since the steps are very similar for iPhone, iPad, and Apple computers. App Store has a well-known blue icon and once you press that, you’ll open the App Store.

After you’ve opened the App Store, you might need to log in using your Apple ID account in case you weren’t already logged in. To do this, enter the email and password you used to create your Apple ID.

Delete App Store History, home
Be sure to Log In first.


Step 2: Click Account and Purchased

When you open the App Store and log in with your Apple ID, you will see the App Store homepage. In the top right corner, you will see your Apple ID profile photo. Click once on your profile photo and this will open an “Account” menu.

Delete App Store History, account
Choose “Purchased”, located right under your profile info.


In the “Account” menu, underneath your account’s information, you will see three tabs that say “Purchased”, “Subscriptions”, and “Notifications”. Press the “Purchased” button and this will take you to a new menu with all apps you’ve installed on your Apple device.

Apps that are still currently on your Apple device will have the “Open” button next to them. However, if you have previously used an app and then deleted it, the app will still be displayed and will feature a cloud download button so you can download the app again.

There are also two tabs to choose from, “All” and “Not on this device”. Under the “All” tab, you will find all apps you have or have had installed on the Apple device you’re currently using. However, in the “Not on this Device” tab, you will find all apps that were on any Apple device with your Apple ID.

Delete App Store History, purchased
You can choose to see a list of all the Apps or only those no longer installed on tour device by toggling between “All” and “Not on this iPhone”.


Step 3: Delete the App History

Delete App Store History, app
Press and hold on the app to get the menu to pop up. Then choose “Hide”.


Now that you have the list of the history of apps you’ve purchased, downloaded, and installed, you can remove any app from the history list. To do this, find the app you would like to remove and then long-press on the app to open a small pop-up menu with options.

In the options, you will see a red “Hide” button. Press once and this will remove the app from the App Store list. Once you remove the app, you can reload the App Store to double-check if the app history is there. However, one thing to keep in mind is that you’ll have to do this individually for every app, as there’s no way to delete the complete history of the App Store all at once.

Check out this informative video tutorial on effectively deleting your app history. Learn the step-by-step process to remove unwanted apps from your history and maintain a clutter-free App Store. Watch the video now to gain a better understanding of how to manage your app history with ease!

How to View More Information on the App Store History

It might be tricky finding the app history since it’s not labeled as History, but as Purchased. There’s one more place where you can find more information on the App Store history. However, in that section, you can’t remove or hide apps and can only look at the information available.

To do this, when you’re on the App Store homepage, click on your profile photo in the top right corner. Click on your full name and icon area. Scroll down in the new menu and find the “Purchase History” tab. Press once to open the new menu with all apps you’ve purchased (even if they were free). This is an area where you can’t delete the App Store history and can only look at the billing and purchases. However, it can be useful if you’re trying to find a specific app or to find out how much you’ve spent on a certain app.

Delete App Store History, purchase history
This is a list of all the apps you have ever acquired from the App Store. You cannot change it.



Deleting App Store history is something that you can do in minutes. In fact, the only tricky thing about it is finding it in the App Store settings. Since it’s not labeled as History but rather as “Purchased apps”, it can be hard to find it unless you come across it accidentally.

However, with the steps outlined above and the accompanying screenshots, you can follow the entire process. Thus, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding and deleting your App Store history.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is App Store history labeled as Purchased?

Because Apple considers downloading an app as a purchase, even if the price is free.

Is there any other way to delete the App Store history?

No, there’s no other way to delete the App Store history, unless you create a new Apple ID and use the new, empty account instead.

Can you remove any apps from the Purchase History tab?

No, you can’t remove any apps under this tab as it seems that this information is kept for invoicing reasons.

Is hiding the history the same as deleting it?

Yes, the function says “Hide” but once you hide it, you can’t unhide it. Therefore, it essentially removes the app from the history.

Can you remove all history at once?

No, unfortunately, you can’t remove all history at once.

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