How to Change Your Privacy Settings in Threads: Step by Step

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How to Change Your Privacy Settings in Threads: Step by Step

Key Points

  • Customizing your privacy settings in the Threads app will help you maintain your privacy while staying connected with friends and followers.
  • Changing your privacy settings can be a great way to keep yourself safe online.
  • To make your profile private, navigate to your privacy settings, click the toggle, and save your changes.
  • You can also customize your privacy settings by choosing who can mention you and unfollowing or removing followers.

Privacy concerns seem to be at the forefront of everyone’s mind today. Customizing your privacy settings in the Threads app will help you ensure that you maintain your privacy while staying connected with your friends and followers.

The Threads app has various options to tailor your profile’s privacy. By familiarizing yourself with these settings, you can effortlessly manage your Threads app experience, giving you greater peace of mind while interacting with others on the platform.

In this article, you’ll learn how to change your privacy settings so that you can control what people can and can’t see on the app.

Why Change Threads App Privacy Settings?

When you create a Threads account, your entire profile and all of your posts will be available to the public. However, just like Instagram, you may want to keep things private.

Maybe you want to keep your posts to a close group of friends, or you simply don’t like knowing that the entire world can see your posts. If that sounds like you, then there’s a variety of privacy settings you can control to keep your profile private.

You’ll also find several posting and comment settings, so keep these private, as well. Keeping your account private can also stop unwanted spam and people you don’t know from following you.

Think of it as closing your digital self off from the world, and only letting in people whom you know and trust. As we put more of ourselves online, changing your privacy settings can be a great way to keep yourself safe.

Step 1: Open up the Threads App

Before you start changing your privacy settings, you’ll need to log into the app. If you don’t have the app installed yet, then you’ll need to install and open it first.

The process is the same as for any other app you would install. Once you’ve opened the app, you’ll be prompted to log in with your Instagram account. Since the two apps are connected, this is currently the only way to access Threads.

how to change privacy settings in threads
Signing in to Threads.


Step 2: Make Your Profile Private

Once you’re logged into the app, you need to navigate to your privacy settings. To do this, simply click the profile icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. Then, select the “Edit profile” button on your profile page.

how to change privacy settings in threads
Selecting “Edit profile.”


After that, you can click on the “Private profile” toggle to change your profile’s privacy settings. Then, click the “Done” button to save your changes.

Once you’ve done this, your profile will be private and hidden from the public. If someone wants to follow you to view your posts, they will have to send a request and be approved.

how to change privacy settings in threads
Making the profile private.


Step 3: Customizing Your Privacy Settings

Beyond making your profile private, there are a few other privacy settings that you can adjust. First, click on the two horizontal lines in the right-hand corner of the app. This will automatically open the “Settings” menu. Simply click on “Privacy” to open your privacy settings.

how to change privacy settings in threads
Accessing privacy settings.


Then, click on the “Mentions” menu option. Here, you can choose whom you’ll allow mentions from. Mentions are either in people’s posts or comment threads.

Essentially, it’s a way for people to tag you in their content. Simply choose the option that works for you.

how to change privacy settings in threads
Managing “Mentions.”


Next, you can click on the “Profiles you follow” menu option. This will bring up a list of the people you follow and who follow you.

Here, you can unfollow people that you don’t want to follow, or even remove them from your followers list. Simply click the “Unfollow” button next to the name of the account you want to remove or unfollow.

how to change privacy settings in threads
Handling profiles.


There are also additional privacy settings that apply to both Threads and Instagram. So, any changes you make will impact both accounts. Simply click on the “Other privacy settings” menu option and it will take you to Instagram.

In the “Interactions” section, you can change a lot of settings concerning who can view your content and engage with your profile. Keep in mind that most of the settings here will change your Instagram privacy settings, but also apply to your Threads account if there is a similar setting available.

how to change privacy settings in threads
Changing privacy settings on Instagram.


Step 4: Managing Blocked Users

Another setting you may want to manage is your blocked users. You may want to block people entirely from seeing your content and interacting with you in any way. To do this, simply click the “Blocked profiles” menu option.

how to change privacy settings in threads
Managing blocked profiles.


This will take you back to Instagram, where your list of any users you’ve blocked will appear. Any profiles that you add to the list will be blocked on both Threads and Instagram. When you block a user, that user will be blocked, along with any other accounts that they create.

Additional Threads Privacy Considerations

When using the Threads app, you’ll want to be aware of some additional privacy considerations. This will help you have a better experience while also protecting your personal information.

First, make sure to review and adjust your privacy settings in the app. Carefully review what kind of data the app is allowed to access and ensure it aligns with your personal preferences. It’s a good idea to check these settings periodically since app updates may introduce new features or functionality.

Second, be cautious with the content you share on Threads. While it might be tempting to post personal or sensitive information, keep in mind that this information could potentially be accessed by others.

Instead, share content that you’re comfortable with being public, and save more private discussions for one-on-one conversations or trusted group chats. In addition to your posts, be careful about the information you include in your profile.

Although it’s essential to have a complete profile, avoid sharing unnecessary personal details such as your home address or phone number. Remember that your profile can be viewed by other users, so it’s wise to keep sensitive information private.

Closing Thoughts: Changing Your Privacy Settings in Threads

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of how you can change and manage your privacy settings on the Threads app. Learning how to keep certain parts of your profile private can help give you peace of mind and ensure that only certain people get access to your content.

A lot of the privacy settings on Threads are linked to Instagram. So, if you have strict privacy settings on Instagram, then these will carry over to your Threads account. Remember that you can always change your privacy settings over time and keep your profile entirely private if you want more control.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use Threads without Instagram?

Threads is not fully independent from Instagram. To create a Threads account, you’ll need an Instagram account first.

Can you make your Threads account private?

You can make your Threads account completely private, just like on  Instagram. This will only allow people you follow to see and engage with your posts.

Can you block people on Threads?

Yes, anyone that you block on Threads will also be blocked on Instagram. This includes people you’ve previously blocked on Instagram.

Who can see your Threads?

If you have a public profile, then your posts and any other content you publish on Threads can be seen by anyone. This includes people without a profile or even third-party services. The only way to restrict this is to make your account private.

Is the Threads app safe to use?

The safety of the app boils down to how secure your own online presence is and the data and information you choose to share while using the app.

A lot of personal information is required when creating an account. However, you can keep public information to a minimum by enabling most of the privacy settings.

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