How to Change Your Twitter Blue Settings

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How to Change Your Twitter Blue Settings

Twitter Blue is a revolutionary subscription service that gives you a verification check, reduced ads (coming soon), and more. Simply pay a small monthly fee and access dozens of new features.

Below we break down the Twitter Blue features and show you how to tailor them to meet your needs.

Twitter Blue Settings Explained

Before we jump into the “how-to” section, let’s look at some of the settings and features you can change. These include:

  • Bookmark Folders
  • Custom App icons
  • Twitter Themes
  • Custom Navigation
  • The Spaces Tab
  • Top Articles

Signing up for the service automatically gives you a verification check and the ability to edit Tweets (within 30 minutes). If you don’t have the service yet, you’ll need to sign up by going to Settings & Privacy. Then, click on Twitter Blue and sign up.

Twitter Blue is available on the web browser (for $8.99/mo.) or the Android/iOS mobile app (for $11.99/mo.).

How to Change Twitter Blue Settings on the Web Browser

Twitter web version is a bit cheaper, and you can tweak all your new settings in a pinch. Here’s how to change all your Twitter Blue Settings on your web browser.

Note: If you change your profile picture or Twitter handle, you will lose your Twitter Blue check for a short time.

Step 1: Select the Menu Icon

Under more, you can access other Twitter settings and options.


Select the More icon on the menu to the left.

Step 2: Select Twitter Blue

Twitter Blue has a bird icon.


A new pop-up menu will appear. Click Twitter Blue.

Step 3: Click Preferences

Under preferences, you can personalize your Twitter information and what people see.


A smaller pop-up window appears now. Click on it.

Step 4: Change the Settings

As a Twitter Blue verified user, you get access to select new features.


Now, you can change your Twitter Blue settings. Just scroll down the right side of the window and make the appropriate selections.

Twitter Blue Settings – Overview

When you sign up for Twitter Blue, you’ll see some new settings will appear. Your Twitter settings (on a web browser) are on the left side of the Twitter window.

While some settings, like your Bookmarks and Top Articles, are displayed on the left side, many of your Twitter settings are in the settings menu. Click More, then Twitter Blue, to access your preferences.

Bookmark Folders

The Bookmark tab is on the menu to the left by default. Click Bookmarks and click New Folder to organize your Tweets better.

Then, when you see a Tweet you want to save, click the Share icon (the icon with an up arrow on the far right). Click Bookmark to a folder and select the appropriate option.

Helpful hint: If you want to delete a bookmark, click Bookmarks and click on the folder. Then, click the share icon again and select Remove Tweet from Bookmarks.

Top Articles

You can filter Top Articles by clicking the Filter icon in the upper right corner.


Top Articles is another new feature that appears on the left side of Twitter’s browser interface. While you can’t change the settings, per se, there are some filter options. So, we’ll cover those.

Click Top Articles. Then, you can choose between top articles from people you follow and those from people they follow (they, meaning people you follow). Choose the last 2, 4, 8, or 24 hours.

Undo Tweet Settings

You can select what type of Tweets to undo.


If you’ve been a subscriber for more than a few minutes, you’ve likely noticed the Undo Tweets option. This appears anytime you hit the Tweet button (replies, Tweets, quotes, threads, etc.). But did you know you can customize the Undo Tweets option?

Click Settings>Twitter Blue. Then, click Early Access. From this new menu, you can click Undo Tweet and change the waiting duration and which Tweets use the feature.

Theme & Font Size

You can update your theme and font size on a web browser. Go to More and tap Settings & Support>Settings & Privacy. Click Acccessibility, display and languages. Then, click Display.

Select the theme color (it changes your Tweet icon color and a few other details). Then, move the slider to adjust your font size.

Twitter Blue Subscription Settings

Finally, if you want to cancel your subscription, change the payment method, or update your billing information, click More>Twitter Blue. Then, click Preferences and Manage Subscription.

