How to Clean Samsung TV Screen in 3 Easy Steps, With Photos

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How to Clean Samsung TV Screen in 3 Easy Steps, With Photos

To enjoy the entertainment from a quality Samsung TV, it’s important to clean the screen from time to time to keep it maintained and in good condition. Of course, no one likes dust across the screen, especially when it’s visible during the day. Dust can darken the screen, which could downgrade your viewing experience. Also, if you don’t clean your Samsung TV very often, dust and fingerprints can easily build up and be harder to remove. Therefore, down below, you’ll learn how to clean a Samsung smart TV in 3 easy steps.

How to Clean a Samsung Smart TV in 3 Easy Steps

Cleaning a Samsung smart TV screen doesn’t take long. In fact, once you get the cleaning process right, it will become second nature. Therefore, here’s what you need and how to do it in a way you don’t damage the TV.

Step 1: Get a Cleaning Cloth and Cleaning Solution

Please note, before you start cleaning a Samsung smart TV, it’s important you turn it off, unplug it, and let it cool down for a couple of minutes. Don’t proceed without doing this or you risk damaging your TV.

When cleaning, your cleaning cloth choice is super important. In short, you want one that won’t scratch the screen surface, won’t leave any prints, and won’t leave any marks. Therefore, the best type of cleaning cloth is a microfiber cloth.

When it comes down to the cleaning solution, there are two options you can choose from. If your TV is very dirty, mixing white vinegar and distilled water is a good combination that’s gentle and won’t damage the screen. However, if your screen isn’t that dirty, you can rely on pure distilled water. Distilled water won’t build residue or make your screen dirty after it dries, making it a good pick.

Step 2: Spray on Cloth, Never Directly

One of the most important things you should do is to spray the cleaning solution onto the cloth and never directly onto the Samsung TV’s screen. You don’t want any excess cleaning solution to end up in the speakers, open areas, ports, or in between the screen edges. Also, it’s always a better idea to use a cleaning solution minimally and spray it very lightly onto the cloth. You can always add more solution to the cloth if needed. Wiping again is easier than having to deal with excess cleaning solution on your screen.

Clean Samsung TV screen, edge
Don’t spray directly onto the TV or the solution could get into any even remotely open areas and damage the TV.


Step 3: Cleaning Motions

It’s best to have two microfiber cloths ready. Use one cloth to clean the dust and smudges without using any solution. After that, you can use a second cloth with a cleaning solution applied to clean the TV screen.

When it comes down to cleaning the Samsung smart TV, we highly recommend you start at the top of the screen. Make side moves while slightly going up and down; pretend you’re following an infinity sign pattern while you slowly make your way down the screen. This will help you get all the dust, fingerprints, and smudges systematically without leaving any traces from the cloth or solution. You can repeat this process twice if needed, but most people will find that once is just fine.

However, one thing you should also do is let the TV screen air dry if there are any wet spots left after you’re done with the motions. Also, make sure your cleaning motions are smooth and gentle. Never apply any pressure to the screen while cleaning.

Note that you must allow your TV to dry completely before plugging it in and using it. Failure to do so could lead to damage to your TV.

Clean Samsung TV screen, TV
Congratulations! Your TV is clean and ready to use (after you’ve let it dry).


Things You Shouldn’t do When Cleaning Your Samsung Smart TV

While we mentioned what would work best for cleaning a Samsung smart TV, we’ll mention some of the things you should never do or use. These are some of the things recommended not to do by Samsung as well. In short, there are two important things you have to pay attention to. It’s the choice of your cleaning solution and the choice of your cleaning cloth.

Don't use paper towels or the wrong cleaning solutions to clean your TV screen.

Don’t use paper towels or the wrong cleaning solutions to clean your TV screen.


You should never use paper towels. This is something almost everyone has in their household and it would probably be the first thing you would reach for. However, this can scratch the TV surface, which could create an even bigger problem than dust and a couple of smudges. On top of that, you shouldn’t use abrasive pads.

Also, you should never spray any cleaning solution directly onto the TV screen. And when it comes down to cleaning solutions, never use cleaning solutions that contain alcohol, acetone, ammonia, benzene, or any similar ingredients. Solutions you shouldn’t use include soap, window cleaning solutions, and other similar cleansers.

Here is a brief, step-by-step video for further reference:


Dust and smudges are annoying while you’re trying to enjoy your TV shows or movies on a Samsung smart TV. However, not many people know that dust, smudges, and fingerprints over the screen can also put additional strain on your eyes, even without you realizing it.

Therefore, all you need is one or two microfiber cloths, a gentle cleaning solution, or simply distilled water, and gentle motions to get anything off of the screen. Of course, when carefully cleaning the screen, don’t forget to wipe the dust off the TV’s frame as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you clean your Samsung smart TV screen?

You should clean it once in two to three weeks.

Can you use any other household products as a cleaning solution?

It’s best to use distilled water and white vinegar. Other solutions that contain alcohol or other ingredients could cause harm to the protective screen coating.

Why isn't using a papertowel a good idea?

Paper towels aren’t as soft as microfiber cloths, so they could create micro scratches that could damage the screen’s protective layer.

Are alcohol wipes good cleaning solution?

No, alcohol wipes aren’t a good cleaning solution.

How long should you leave the TV off after cleaning?

It’s a good idea to leave it off for at least five to ten minutes before you turn it back on.

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