How To Change Your Ringtone On Android In 6 Easy Steps

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How To Change Your Ringtone On Android In 6 Easy Steps

Many Android phones come with pre-installed ringtones and have a similar default ringtone. This can be quite annoying when you hear this default ringtone ringing in public and mistakenly think it is your phone. Fortunately, it is easy to personalize this ringtone quickly. But first, you must know how to change your ringtone on Android.

Changing our ringtones is an important way of expressing our individual personalities. The default ringtone might be too common or annoying, so we naturally choose something that speaks to us. Luckily, Android phones make it easy to customize the sound of our ringtones and make them truly our own. This blog post provides a step-by-step guide on how to change the ringtone on Android in just a few easy steps.  

Steps: How to Change Your Ringtone on Android 

Most Android phone manufacturers offer a wide selection of ringtones on their devices, with one set as the default when someone calls. This highlights the importance of ringtones in phones, as you can customize them to your liking and give your Android device a unique touch. The steps to change your ringtone may vary slightly depending on the unique Android interface of your device, however they should still be fairly similar.

You can check these manufacturer provided ringtones on your phone in just a few steps. But it may be challenging if you do not know how to change the ringtone on your Android. So, don’t get stuck with a ringtone you don’t like; follow these steps instead. 

Step 1: Open the Settings App on Your Android Device.

Swipe up or left from the home screen. This will show all the apps on the device. Then, locate the Settings option and open it.

Notice that the Settings folder has a unique circular gear logo. Once you click on it, it displays a list of options.

Change your settings on Android, apps
Scroll through your apps until you find the “Settings” App.


Step 2: Select Sound and Vibration

The Settings folder displays multiple options when you open it. Scroll through the options until you find Sound & Vibration. Click on this option.

Change your ringtone on Android, settings
Scroll down until you find “Sound and Vibration”.


Step 3: Tap the Ringtone Option

Browse through the Sound and Vibrations options to find the Ringtone option. Choose from the list of Pre-installed ringtones already available on your device. Pre-installed means the manufacturer has already added the ringtones to the phone’s database. All Android phones come with these ringtones already installed from the factory.

Change your ringtone on Android, sound menu
Choose “Ringtone” for today.


Change your ringtone on Android, settings
Select “Pre-installed ringtones” to choose from the sounds included by your phone’s manufacturer.


In the drop-down menu that appears, you can choose the sound that plays for Ringtones, Alarms, and Notifications. Since we are looking at how to change the ringtone in Android, click on the Ringtone option.

Change your ringtone on Android, ringtone settings
Once again, choose “Ringtone” for today.


Step 4: Test the Numerous Ringtones Available

If you need to find a new ringtone for your Android phone, there’s no need to stress. Your phone has an extensive selection of ringtones to choose from. To listen to one, simply tap on it and let it play. Keep the volume low if you’re in a public place, since playing the ringtones at full blast may create an unwanted disturbance. Feel free to experiment with the different ringtones until you find the one you like best.

Change your ringtone on Android, pre-installed ringtones
Scroll through and tap on the ringtones that appeal to you to hear what they sound like.


Step 5: Click on Your Preferred Ringtone 

To select a preferred ringtone on an Android phone, tap on the one you want on the list. Once the ringtone is selected, the phone will detect it, and a prompt will appear, stating Applied successfully. The ringtone is now the default tune for all incoming calls. The selected ringtone turns a shade of blue, unlike the other ringtones, which remain black. This implies that it is the set ringtone.

Change your ringtone on Android
Congratulations, you have successfully changed your ringtone.


Change your ringtone on Android, ringtones
The ringtone with blue text is currently active.


Custom Ringtone

If you don’t find the ringtone you want among the options available, it’s likely because we all have unique preferences. If you have a specific custom ringtone in mind that you’d like to set, whether it’s something you’ve heard before or your favorite song, beat, or tune, here’s how to do it: 

Follow steps 1 to 5 above, then:

Click the + menu sign at the bottom right of the page. 

Select the location of the custom ringtone that you want. Android phones offer three options: Recorder, File Manager, and Music. Choose the location from these three options and select the custom ringtone you want.

Choose the type of custom ringtone you want in the dialog box that appears. The tune of a custom ringtone personalizes your phone to your tastes. It might be an enchanting song in the Music folder, a stored beat in the file manager, or a sweet recording. Just find and click the custom ringtone. Once it opens, select the song or recording you want to set as your ringtone.

Change your ringtone on Android, ringtones
If none of the pre-installed ringtones interest you, tap the green plus icon at the bottom right to choose a custom sound rom your storage.


All Android phones set your new ringtone instantly once you select it. Knowing how to change your ringtone on Android is necessary for all Android users.

The Bottom Line

All Android phones come with numerous pre-installed ringtones from their manufacturers. If you do not change the default ringtone, you might find that your ringtone is similar to that of many other Android users. Android phones allow you to choose another ringtone or set a custom ringtone. All these instances require you to know how to change your ringtone on Android. You need to follow these steps by going to the settings app and choosing Sounds and Vibrations. Select the pre-installed ringtone you want to set from the list that appears. Your phone will automatically apply the ringtone as the default tune.

For a refresher of what you’ve just learnt check out the video below which walks you through the process of changing your ringtone on Android.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I assign a custom ringtone to a particular contact on my Android phone?

You can set a custom ringtone for a specific contact. Android phones allow users to specify custom ringtones for particular phone contacts. This way, you can tell if a specific person is calling based on the incoming ringtone. This nifty feature is perfect for people who live busy lives, want to be unique, or are outgoing. 







Can I change the ringtone for incoming text messages?

Android phones allow you to change the notification ringtone for all incoming messages. Mostly, there is always the default ringtone when a text comes into your phone. You can change this if you do not like it.

Can I change the ringtone when using a dual-SIM Android phone?

You can separate the ringtones of the different SIM cards in your Android device. Android phones offer the option to set different ringtones for the two SIMs in the phone. This lets you quickly know when an incoming call is for SIM 1 or SIM 2. Better still, you can understand whether the incoming text is for SIM 1 or 2.

Where do Android phones store their ringtones?

You can access custom ringtones in all Android phones in the Downloads, Media, or Ringtones folders. The default ringtones are in the internal storage that comes with the phone. It also stores the sounds you’ve used to customize your ringtone.



Can I change the WhatsApp ringtone on Android?

Android phones also allow users to change ringtones on apps like WhatsApp. However, you need to use the settings in the respective apps to change the incoming call ringtone. Do not follow the normal process of changing you Android ringtone. Just open the app and check the settings folder. In there, you will see the options to change the ringtone. Follow the steps and choose your ringtone. The selected ringtone will be applied as the ringtone for the app.

Where can I find online ringtones on my Android phone?

Android phones do not have iTunes like iPhones. However, you can still find online ringtones for Android devices. You can find them in the Google Play store, an app on the phone. Here, you can search for the ringtone you have in mind or browse the different ringtones you can find.


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