How to Connect AirPods to Samsung Phones

Connect AirPods to Samsung phones

How to Connect AirPods to Samsung Phones

AirPods are convenient Bluetooth earbuds that can be paired with any device that supports Bluetooth, including Samsung devices. Since its late 2016 release, AirPods have grown in popularity. They were introduced at the same time as headphone jacks started disappearing from smartphones, making them a practical way to listen to podcasts and music. 

AirPods, AirPods Pro, and AirPods Max are not just for iOS. If those Bluetooth earbuds have caught your eye, but you are unwilling to give up your Android device, keep reading to find out how to pair and customize AirPods to enjoy their features on your Samsung phone.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to connect AirPods to your Samsung phone.

7 Steps to Connect AirPods to Samsung Phones

Step 1: Open Bluetooth Settings

On your Samsung phone, open settings, then tap connections

Connect AirPods to samsung phones
Find the Connections option in Settings.


Step 2: Toggle Bluetooth On

Toggle Bluetooth on to put it in pairing mode.

Connect AirPods to samsung phones
Make sure Bluetooth is on.


Step 3: Scan for Devices

Tap Scan in the top right corner to search for nearby Bluetooth devices.

Connect AirPods to samsung phones
Tap Scan to scan for nearby Bluetooth devices.


Step 4: Open the AirPod’s Case

Place your AirPods in the charging case and ensure it’s open. If you want to pair AirPods Max, remove it from the case and keep it close to your phone.

Connect AirPods to samsung phones
Open the AirPods case.


Step 5: Press and Hold the Rear Button

Press and hold the small button on the back of the case until a pop-up appears on your phone’s screen, tap Pair new device

For AirPod max, hold the noise control button until the pop-up appears, then tap Pair new device.

Connect AirPods to samsung phones
Find the Noise Control button.


Step 6: Check the White Flashing Light

When a white light starts blinking on the inner side of the case, your AirPods are ready to pair with your Samsung phone. 

If the indicator flashes amber, you will have to reset your AirPods. To reset the AirPods, put them back on the case and close it. Re-open the case, then hold the Set-up button on the charging case’s rear until it flashes white.

The light for the AirPods Max is located at the base of the right ear cup.

Connect AirPods to samsung phones
The indicator light is at the bottom of the phone.


Step 7: Pair Your AirPods and Enjoy

Your AirPods will appear on your Bluetooth-paired menu. Tap it to complete pairing with your Samsung phone and enjoy your content.

That’s all. Your AirPods will function well with your Samsung phone. They are functionally equivalent to any Bluetooth earbuds.

To disconnect the AirPods, put them back in the case and close it. Your AirPods will automatically reconnect with your Samsung phone the next time you take them out of the case.

Connect AirPods to samsung phones
Find your AirPods on the Bluetooth-paired menu.


Discover the step-by-step guide in this informative video tutorial. Uncover the seamless process of connecting your AirPods to a Samsung device and elevate your wireless audio experience today!

How to Add Functionality on Your AirPods with Samsung Phones

Although some AirPods’ features are not accessible on Samsung phones, astute app developers have compensated for some of them. There are some apps you can download on your phone to improve functionality.

These apps include;

AirBattery – AirBattery pops up on your phone’s screen to show you the battery life of your AirPods. You can also view the battery life of your case by inserting one AirPod into it.

Andropods – It’s a more advanced app that shows you the battery levels of your AirPods and charging case and displays a pop-up when your phone connects to the AirPods. The pro version gives you access to the Google Assistant option. The option of pausing your music when you remove your AirPods from the ear and restarting when you insert them is also available on the pro version.

Assistant Trigger – Another cool app with a double-tapping feature to use Google Assistant and in-ear detection. The best aspect of this software is that it enables you to call up Google Assistant by simply tapping your AirPods.

Pros of Using AirPods on Your Samsung Phone

AirPods offer great features, though they are limited when used with Samsung/ Android devices. 

Some of the things that make it a wonderful choice among other earbuds options include;

Comfort: AirPods are way more comfortable than other earbuds out there.

Longer battery life: They have a longer battery that beats more conventional earbuds in the market. They are also easy to charge with the lightning cable.

Cons of Using AirPods on Your Samsung Phone

Although AirPods work with Samsung phones, they were designed exclusively for Apple products. As a result, using AirPods on Samsung or other non-Apple platforms means you miss out on several useful functions. Other earbuds work better than AirPods on Samsung phones. 

The following are some AirPod features that will not work on your Samsung phone:

Ear detection: When paired with an Apple device, AirPods recognize when you take them out of your ears and pause the audio until you re-insert them. This feature won’t work on your Samsung phone.

Double-tap functionality: On iPhone, you can easily modify what happens when you tap an AirPod twice. Other features include shortcuts for playing/pausing music and calling Siri. Because this is ineffective on Android, you can only use double-tap to play and pause audio.

No Siri control: As you may anticipate, on Android devices, Siri, the feature that allows you to play music and ask questions, does not work. You can’t access Google Assistant natively, either. 

Battery life: When you connect AirPods to your Samsung phone, you cannot check the battery level on your phone or ask Siri about it. Some Android versions will show the remaining battery life of any Bluetooth devices paired with them, but this won’t show you the case’s battery level or the earbuds’ level. 


If you like the sleek appearance of AirPods but still want to retain your Samsung phone, or you’re considering switching to an iPhone to make compatibility much easier, you don’t have to do that.

Now you know how to connect your Samsung phone to your AirPods. You can enjoy it with peace of mind, though with limited functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the audio quality of AirPods when used on Samsung phones?

When using AirPods with a Samsung phone, the audio quality is inferior to that of an iPhone. This is because Apple uses Advanced Audio Codec(AAC), which provides a distinct difference in sound quality when streaming music. 

Are there AirPod features that don’t work on Samsung phones?

Yes, some features won’t work on your Samsung phone. For instance, Hey “Siri” only works on Apple devices. Another cool feature not supported by Samsung phones is the single AirPods listening feature.

Can you improve the compatibility of AirPods with a Samsung phone?

You can install some apps from the Google Play Store to improve functionality and access more AirPod features. Apps like Assistant Trigger and AirBattery are available for download on Play Store. However, you will still not be able to enjoy all the features you would on an Apple device. For example, the double-tap feature can’t be customized. It will instead serve as a play/pause button.

Do you have to configure your AirPods whenever you want to use them on your Samsung phone?

No, once you’ve paired your AirPods with your phone, they connect automatically when you take them out of the case.

Does AirPod affect the performance of Samsung phones? 

AirPods don’t interfere with the normal functioning of phones since they are just normal Bluetooth devices.

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