How to Clear Discord Cache in Easy Steps

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How to Clear Discord Cache in Easy Steps

Key Points

  • Clearing your Discord cache can help speed up the application and fix glitches without deleting any saved files or messages.
  • You can clear the Discord cache on Mac and Windows by deleting the cache folders from your Discord file folder.
  • On iPhone or Android, you’ll need to find Discord from within your settings menu.
  • To clear your Discord cache on a web browser, you can go to the browsing history settings.

Luckily, most computers and devices these days come with oodles of storage. For casual use, this storage is usually suitable. However, over time, the speed of some applications can slow down, and you may run into annoying glitches. This can be because you use this app often and have done so for a while. Every time that you use software, some files are temporarily stored on your computer in what’s known as a cache. While these files are essential to helping the program run smoothly, performance can suffer if your cache has a lot of files. This is especially true if your storage space is running low overall. Today, we’re going to show you how to clear your Discord cache, whether you’re using a Mac, Windows, smartphone, or web browser.

This easy process can free up space, help speed up Discord, and fix glitches. It won’t remove any saved files, messages, or stored passwords, either. If you’re on the gram, you may want to check out how to clear your Instagram cache, too.

How to Clear Discord Cache on Mac 

Firstly, we’re going to describe how to clear your Discord cache on macOS. The steps are pretty simple and are listed below. Be sure that the Discord application is closed before proceeding.

Step 1: Open Finder

To begin, open a Finder window and click on the “Go” tab at the top. Here, you’ll find a “Go to Folder…” option near the bottom. This is what you want.

Searching for library folder.
Open a Finder Window to find the “Go to Folder…” option.


Step 2: Search for Discord Folder in the Library

Next, search for the Discord folder in your Mac’s library by entering the following:

~/Library/Application Support/discord

This will open up Discord’s folder, where you’ll find the cache.

Library folder on Mac.
Search for Discord’s folder to find its cache folders.


Step 3: Clear Discord Cache

To finish, simply delete the following folders: “Cache”, “Code Cache”, and “GPUCache”. Note that, to delete the caches permanently, you’ll need to open the Bin, and either empty the Bin entirely or delete the folders again.

Cache files for Discord.
Delete the highlighted folders to clear the cache.


How to Clear Discord Cache on Windows 

For Windows, the process is quite similar. But instead of using a Finder window, you’ll have to go into the Start menu. Then, search for the following:


The option you want is the one that says “File Folder” underneath. Go ahead and click on this, then open the “Roaming” folder. There will be a folder here called “Discord”, where you’ll find similarly named cache folders. Delete these, and you’re done!

How to Clear Discord Cache on Android

Do you prefer to use Discord on your smartphone? You’re not alone! Find the steps for how to clear your Discord cache on Android next.

Step 1: Open Settings

To start, open the “Settings” app, which should be on your home screen. You can also search for it in the search bar if you’re having trouble finding it.

Android settings.
Open your settings to begin.


Step 2: Open App Settings

Next, scroll down a little, and open the “Apps” menu.

App settings on Android.
Next, open the “Apps” menu.


Step 3: Open Discord Settings

After this, find Discord in your list of apps and tap it.

Discord settings on Android.
Find Discord in the list of apps.


Step 4: Open Storage

The next step is to open the “Storage” settings, which should be located under the “Usage” tab.

Discord storage settings on Android.
Go to the “Storage” folder to find the cache.


Step 5: Clear Cache

Lastly, tap the “Clear cache” option in the lower right to delete the cached files.

Clearing Discord cache on Android.
To finish, tap “Clear cache”.


How to Clear Discord Cache on iPhone

To be honest, the method for clearing your cache on an iPhone is fairly similar to that on an Android. The difference is that, instead of the “Apps” folder, you need to go to “General” instead. After this, open “iPhone storage”, and then the Discord folder. Lastly, clear the cache.