A new webpage will open to Stripe, and you can make these changes:

  • You can click the three-dot icon next to your credit card to make it the default or add a new credit card.
  • Update information (to update your billing information).
  • Cancel Plan to cancel your subscription plan before it renews.

How to Change Twitter Blue Settings on the Mobile App

Naturally, the Twitter mobile app has a few more settings than the web browser because you can change the app icon, theme, and custom navigation. But before you can enjoy any of these new features, you’ll need to get familiar with how Twitter’s settings work on the mobile app.

Note: These instructions are the same for the Android and iOS Twitter apps.

Step 1: Tap Your Profile Icon

Twitter profile icon has your image or avatar.


You’ll see your profile icon in the upper right corner. Select it.

Step 2: Tap Twitter Blue

Only premium subscribers can access Twitter Blue.


Tap Twitter Blue in the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Tap Preferences

Under preferences, you can customize what content your followers see.


Now, tap Preferences.

Step 4: Change Your Twitter Blue Settings

You can modify Twitter Blue settings.


Now, you can scroll through the list and change your settings.

Note: If you’re unfamiliar with the settings, keep reading the following sections.

Twitter Blue Settings – Overview

The app’s interface is much different from a web browser. Because of the smaller screen, you won’t see the menu or any settings at first. So, click on your profile icon at the top to access your settings.

You can choose Twitter Blue or Settings and Support to change the settings.

Custom App Icons

Ok, so this one is just for fun. But if you’re tired of the same blue bird icon, you can change it. The Twitter app icon will appear differently on your smartphone’s home screen after selecting a new one.

Tap your profile icon and tap Twitter Blue>Preferences. Then, tap Extras and App Icon. Select the new icon from the list.

Custom Navigation

You can change what appears on your navigation bar.


Another neat feature of Twitter is the option to change your Custom Navigation panel. If you want to add or remove icons from the bottom of the app, tap your profile icon and Twitter Blue>Preferences. Then, select Extras and Custom Navigation.

Select and de-select the icons you want at the bottom of the app. Then, click Save.

Change the Theme

Six color options are available for your theme.


Blue is a great color, but it gets boring after nearly two decades of scrolling Twitter. Go to your profile icon and tap Twitter Blue>Preferences. Then, tap Extras and Theme. Select the new color for your Twitter theme.

Note: The bird at the app’s top will remain blue, much to our dismay.

Text Size

To change your text size using the Reader feature, tap your profile icon and tap Twitter Blue>Preferences. Then, tap A better reading experience. Tap Reader and select your text size.

Undo Tweets

If you want to curate the Undo Tweets function, tap your profile icon and tap Twitter Blue>Preferences. Tap Early Access and Undo Tweet. Make any adjustments you like and go back to your Twitter feed.

Twitter Blue? Twitter You!

Changing your Twitter settings on the app or web browser is as easy as Pie. It only takes a few clicks (or taps) to take advantage of and tailor the new features to work the way you want.

Keep in mind the service is constantly rolling out new features. So, check the settings tab periodically for new things to change.

How to Change Your Twitter Blue Settings FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

If I sign up for Twitter Blue on the web, can I still access the features on the mobile app?

Yes. The only reason you’ll pay more if you sign up on the mobile app is that you’re paying a fee to Apple or Google for hosting the service.

When can I access my Twitter Blue settings?

You can access all the settings shown above as soon as you submit your payment on Stripe.

What is the difference between Twitter Blue on the mobile app and the web browser?

Twitter Blue’s features change slightly depending on which Twitter version you use. You can’t change the app icon or custom layout on the browser. But the browser is cheaper when you sign up.

Can I turn off the Twitter verification badge?

No. If you sign up for Twitter Blue, your badge will always display next to your Twitter handle.

Does Twitter have 2-factor authentication?

Yes. If you want to make your Twitter account more secure, go to Settings and click Security and account access. Then, enroll with text, authentication app, or security key.

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