How to Create a Folder in Gmail With Photos

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How to Create a Folder in Gmail With Photos

As the most popular email provider around the world with more than a billion users, a lot of email goes through Gmail each day. When your inbox gets crowded, you’ll want to know how to create a folder in Gmail. This simple process can help organize your emails, and it’s something you can do from any web browser with just a few clicks.

What are Gmail Folders?

Gmail folders are actually not called folders at all, which can lead to confusion when using the service. They are called “labels” but act like a folder on a computer. Every Gmail account comes with a few folders already with Spam, Promotions, Starred, and Important. Creating new folders or labels in Gmail allows you to expand the existing categories to better suit your needs.

How to Create a Folder in Gmail on the Web

You can use this method to create new Gmail folders from Chrome, Firefox, or any other web browser. It’s the easiest method and something anyone can accomplish in only a few minutes.

1. Open Gmail

Go to mail.google.com and enter your Google account details to log into the Gmail account you want to create labels for. If you want to create folders for multiple email accounts, go ahead and log into those now.

Create Folder in Gmail
Open Gmail


2. Choose Label

When you’re logged in at Gmail, go to the section on the right side of the page. Look for Labels, and click on the + symbol as shown in the screenshot.

How to Create a Folder in Gmail
Choose Label


3. Create New Folder

A new pop-up box will appear on your screen that allows you to name the label or folder. Choose a name and then select whether you want to nest the folder under another. When you’re satisfied, choose Create and the new folder will appear at the top of your Labels section.

How to Create a Folder in Gmail
Create New Folder


4. Transfer Emails

Now that you have created a new Gmail folder, you can start putting it to use. You can drag any emails you want to add to the new folder or choose an email, and then select the label button at the top.

How to Create a Folder in Gmail
Transfer Emails


Whether you’re trying to stay organized or just need a quick go-to for your most important emails, knowing how to create a Gmail folder (or “label”) is important for any Gmail user. We hope the steps above clarify the process, but if you think you’d benefit from a video tutorial, we found a guide on YouTube that will help you navigate creating a new folder.

How to Add Folder Colors in Gmail

There are a few quick tricks you can do with your folders once you have them set up. The first is setting a color, which helps keep multiple labels organized.

1. Access the Label Menu

Go to the Labels section in Gmail where you created your folder and hover over the folder you want to color. Click on the 3-dot menu to open up a new menu.

How to Create a Folder in Gmail
Access the Label Menu


2. Label Settings

From this pop-up menu, go to the top where it says Label Color and hover until a new row appears with colored circles.

How to Create a Folder in Gmail
Label Settings


3. Choose a Color

You can choose a preset color from the options in Gmail or set a custom color. When you have the label color set to what you like, select Apply to change the color of the folder in Gmail.

How to Create a Folder in Gmail
Choose A Color


Add a Sublabel

While setting a color for a label can help you find a Gmail folder quickly, you can also add a sublabel. This is useful in a variety of situations including work, where you may have messages from different departments within a company.

If you want to add a sublabel to a folder, hover over the folder and choose the 3-dot menu. When it appears, select Add Sublabel. Enter the new label name, and make sure the box is checked for nesting before clicking Create.

How to Create a Folder in Gmail

Add a Sublabel


The Wrap-Up

Adding labels to your inbox is one way to keep things tidy, but there are plenty of other Gmail tricks that can make life easier. That includes conversation view, sending money with Google Play or scheduling emails in Gmail to go out at the time of your choosing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make folders in Gmail or just labels?

There are no traditional folders in Gmail like you’ll find on a PC, but these labels are very similar.

Are Gmail labels private?

No, anyone with access to your Gmail account can see your labels, but you can hide individual labels through the settings sub-menu.

Can you create a sublabel under a sublabel in Gmail?

Yes, just follow the same process by using the 3-dot menu next to the sublabel.

How many folders can you create in Gmail?

You can create up to 10,000 labels for one Gmail account, but can only view a limited amount at once.

Can you create labels in the Gmail app for Android or iOS?

In the current version, you cannot make folders in the app, only from the web.

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