How to Connect a Fire Stick to Wi-Fi Without a Remote

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How to Connect a Fire Stick to Wi-Fi Without a Remote

How do you connect a Fire Stick to Wi-Fi without a remote? It might seem like an impossible task to get your Fire Stick online without the use of a remote. You might not have the means to get a new remote in right away. Thankfully, there are some options to get you up and running with a remote. You’ll need a few basic things, but the entire process is relatively simple.

If you’re stuck without any means of connecting your Fire Stick to Wi-Fi, then you’ve come to the right place. Today’s guide is a relatively simple one, but it’ll get you up and running in no time at all. Amazon’s Fire Stick is one of the more robust devices on the market, so getting things up and running is relatively simple thankfully.

How to Connect a Fire Stick to Wi-Fi Without a Remote: Step by Step

Connecting your Fire Stick to Wi-Fi without a remote isn’t too difficult. There are some things you will need to complete this guide. Thankfully, they’re all relatively inexpensive purchases you can find at most local retailers. That said, you should be looking at less than the cost of a remote to get your Fire Stick up and online.

What You’ll Need

To complete this guide you will need a few different items. There are a few different ways to approach connecting a Fire Stick to Wi-Fi without a remote. However, the option chosen for this guide is going to rely on the use of a USB keyboard. Fire Sticks allow for the connection of a keyboard or mouse to help navigate and run diagnostics on the device itself.

This isn’t a complete replacement for a desktop computer or laptop, but it is a way to get connected without having to purchase a new remote. As such, you’ll need the following:

  • A cheap USB keyboard
  • An OTG adapter for USB to Micro USB
  • Your Fire Stick
  • An HDMI cable

That’s all that is required to complete the steps found in this guide. You could substitute a mouse for the keyboard. However, that is a little less natural to use for navigating the menus compared to the keyboard. The keyboard is going to get the best results when it comes to connecting your Fire Stick to your wireless network.

Step 1: Connect Keyboard to Fire Stick

connect a fire stick to wi-fi
Any keyboard will do when it comes to accessing your Wi-Fi on a Fire Stick. Just make sure it has a USB connection.

Before you do anything else, you’ll need to connect your keyboard to the Fire Stick itself. To do this, you’ll want to connect the OTG adapter’s Micro USB connector to the Fire Stick. Afterward, you can plug up the keyboard to the OTG’s adapter USB Type-A connector. The resulting cabling might look a bit messy, but that’s alright.

Amazon’s Fire Stick has native support for keyboard and mouse, thanks to running Android as the base-level operating system. You won’t need to worry about purchasing any specialized devices. A basic keyboard and OTG adapter you find at a local retailer like Wal-Mart will more than do the trick. If your OTG adapter requires any sort of power adapter, it is also recommended you plug that in. You want to minimize all points of resistance possible to get access to the menus on your Fire Stick.

Step 2: Connect Fire Stick to TV

Connect Fire Stick
Verify that your Fire Stick is plugged into the HDMI port or use the HDMI extender cable if needed.

Before you can connect your Fire Stick to Wi-Fi without a remote, you’ll need to finish the connection process. You’ll want to plug in both the HDMI cable and power adapter to your Fire Stick. Verify that everything is plugged in as intended. From there, you can begin the process of powering up your TV.

Step 3: Power Up Fire Stick

Power up the television and your Fire Stick, this process shouldn’t take more than a few moments. After the Fire Stick is past its boot-up process, you can start using the keyboard to navigate. The various keys on the keyboard are already mapped to navigation functions inside of the Fire Stick.

The arrow keys are going to move around the various menus, as you might imagine. Think of it as the cursor you might see when using the remote to navigate the Fire Stick OS. The home button on a keyboard is going to return you to the Home screen, as you might imagine.

To make any meaningful menu choices, the space bar serves as the select or OK button. So you’ll want to keep all of these key mappings in mind when you go to connect your Fire Stick to Wi-Fi without a remote.

Step 4: Use the Keyboard to Navigate to Settings

connect a fire stick to wi-fi
You will find the settings menu on the Home screen of your Fire TV interface.

With your newfound knowledge of keyboard navigation in mind, you’ll want to start on the Home menu. From there, navigate over to Settings. There is only one logical choice to connect to your Wi-Fi, which would be under networks. You’ll see a few different options under Network, but See All Networks is the option you want to choose.

WPS has too many security risks to leave enabled on your router. As such, while it might provide an easy way of connecting to your devices, it isn’t recommended.

Step 5: Enter Wi-Fi Information

Find your network under See All Networks and select it. You might be required to enter your password if it isn’t saved in your Amazon account already. Go ahead and enter the relevant password and wait for the confirmation that the system is functioning as intended.

Depending on your network and router this could take a moment or two. Just be patient while waiting. If it doesn’t connect the right way, that could indicate that you entered the password incorrectly. It might connect but doesn’t see the outside internet, which could indicate a service outage or problems with your router. Ideally, it should connect like it’s no big deal and you’ll be on your way.

Step 6: Verify Functionality

With everything configured, you can use the Fire TV app as your remote if desired. Go ahead and try streaming something basic, like a YouTube video or whatever is showing on the trending page for Prime Video. You’re looking for the video to load correctly and the phone app to function as intended. Now, you can look into replacing your remote if needed.

Closing Thoughts

Connecting your Fire Stick to Wi-Fi without a remote isn’t a complicated task. Yes, it does require a few accessories to get up and running. Thankfully, once this is completed, you should have them on hand if it happens again.

You can also use these steps with the Fire TV and Fire Cube if needed. All devices on the Amazon Fire TV platform do have support for external peripherals like a keyboard and mouse. That said, you might have better luck employing a universal remote with both the Fire TV and Fire Cube.

How to Connect a Fire Stick to Wi-Fi Without a Remote Summary

1. Connect your USB keyboard to your Fire Stick.
2. Connect the Fire Stick to your television.
3. Power on your Fire Stick and television.
4. Navigate to the Settings menu on your Fire Stick.
5. Enter your wireless network information.
6. Test that everything is working and get back to binging your favorite shows.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a remote to connect to Wi-Fi?

If you still have your Fire Stick remote, that is the preferred way of connecting to your wireless network.

Can you use the Fire TV app to connect to Wi-Fi?

No, because the app has zero way of seeing the Fire Stick if it isn’t on your network.

Is a mouse usable?

Yes, you could use a mouse. However, a keyboard was chosen for ease of entry when it comes to entering your password.

Does the Fire Stick support universal remotes?

There is some support for universal remotes. It isn’t as widespread as the Fire TV, Fire Cube, or TVs with the Amazon Fire TV interface.

Can I pair a remote without Wi-Fi?

You can, if that’s your preferred method of use.

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