How to Charge Nintendo Switch: In 6 Steps With Photos

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How to Charge Nintendo Switch: In 6 Steps With Photos

Charging the Nintendo Switch isn’t very complicated, but there are a few different ways to go about it, depending on what model you have. Additionally, you will want to make sure that the controllers are also charging when the console is plugged in. While it is fantastic that the Switch is a portable console, it does consume a lot of power, so the battery won’t last as long as you may expect.

You may not be aware that it is possible to charge the Switch in a car. Additionally, you probably have noticed that the Switch’s charging port is just a USB-C connection rather than a proprietary port. However, charging a Switch with a phone charger or something similar isn’t the best idea because these will usually take a very long time to charge.

Step 1: Get the Nintendo Switch Charger

The first thing you will need to get is the Nintendo Switch charger. This is the power cable that came with your Nintendo Switch. One end plugs into an outlet, while the other end has a USB-C connection. If you don’t have the original cable, you can purchase a new one or use another USB-C charger, such as one that came with a phone.

Charge Nintendo Switch
The Nintendo Switch charger comes with the console when you buy it.


Step 2: Plug Charger in

Next, you need to plug the Switch charger into a wall outlet. This will provide a significantly faster charge than using a regular USB-C cable with a standard phone adapter. Additionally, you should plug the charger’s power supply into a surge protector if possible in order to protect the console.

Charge Nintendo Switch
Plug the charger into a wall outlet for the fastest charge.


Step 3: Connect Charger to Switch

Then, take the other end of the charging cable and connect it to the port on the underside of your Switch console. All three versions of the Nintendo Switch, including the Switch OLED, Switch Lite, and the original, have USB-C charging ports on the bottom. Once plugged in you can continue to play while it simultaneously charges.

Charge Nintendo Switch
The charging cable connects to the underside of the Switch.


Dock the Switch (Optional)

Now is a good time to discuss charging with the dock. It is compatible with the original Switch and Switch OLED. Instead of plugging the charger into the Switch, you will need to plug it into the dock’s charging port which is hidden behind the flap on the back. Once plugged in, go ahead and slide the Switch into its dock in order to start charging.

Charge Nintendo Switch
You can also dock the Switch to charge it.


Step 4: Connect Joycons

If you are using a classic Switch or Switch OLED, then you will also want to connect the Joycons. This way, they can charge while the console is charging. Fortunately, the Joycons will also charge from the console even if it isn’t plugged into a charger. But it is still a good idea to charge them while the console is plugged in. To charge the Joycons, just slide them into the Switch’s body on the correct side.

Charge Nintendo Switch
Slide the Joycons into the side of the Switch to charge them.


Step 5: Wait for Charging to Complete

We’ve made it to the hardest part of the tutorial, and that is waiting. If you have the console plugged straight into the charger, then all you have to do is press the power button to check its status. But if you have it docked, you will need to pull it out of the dock to check its power level.

Charge Nintendo Switch
You can press the power button to check the status of its charging.


Step 6: Disconnect Switch From Power

After checking the power level and finding out that the charging is finished, you can remove it from the charger. Simply unplug the Switch from the power cord, or remove it from the dock. As a side note, some people like to leave their Switch on the charger, so it is always charged. However, this is a bad idea because it can damage and degrade the console’s battery.

Charge Nintendo Switch
Always unplug the Switch when it is finished charging, it is not good for the battery to leave it plugged in.


You can also check out this simple video walkthrough of the steps outlined above:

How to Charge Nintendo Switch in the Car

Many people do not realize that they can charge their Switch console on the go. An obvious way to do this is with a phone charger plugged into a USB outlet, but there is another way. There is a licensed Nintendo Switch car charger that uses your vehicle’s cigarette lighter port. While this is a good way to keep playing while on the go, it is much slower than the home charger.

Limitations of the Switch Lite

It is worth mentioning that the Switch Lite does have some limitations. As you are already aware, it does not have removable Joycons. By itself, that seems like only a minor inconvenience depending on how you plan to play. However, some games require you to use the Joycons for motion tracking. These include games like Super Mario Party, 1,2 Switch, and Just Dance.

How to Charge Nintendo Switch: In 6 Steps With Photos FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Does the Switch battery also keep the Joycons charged?

Yes, if your Joycons are dead, simply slide them into the Switch, and they will start charging off the console’s battery.

Can you use an external battery pack with the Switch?

Yes, just like a phone, you can plug an external battery pack into the Switch for long hours of playtime on the go.

Why does the Switch's battery die so fast?

The most common reason that your Switch’s battery keeps draining fast is that you have the brightness turned up too high.

Can you leave the Switch docked all the time?

Many people do, but it can have a negative impact on the battery.

Does the Switch charge while playing?

Yes, but it will charge slower than if you weren’t playing.

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