How To Clear Search (Web) History On Android In 3 Easy Steps

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How To Clear Search (Web) History On Android In 3 Easy Steps

Smartphones allow people to play games, take photos, call, and text. They are also the best way to get on the web while you’re on the go, but over time, browsers can become sluggish. That’s why it’s important to clear search web history on Android devices. Removing cookies and clearing your history can speed up browsing online, and it’s something users can deal with in a matter of minutes.

Browsing the Web on Android Smartphones and Tablets

Smartphones are essentially pint-sized computers. While they can’t perform all of the tasks of a PC, you browse the web in the same fashion. Every site you visit can leave digital breadcrumbs behind, which slows down your browser with time.

Android allows users to clear the cache from applications and games they’ve downloaded. You can also free up storage space through the recycle bin, but clearing search history isn’t as simple. That’s because it boils down to the browser you’re using, and there are dozens to choose from on Google Play.

With that in mind, our guide will show you how to clear your search history from some of the more popular browsers. That includes Chrome, Android’s browser of choice, along with Edge, and Firefox.

How to Clear Search Web History on Chrome for Android

This process works on any version of the Chrome browser for Android whether you’re using it on a smartphone or slate.

1. Open the Chrome App

On your smartphone or tablet, locate the Chrome browser app and double-tap to open it.

Open the Chrome App
Open Chrome for Android.


2. Access Settings

With a browser page open, go to the 3-dot menu on the right side of the page towards the top. Choose History from the pop-up menu that appears.

Access settings.
Access your Chrome settings.


3. Clear Browsing Data

At the top of this page, you’ll see an option that says Clear browsing data. Select it to open up a new menu. Choose browsing history to clear search web history on Android, and then select Clear data to remove sites from your browser’s history.

Clear browser history.
Clear your browsing history from Chrome.


Here is a step-by-step video for further reference:

How to Clear Search History for Android Firefox Brower

Firefox is right behind Chrome in terms of popularity. While the locations of menus may be different, the overall process to clear your history remains the same.

1. Open Firefox for Android

Tap the app icon to open the Firefox browser on your Android device.

Open the Firefox app.
Open the Firefox app for Android.


2. Settings Menu

Locate the 3-dot menu in Firefox, which could be at the top or bottom of the screen depending on your preferences. Select it, and then choose History.

Open the settings in Firefox.
Open your Firefox browser history.


3. Delete History

To clear search web history, tap on the trash bin icon. From these new options, choose from an hour, a few days, or everything, and select Delete to remove the data.

Deleting web history through Firefox.
Delete your web history through Firefox.


Clear Web History through Microsoft Edge Brower

Firefox and Chrome may be two of the more popular browsers for Android users today but Microsoft Edge is the most unique. The interface may be different, but clearing search history is simple.

1. Locate and Open Edge

Find the Microsoft Edge browser on your phone and tap to open it.

Locate Microsoft Edge on Android.
Open Microsoft Edge for Android.


2. Microsoft Edge Settings

With the browser open, go to the bottom of the page and tap on the 3-dot menu to access settings. Look through the options until you see a section marked History and select it.

Go to the Microsoft Edge settings menu.
Microsoft Edge settings menu.


3. Clear Browsing Data

Look for the trash bin icon on the top right of this page and select it. Now you can set a range of web history you want to clear along with other options like cookies and cached images. When you’ve made your choices, select Clear Data to complete the process.

Clear Microsoft Edge browsing data.
Clear web history from Microsoft Edge on Android.


Private Browsing and Private Web Browsers

Clearing your web history on a regular basis is a good habit for every Android user. It’s incredibly easy to forget, however. That’s where private browsing and private web browser come in handy.

Every web browser for Android has a built-in “Private Browsing” feature. While it’s incredibly useful for keeping websites you’ve visited private, it doesn’t hide your identity or anything else. The sole purpose of a private browser window is to keep sites you visit with it out of your browsing history.

If you want to take things a step further, consider a private browser for Android. These apps are designed with privacy in mind, and there are dozens to choose from. One of the more popular choices is Brave Browser, an app with over 100 million downloads and a 4.8 rating on Google Play.

This app is popular because it’s similar to Chrome, but provides much more control over your privacy online. It’s ideal for forgetful folks that want to keep a low profile, just like DuckDuckGo. They have a web search portal that’s perfect for quick searches along with mobile apps. Those are our top two choices, but you can find private browsers built into VPN apps and other Android apps as well.

The Wrap-Up

As you can see, clearing your search history on Android is simple and takes less than 5 seconds to start once you open a mobile browser. While we only covered three of the more popular browsers for Android, these simple steps will work with most once you access the settings menu. If you feel like your device has been compromised by spyware, consider our guide to finding hidden apps on Android.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does clearing web search history on Android remove it from all browsers?

No, you need to clear the history from each browser you’ve used whether it was Firefox, Chrome, or Samsung’s browser.

Will clearing my search history fix browser issues on Android?

Potentially, especially if you’ve having trouble loading certain pages or problems with login credentials.

Are you able to delete specific web pages from your history?

Yes, most browsers will let you select individual sites to remove from your web browser’s history.

Can you set a browser to clear history when you close it?

That’s a common feature with browsers for smartphones and something you can locate through settings when available.

Does clearing your web history keep your IP safe online?

No, clearing your web history just removes traces of sites you’ve visited. A VPN allows you to mask your IP before visiting any website.

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