How To Check and Clear Instagram Login Activity


How To Check and Clear Instagram Login Activity

Key Points

  • It has never been easier to manage different Instagram accounts across different devices.
  • That said it comes with an increased risk of unauthorized activity.
  • However, it is possible take a look at the log ins on a specific account.

Instagram has come a long way from the old days. Nowadays you can have accounts on multiple devices, business accounts, swap between accounts, and more.

While all of this is useful, it can easily open your account up to login activity that isn’t authorized.

We’re going to learn how to check your Instagram login activity, plus learn how to delete it. Thankfully, it’s super easy and only a few short steps. Let’s get started!

What is Your Instagram Login Activity?

Your Instagram login activity is simply a running log of all of the sign-ins associated with a specific account. Essentially, it’s a list that tells you when your account details were used to sign in and the type of device that was used to sign in. The details of the login include the location of the login, the type of device that was used for logging in, when the login happened, and which device is still active now.

How to View Your Instagram Login Activity

Checking your Instagram login activity is extremely easy.

1. Open the Profile You Want to Check the Activity For

First, open Instagram and tap on the profile that you want to check the activity on. If you have multiple accounts signed in on one device, you can hold down the profile icon in the bottom right corner to pull up the other accounts that are currently available for viewing. If you only have one profile signed in, simply tap that icon.

2. Tap the Menu Icon and Select “Settings”

There should be a hamburger menu (a menu with three horizontal lines) at the top right of the profile page. Tap that now. Once tapped, the menu should open up and display various profile options. Click the first one on the list, labeled, “Settings.”

3. Select Security Settings, Then Login Activity

Once you are in the Settings menu, simply press on the “Security” menu (the one that has a shield next to it). This should pull up all your security options and preferences. The second menu on this page should be labeled, “Login Activity.” Tap that menu, and all of your Login Activities should be listed in front of you, complete with a map.

How to Log Devices Out of Your Instagram Account

Once you are on the Login Activity menu, logging your account out on other devices is incredibly simple. Tap the three dots on the right side of the login instance to view it, verify the location and device used to log in, and then tap Log Out. It’s as simple as that!

Instagram makes it easy to check your accounts for unauthorized activity and log out of any device that shouldn’t have access. Check out the brief video below from Apple Guy to learn the steps to check your Instagram activity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you check the devices that are logged into your Instagram account?

To check all the devices using your Instagram account, use the Instagram Login Activity menu in the settings.

Can you remotely log people out of your Instagram account?

Yes, you can remotely log someone out of your Instagram account using the Login Activity menu.

Where is the Login Activity menu on Instagram?

You can view the Login Activity menu on Instagram by tapping your profile icon, selecting the menu in the top right, tapping settings, security, and then Login Activity.

Does Instagram track your login locations?

Yes, Instagram tracks where a device was when it logged in to a certain account.

Does Instagram know what kind of device you are using?

Yes, Instagram keeps a record of all the devices logged into an account. You can view this account on the Login Activity menu in Security Settings.

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