How to Connect Alexa to Wifi without the App in 6 Steps

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How to Connect Alexa to Wifi without the App in 6 Steps

Alexa is one of the handy virtual assistants. Many devices running the AI require an app for setup. If you want to learn how to connect Alexa to WiFi without the app, our guide will show you how to accomplish this. All you need to get started is an Alexa-enabled device, a stable internet connection, and a web browser.

How to Connect Alexa to WiFi without the App

Before we get started, make sure you have your Amazon credentials ready. You’ll also need your Wi-Fi network password, login information, and a web browser. You’ll need to use Safari, Firefox, or Edge, as Chrome isn’t friendly with Alexa’s setup.

1. Power up your Alexa device

Take your Echo speaker, Echo Dot, or Alexa-enabled device and plug it up if you haven’t done so already. Give it a few minutes to power up before proceeding.

2. Log into your Account

Go to the Alexa Sign-in page and log in using your Amazon account information. You have to do this from the Alexa site, not the main Amazon shopping website.

Enter your Amazon account login credentials in their respective fields.

3. Access Settings

Once logged in, look on the left of the page and select a section labeled Settings to access the device section of the site.

Under access settings, you can change your profile or configure privacy.

4. Set up New Device

From this page, you’ll see a full list of any Alexa devices hooked up to your account – past or present. You can adjust your account settings here, but to connect Alexa to WiFi without the app, you’ll want to choose Set up a New Device.

How to Connect Alexa to Wifi without the App
Adding a new device to your Alexa is pretty simple, and straightforward.

5. Choose a Device

Now you’ll see a page with a long list of Alexa devices, including the Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Link, and Echo Flex. If you don’t see the Alexa device you want to use on the list, you’ll need to use the app to set it up. The Echo Shows are an exception, however, as you set those up by using the touchscreen displays.

How to Connect Alexa to Wifi without the App
. Scroll through the page until you see the device you want to set up on your network, and then select it.

6. Begin Echo Setup

Follow the on-screen prompts until you see an orange light ring on your Echo.

You’ll need to go to your Wi-Fi settings on your PC and find the network that shows something similar to Amazon-XXX. Once the network appears, select it and enter your login information. You will see a message telling you the process is complete when successful.

You can test out Alexa by asking it a question or set up preferences for your new devices from the settings menu on the website.

In this informative video, you’ll learn step-by-step instructions on how to seamlessly connect your Alexa device to Wi-Fi without the app. Say goodbye to app-related hassles and hello to hassle-free connectivity. Watch now to unlock the secrets to a smoother Alexa experience!

The Wrap-Up

As you can see, setting up an Echo Dot or other smart speakers that use Alexa isn’t challenging without an app. Just remember to have your Amazon and Wi-Fi information ready before logging into the account you plan to use Alexa with.

Once set up properly, these smart speakers and displays will allow you to access Alexa on demand at any time. If you want to know how to set up Alexa with the app, we can show you how to do that in a few simple steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you change the wake word for Alexa?

Yes, you can change the wake or access word or Alexa through the app’s settings, although your choices are limited to Amazon, Echo, Computer, or Alexa.

Is there a monthly fee to use Alexa in your home?

Alexa is free to use, but some functions could require a subscription through Alexa services and skills.

What if I change my mind during the Alexa setup?

You can stop the process at any time from the web and can reset your device if you experience any difficulties during installation or the setup process.

Can you change Alexa’s voice?

Yes, you can change the voice and nationality of your virtual assistant to a degree through the settings app or by asking Alexa to do so.

Does Alexa always listen to you?

By default, the microphone is active and always on so it can hear your wake word.

What are Alexa skills?

They are voice-enabled features that enable Alexa to do new things like play games or access smart features within your home.

Can you set up any Alexa device through the web?

No, the website doesn’t support all Alexa devices or features.

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