How to Convert Google Doc to Word in 4 Easy Steps

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How to Convert Google Doc to Word in 4 Easy Steps

Key Points

  • Knowing how to convert a Google Doc into a Word Doc is useful if you are sending the file to a Microsoft user or if you want offline access, among other reasons.
  • It is also useful to understand the process in reverse. You may need to covert a Word Doc to a Google Doc if you want to collaborate with several people on a project or work on the document across multiple devices.
  • Start by downloading your document and selecting the appropriate ‘download as’ item from the dropdown menu.

Despite the advantages of Google Docs and cloud storage, there are times when you need an offline copy of your documents. A common workaround is to convert your Google Docs to Microsoft Word format. If you want to edit your Word documents on your Chromebook or Google Drive, you can also do the process in reverse. But that’s a topic for another day.

How to Convert Google Doc to Word in Drive

Converting a document from Google Docs to MS.docx format is pretty simple. Here’s how to do so step-by-step:

1. Open Your Google Doc

Once you log in and access GoogleDocs, you will find a list of all your previous documents arranged chronologically depending on the dates accessed.

If you’d like to open a new document or template to work on, it’s also an option.

Google Doc home page.
Log in to your Google Docs account and open your file.


2. Download Your File as *.docx

Click on the File option at the top left corner of your Google Docs file. On the File menu, select the Download option and click on Microsoft Word (.docx).

Image of a Google document in Google Docs.
Click on File > Download > Microsoft Word (.docx).


3.Open the Downloaded Document

Typically, downloading the Googles Docs document takes seconds, depending on your download speed. Once downloaded, the document appears at the bottom left corner of your PC, and you only need to click on it to open.

4. Enable Editing

Once you open it as a MS Word document, enable editing at the middle top of your document to make any changes. You can readjust layouts, formatting, pagination, and do more.

Word document opened in Microsoft Word.
Open your Word document in Microsoft Word and click on Enable Editing.


Converting a Google Doc to a Word document is extremely easy. Watch the brief video below from dottotech to see how easy it truly is.

Converting Multiple Google Documents into Word

If you want to convert a bunch of files (rather than one file) from Google Docs to Word, the steps below will be useful.

1. Open Google Drive homepage and highlight all of the Google Docs files you want to convert to .docx format

Google Drive home page showing many documents.
Open Google Drive and highlight the Google Docs to convert.


2. Right-click on any one of the highlighted options and click on download

Google Docs highlighted in Google Drive.
Right-click and click on download.


The files will be compressed into a zip file and start downloading immediately. 

3. Go to your desktop and select downloads to access your files

It will be the first file usually saved as “drive-download-….”

Downloads folder on a desktop showing the files that were downloaded.
Open the downloads folder to access the files.


You can access any of your downloaded documents from the compressed zip file or choose to extract them to Google Word.

4. Extract the files from the zip file

  1. Left-click on Extract to access a menu with various options where you would like your documents saved. 
The Downloads folder with the Extract menu open.
Click on Extract and choose where you want to save your documents.


  1. Select Documents then press ok to begin the process.
  2. The documents will be available in your Microsoft Word in no time where you can access them offline.

How to Convert MS Word Document to Google Docs

You may also decide to convert every MS Word (docx.) into Google Docs once you upload it to Google Drive.

1. Click the Settings icon in the top right corner of Google Drive

The Google Drive home page with the Settings menu open.
Click the Settings icon.


2. Tick the “Convert uploaded files to Google Docs editor format” box, then select “Done”

Google Drive with the Settings popup menu opened.
Check the “Convert uploaded files to Google Docs editor format” box.


You can drag several MS word (.docx) files and drop them into your Drive to convert them into Google Docs.

Also, you may click “New” then “File upload,” then hold Ctrl or Shift while batch-selecting documents on your Drive’s homepage.

The Google Drive New menu opened.
Click “New” then “File upload.”



Microsoft Word has commanded the word-processing world for years. Nonetheless, with outstanding new features and capabilities, Google Docs is poised to give it a run for its money and, more than likely, assume its place at the forefront.

MS Word is the most popular educational processor due to its user-friendly features.

Google Docs, on the other hand, is chosen by tech-savvy individuals who enjoy working online and demand constant access to their papers across many devices. It’s perfect for remote teams because it allows them to collaborate on projects easily.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are Google Docs and MS Word similar?

Google Docs is a free software, and a better alternative if you wish to share documents, work as a team, or post projects to the cloud for efficient backup options. Word provides more features and an offline use hence it’s preferred by most businesses and schools.

What is the easiest way to convert a Google Doc to Word without risking formatting?

To initiate the process, left click the Google Doc format file option and select Download. Afterwards, verify the file format (Microsoft Word .docx) and the file will immediately download in Word format. The file can be accessed from your pc in the downloads menu. Besides, there is no formatting on your document that is lost after conversion.

Can I convert a MS Word to Google Docs?

Yes, this is possible. On your Drive’s homepage, click on settings then under General click on “Convert uploaded files to Google Docs editor format.” Finally, you now need to drag and drop the word .docx document you wish to convert to Google Docs, and it will do so automatically.

Is it possible to copy and paste from Google Docs to Word?

Data can be effortlessly copied and pasted from Google Docs to virtually any other file that supports data pasting from your PC’s Windows or Mac clipboard.

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