How to Clear Cache (Cookies) On Android in 7 Easy Steps

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How to Clear Cache (Cookies) On Android in 7 Easy Steps

It’s so annoying to click checkboxes to accept or reject cookies online! If you’re browsing the net on your Android phone on the go, it’s easy to accept cookies. However, they can track your activity online, and you may want to jettison them to maintain your privacy. Below, we show you how to clear cache cookies on Androids in seven simple steps. 

If you’re online, cookies are all around you. They are extremely short text snippets that the websites you visit will try to send to your browser. If you accept cookies, these pieces of code sit in your browser and provide information to sites and apps you use about your activity online. 

Websites use cookie technology for the following purposes:

  • Functionality: these cookies are essential for the website to provide a functional user experience, like presenting content in the right language.
  • Security: cookies are also helpful in user authentication.
  • Analytics: websites use cookies to obtain analytical data that provides insights into how well they are meeting the requirements of their users.
  • Advertising: online advertising platforms use cookies to deliver relevant ads. 
  • Personalization: some cookies help sites and services recognize your online identity and deliver products and services that are relevant to you.

Cookies are called by a cute name, but it’s important to remember that they are a data exchange point between your device and different websites. Cookies can breach your privacy and track your activity online. 

Too many cookies can affect your browser’s performance and cause clashes with logins and other aspects of your browsing experience. So, clearing the cookie cash on your phone is essential.

Finally, those cookies take up valuable space on your phone. If you accept cookies on every site, you are using up storage that could hold photos, videos, or apps.

Where are the cookies stored on your Android phone?

Cookies in your Android smartphone are usually stashed in the cache of your Chrome browser. Chrome is the default web browser of Android, but if you use Brave, Opera, Firefox, or other web browsers, you may also have cookies stored in those browsers.

How to clear cache (cookies) on Android in 7 easy steps

If you have decided to remove cookies from your Android phone, here’s how to clear the cache. This simple method is quick and is broadly similar to any other browsers you use on your smartphone.

Step 1: Open the Chrome browser on your Android phone

Open Chrome browser on your device.


On your Android phone, head over to the Chrome app and tap on it to open it. If you haven’t opened a browser window, tap the + at the bottom of your screen to open a new window.

Heads up: you are usually logged into your smartphone’s Google account on your Chrome browser. 

Step 2: Tap the three vertical dots at the top right corner of Chrome

Tapping the three vertical dots opens the browser menu.


This menu contains identical options to the browser menu in the desktop version of Chrome, including the History and Settings options for the browser. 

Step 3: Tap on the History option in your Chrome menu

Go to your browser’s history.


The history page contains a record of every site you have visited using Chrome on your smartphone. It’s handy for navigating to searches or sites you may have forgotten but want to revisit. To clear cookies, this page is where the cache is lurking.  

Tap on clear browsing data.


This is where you can delete your Android phone’s cookies. Just tap the blue link to navigate to the clear browsing data page.

Step 5: Delete everything by selecting All time in the Time range section

By selecting All time, you’ll ensure all cookies stored on your phone are deleted. If you select a shorter period, some of those cookies will remain. 

Step 6: Check the boxes for Cookies and site data and Cached images and files

Check the appropriate boxes.


Selecting these boxes will clear the cache and cookies on your Android phone. Doing this lets you save a fair bit of data beneath the Cached images and files option. 

Check the relevant boxes if you also want to delete: 

  • Browsing history
  • Saved passwords
  • Auto-fill form data
  • Site settings

Step 7: Tap Clear data to clear the cache and wipe cookies from your phone

. If you have a lot of data to clear, this step may take a few moments. 


With the last tap, the cookies will be gone.

What happens when you clear your Android cookies?

When you clear cache and cookies, you will be automatically signed out of any accounts or sites you were logged into in the browser. You may also lose certain settings and preferences on sites you regularly use. Sign back into any accounts you want to resume using on your phone.

Rounding up

As you can see, clearing your cookies and cache on Android is no big deal. Now you know how to clear this unnecessary data, repeat the process regularly to ensure that your phone stays secure and private and performs at its best. 

For a quick refresher of the points in this post check out the video below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I clear cookies on my Android phone?

Clearing cookies frequently is a good habit that prevents them from building up and slowing down your phone. Clearing your cookies and cache once per month is recommended.

Does Brave on Android block cookies?

Brave is a great browser for online privacy. It is based on Chrome and goes a long way to stop tracking, ads, and cookies. It can stop cookie consent banners, but may not be able to block absolutely every cookie out there.

What is autofill form data?

This is personal information data, like your address, phone number, email, or bank details that Chrome may automatically capture and use for autofill in forms. If someone else has access to your phone, deleting this data is a must!

If I delete essential cookies from Chrome will sites work properly?

Sites can lose the personalization features that you are used to once you delete the cookies. Many strictly-necessary cookies do not require your consent, making it important to delete them regularly. 

Do incognito tabs in Chrome store cookies?

No. Incognito tabs do not store cookies, browsing history or site data on your phone.

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