iPhones typically store photos in one of three formats. JPG and PNG are popular, but the third one, HEIC, is less common. Most of the time, you can easily upload files online without doing a file conversion. However, you might sometimes need to save photos to PDF. Whether it’s paperwork documentation or classwork, our seven-step guide shows you how to convert an image on your iPhone to a PDF quickly.

So, here’s how to convert a picture to PDF on iPhone:

1. Open The Photo

First, find the photo you want to convert. By default, images are stored in the Photos app. The icon is a rainbow pinwheel with a white background.

2. Select The Photo

Next, select the photo so it displays the entire image screen. In the bottom left is a share icon, which looks like a box with an arrow pointing up. When you select it, you will see a menu of options.

3. Choose Print

You may have to scroll down near the bottom of the menu to see Print depending on your apps and preferences. When you locate it, select Print.

4. Zoom In On The Photo

After selecting the Print option, a screen that looks similar to the Mac OS printing screen will appear. But instead of selecting Print in the top right corner, you will zoom into the photo at the bottom of the screen. To do this, place two fingers and spread them apart on top of the image.

5. Tap The Share Icon

When you zoom in on the photo, you will see a share icon again in the bottom left corner. Don’t see it? Tap on the photo to view the menu. When you tap the share icon, a different set of options will appear.

6. Save To Files

In the share menu, select Save to Files. This will bring up a list of available folders. We recommend just selecting On My iPhone if you don’t have a specific folder in mind.

After specifying the location, select Save in the top right, and your photo will now have a PDF version.

7. Send Your New PDF

To find the new PDF you just created, navigate to the Files app. In there, you will see folders and files. Search for the photo you just converted, and you can share it online.

Now you know how to convert a picture to PDF on iPhone. Go ahead and create yours.

How To Convert A Picture To PDF on iPhone In 7 Easy Steps FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

What is the benefit of converting a file to PDF?

PDF documents make it easy to protect your sensitive information. You can lock viewing or editing of PDFs behind a password or use a secure encryption certificate.

When was PDF created

Adobe created PDF or Portable Document File in 1993.

Why is PDF better than Word?

PDFs are pretty much a universally accepted format regardless of where or what you are uploading or sending.

Is it better to print or save as PDF?

‘Save As’ will more accurately copy the look and actions of the original document into the PDF clone.

Why is PDF best for printing?

PDF images are more reliable by their nature since they are similar to that of the original file which makes them really ideal for file sharing.
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