How to Clear Discord Cache on a Web Browser

Another way to use Discord is by logging into the web application using a browser. If this is your preference, then you’ll need to clear your browser’s cache instead in order to remove the cached files. For illustrative purposes, we’ve shown this process on Chrome, both on a desktop and a mobile device. However, the process is pretty much identical in Firefox. For Safari, you’ll need to go to the “History” tab in the taskbar instead.

Step 1: Open Chrome 

Firstly, open a Chrome browser on your PC or Mac, or the Chrome app on your smartphone.

Chrome mobile app.
Open the Chrome app if you’re using a smartphone.


Step 2: Open Browsing History Settings

Next up, click (or tap) the three dots in the top-right corner. On a browser, you’ll need to hover over the “More Tools” tab and then click “Clear Browsing Data…”. On a smartphone, simply tap “History” instead, and then tap “Clear browsing data…” at the top.

Clear browsing data on Chrome.
Browsing data can be found under the “More Tools” tab.


Browser history on Android.
Browsing data can be found under the “History” tab on your phone.


Clear browsing data on Chrome for Android.
Tap “Clear browsing data…” to open up the browsing data settings.


Step 3: Clear Browser Cache

The last step is quite easy. You’ll see a few options for clearing your data, including cookies, browsing history, stored passwords, and, of course, your cache files. If you only want to clear your cache, be sure to uncheck all the other boxes, leaving only the cache box checked. Then hit “Clear data” to finish.

Clearing cache on Chrome for Mac.
Be sure to only check “Cached images and files” to remove these files only.


Clearing browser cache on Android.
Tap “Clear data” to empty the cache.


How to Clear Discord Cache: Wrapping Up

Overall, the methods for clearing your Discord cache aren’t too complicated, and you can do this on any platform. See the steps below for a summary.

  • On a Mac, open a Finder window and open “Go to Folder…” from the “Go” taskbar tab.
  • Search for the Discord folder in the library (“~/Library/Application Support/discord”).
  • Delete the “Cache”, “Code Cache”, and “GPUCache” folders, and then empty them from the Bin if you want to delete them permanently.
  • On Windows, search for “%appdata”% in the Start menu and open the “File Folder” option.
  • Open the Discord folder from within the “Roaming” folder, and delete the caches as before.
  • On Android, open your settings, then open your app settings. Here, you’ll find Discord.
  • Open Discord’s storage settings, and then tap “Clear cache”.
  • On an iPhone, open your phone settings from within the “General” tab of the settings menu and find the Discord folder. Clear the cache from here.
  • If you’re using the web application instead, tap the three dots in the top-right corner, and then tap “Clear Browsing Data…” from the “More Tools” tab.
  • Check the box for cache files, and then click “Clear data”.
  • For Chrome on a smartphone, open the Chrome app. Then, tap the three dots as before, and then “History”. Tap “clear browsing data…” at the top, and then check the cache box as before.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the point of clearing Discord's cache?

If you’re experiencing issues such as slow performance or bugs, then clearing the cache files can help resolve them. In addition, you’ll have more free storage space.

How do I clear Discord's cache?

The method depends on how you’re using Discord. On a web browser, the cache can be cleared from your browsing history settings, as described above. On the Mac or Windows application, you can delete the cache files from the Discord folder in your library or app data folders, respectively. On a mobile device, you can delete the files from your settings menu.

Can I clear the cache with Discord open?

No. This is because the cache contains files that Discord will be using while it’s active. If you try to clear the cache with Discord open, you could end up corrupting the data. You may also be unable to delete specific files if they’re in use, so the cache won’t be cleared properly.

Will clearing the cache delete my messages?

Clearing the cache won’t remove any Discord messages, as these are stored on Discord’s servers.

Will I need to log in again if I clear the cache?

No, your stored passwords will still be preserved if you clear the cache. The only time they may be affected is if you clear your browser’s cache as well as its passwords.

Does clearing the cache delete my videos and images?

No, clearing the cache shouldn’t affect your images and videos. However, for peace of mind, you may want to back up any that are important to you first.

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