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Twitter has around 238 million daily users, meaning there is a huge potential for growing a brand if you’ve got a large following. Read on to learn how to change your monetization settings on Twitter and earn a living with your tweets.

What Monetization Methods Are There on Twitter?

Unlike other platforms like YouTube or TikTok, there are no direct monetization methods on Twitter where you can get paid for creating content. The current options for monetization involve other users paying you if they choose, using the following features.


With Tips, users can send money directly from your profile through different payment services. Using this method, creators will receive 100% of the amount tipped by their followers — Twitter does not take a cut. The only restriction here is age: you can only send and receive tips if you are over 18. There is no benefit or retribution from tipping someone, and Twitter did not mean for this feature to replace or replicate Subscriptions.


Previously named Super Followers, this feature allows creators to provide additional content and perks to followers who pay a monthly subscription. It is still being tested, so not anyone can join. If you are interested, the requirements are:

  • Over 10,000 followers
  • No less than 25 tweets in the past 30 days
  • 18 years old or older
  • Be living in the US

Subscribers can get badges, exclusive posts and interactions with the creator, with more rewards to come. The creator chooses the subscription price, which can be $2.99, $4.99, or $9.99. Twitter will only take 3% of your earnings from this feature, leaving you with 97% of the total until you exceed $50,000, after which you will receive 80%.

Ticketed Spaces

Ticketed Spaces is a monetization method currently on an indefinite hiatus. With it, creators who frequently hosted Twitter Spaces could sell tickets to exclusive conversations to their followers. Just like with Subscriptions, Twitter would only keep 3% of the profits before $50,000, leaving you with the bulk of your earnings.

Sadly, the company deactivated this feature in 2022 and is currently seeking to improve and expand Spaces’ functionality before monetizing it again.

How to Change Your Twitter Tips Settings on Mobile

Changing your Tips settings on mobile — whether iOS or Android — is the only way to do it since this feature is not available on Web Browsers for the time being.

Step 1: Go to Edit Profile and Choose Tips

Twitter app Edit Profile Screen
After going to the “Edit Profile” menu, scroll down to find “Tips”.


Once you open the Twitter app, you will see the “Edit Profile” button at the top right of your home screen. Tap on it, and you will see a screen offering various profile options. Scroll to the bottom of this list to find “Tips”.

Step 2: Agree to the General Tipping Policy

The tipping policy agreement screen in the Twitter app
Read through Twitter’s Tipping policy first.


When you select “Tips” the first time, you will get a general overview of what this function does. At the bottom, you will find a large white button saying “I agree”, which you should tap only after reading Twitter’s General Tipping Policy.

Step 3: Switch Allow Tips to on

Twitter Monetization settings in the App's Tips menu
First enable Tips, then choose payment methods for your followers.


Finally, you will find the “Tips” settings screen, where you can allow tips and set up different payment methods for your followers to use. You can choose from various platforms, but the ones available will depend on your location.

If you ever need to come back and change anything, you need to follow the same steps, except that you will not have to agree to the general policy again.

How to Change Your Twitter Subscriptions Settings on Mobile

Subscriptions — previously named Super Follow — are not yet widely available, so you may not always find them in the monetization tab.

Step 1: Open the sidebar and look for Professional Tools

The professional tools menu of the Twitter app
Slide right to access the sidebar, then choose Professional Tools to find this menu.


To access this tab, open the sidebar from your home screen by sliding right. Here you will find many options, but the one we need is inside a sub-menu called “Professional Tools”. Tapping here will display “Monetization”, among other options.

Inside “Monetization”, you may or not find the “Subscriptions” feature. When it becomes available, you will be able to enroll in the program if you are eligible. Depending on the activity level, Twitter might place you on a waiting list instead.

How to Change Your Twitter Subscriptions Settings on Web Browsers

Changing your Twitter Subscriptions settings on web browsers is a nearly identical process to changing them on the mobile version.

Step 1: Find Monetization under Professional Tools

The menus of the Twitter website
Select More, Professional Tools, then Monetization from each of the subsequent menu’s, starting from the left sidebar on your home screen.


In the left section of your home screen, you will see a list of options, the bottom one being “More”. Clicking on “More” will display a new menu where you must find the “Professional Tools” sub-menu. Under it, you will find “Monetization”.

Step 2: Select Subscriptions inside Monetization

Twitter monetization settings on the website
Your future earnings will appear on the right.


You will be redirected to the settings page, and on the right side, you will find “Subscriptions”. This is the Creator Dashboard, where you can monitor your earnings and subscribers and where future monetization options will appear.

Step 3: Check if you are eligible for this feature

Subscription eligibility check on Twitter website
Check your eligibility for the Twitter Subscription program.


Clicking on “Subscriptions” will show you a window explaining the program. Here, you can click on “Check eligibility” to know if you can apply. This feature is still being tested, so you might not be accepted right away.

Step 4: Fill out an application form and wait

Twitter Subscription denied notice on the website.
Congratulations to anyone who is accepted. For everyone else, the message shows a checklist of which requirements you still need to fulfill.


If you meet the requirements, you can fill out an application to enter the Subscriptions program and offer additional benefits to your followers. However, if you do not, you will see with a screen similar to the one above.

Once you have signed up for Subscriptions, you can come back here any time to manage this utility.

How to Change Your Monetization Settings on Twitter FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

What is monetization on Twitter and how does it work?

Monetization on Twitter allows users to earn money from their content on the platform. This is typically done through ads, sponsored tweets, and other forms of paid content.

How do I change my monetization settings on Twitter?

To change your monetization settings on Twitter, log into your account and go to your settings and privacy. From there, click on the “Monetization” tab and follow the instructions to change your settings.

What are the requirements for monetizing my Twitter account?

To monetize your Twitter account, you must have a Twitter account that is in good standing, a certain number of followers, and content that is suitable for monetization.

How do I know if my account is eligible for monetization?

You can check the eligibility of your Twitter account for monetization by going to your settings and privacy and then the “Monetization” tab. The platform will let you know if your account is eligible for monetization and what steps you need to take to get started.

How can I ensure that my content is suitable for monetization on Twitter?

To ensure that your content is suitable for monetization on Twitter, avoid posting inappropriate or offensive content, follow Twitter’s guidelines on content, and always disclose any sponsored or paid content. In addition, it’s important to review and update your monetization settings regularly to make sure they are up-to-date and in line with your preferences.

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