How to Create a Poll in Slack, With Photos

how to create a poll in slack

How to Create a Poll in Slack, With Photos

Polls are a popular way to gauge interest in a variety of topics. It’s a tool we’ve seen incorporated into many collaborative platforms and we’re going to show you how to create a poll in Slack. The process is relatively straightforward once you know where to start, and something anyone can do in less than 5 minutes.

Add Polls in Slack with Emoji Reactions

The simplest way to create a poll in Slack doesn’t require special permissions. While it’s not the sleekest method, it only requires a few clicks and some formatting tricks.

Step 1: Sign in to Slack

how to create a poll in slack
Signing in to Slack.

Log in to Slack and go to your Workspace.

Step 2: Start a Message

How to Create a Poll in Slack
Typing in a poll question.

Go to the message section where you want to set up a poll and begin composing your message using your poll question.

Step 3: Choose Emojis

How to Create a Poll in Slack
Adding emojis.

Once you’ve typed your poll question, you need to choose an emoji for each option. Set a matching emoji beneath to make voting easier for your group.

Step 4: Submit

How to Create a Poll in Slack
Waiting for the results.

When you’re happy with your poll, send the message and wait for the results to roll in. 

How to Create Polls in Slack with the App Directory

The other way you can add polls to Slack is by using the app directory. From here, you can choose from close to a dozen types of polls, although there are a few fan favorites. These applications can allow you to schedule polls while bringing new features to the table for your team members.

Step 1: Go to the App Directory

How to Create a Poll in Slack
Selecting Get Essential Apps.

When you’re logged in at Slack, go to the Slack App Directory and click on Get Essential Apps.

Step 2: Find a Poll App

How to Create a Poll in Slack
Choosing a poll app.

Use the search box at the top of the page and type Poll. Now you’re presented with a list of applications that you can filter by relevance, pricing, and language. You can get information on any of the applications from the list by clicking on it.

Step 3: Install the Poll App

How to Create a Poll in Slack
Adding the app to Slack.

Once you’ve settled on an app to run polls in Slack, it’s time to install it by clicking the Add to Slack button from the product page. We chose OpenPoll, but the process remains the same for any free Slack application.  

Step 4: Accept Permissions

How to Create a Poll in Slack
Connecting the app to your Slack workspace.

Once you’ve clicked to install, you’ll see a number of prompts. One asks for permissions, which you’ll need to allow to complete the installation. Once the app has been installed, you’ll see it in your workspace.

Step 5: Set up a Poll

This is where the process will vary depending on the app you choose. With OpenPoll, things are simple as you can create a poll using a few commands from any channel. To create a quick poll, you would use the command line below with your information entered between the quotations.

/poll “Do you use Windows or Mac OSX?” “Windows” “Mac OSx”

How to Create a Poll in Slack
Checking what the poll looks like.

Once entered, the poll will appear in the channel with voting options and a menu where you can make a few adjustments. This poll app, and most others, also allow you to create anonymous polls, hidden polls, or recurring ones, depending on your needs.

Check out this informative video tutorial on creating polls in Slack using Polly! Streamline your communication and engage your team members effectively by harnessing the power of polls. Watch the video to learn step-by-step instructions and enhance your collaboration game!


The steps in our guide will allow anyone to create a poll in Slack quickly. It’s a feature that shouldn’t be overlooked, and one that allows you to get instant feedback from your team, or have a little fun. Just remember, if you plan to use a poll app, you may need permission from the workspace owner or administrator beforehand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you create a poll with Slack Mobile?

If you need to create a poll while you’re on the go through the Slack mobile app, you can do so using the same steps we covered in our guide on the web app.

Are Slack voting apps the same as polls?

While both serve a similar purpose, the features between Slack voting and poll apps can be entirely different.

Does Slack have a survey tool?

Yes, you can find several survey apps through the app directory on Slack.

Is Slack free to use?

Slack is free to use and anyone can set up or join a workspace. There are paid features and membership plans, however.

What’s the best poll app on Slack?

That depends on your needs, but Simple Poll, Polly, and Advanced Poll are all popular options on Slack.

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