How to Change Your Google Background in 3 Steps (with Photos)

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How to Change Your Google Background in 3 Steps (with Photos)

One of the best things about Google, and Google’s Chrome browser in general, is its customizability. The days of the boring white background are long gone, and now you can customize your Google background.

Every time you open the browser, you’ll feel right at home because you’ll always see the background you’ve set.

This customization option is useful to add a background that has meaning or just to make your browser more beautiful, and that’s exactly what we’ll show you below in 3 simple steps, so let’s break it down!

How to Change Google Background in 3 Easy Steps

It’s simple to change your Google background since you’ll most likely get a customization pop-up to follow. But if you accidentally skipped it or didn’t see it, here are the steps you need to take.

Step 1: Open Google

The first step is to open Google in your browser, and it would be ideal to use a Chrome browser.

Chrome is Google’s browser and it offers the most options among other browsers when it comes down to customization that stretches to much more than just a background change.

If you’re using Chrome, you’ll need to set Google as the default search engine for the browser in order to change the background. If you prefer to use a different search engine as the default for your browser, that will, of course, work as well.

How to Change Your Google Background in 3 Steps (with Photos)
First, open up Google.

Step 2: Click the Customizability Button

In the lower right corner, there is a button in the shape of a pencil. Clicking it will open a new side menu where you can customize the Chrome browser, including the Google background.

When you open the menu full of possible customizations, check out the next step to learn about all of the available possibilities.

How to Change Your Google Background in 3 Steps (with Photos)
Click on the pencil icon to open the customization options menu.

Step 3: Changing the Background or Theme

In the customizability side menu, you can scroll through the options and choose how you want to change the background of your Google search engine. You can set a different color, choose one of the available themes, or scroll down and look at the available categories.

For example, in the Cityscapes category, you’ll find a variety of wallpapers that you can apply to the background with one click. This way, you can see the background live and then easily choose the wallpaper you like best.

Once you’ve selected your new Google background, close the side menu and enjoy your browsing!

How to Change Your Google Background in 3 Steps (with Photos)
Change the background to whatever your heart desires!

Are Google Backgrounds and Themes Free?

Yes, all Google backgrounds you see are free and that includes all available themes too. Google gives credit for every background and wallpaper provided by photographers, so you can see the credit in the bottom left corner.

When you click on the link, Google will redirect you to the author’s page and the image you are using as a background, in case you want to donate to the author or maybe even find a download link to use the wallpaper on your desktop as well.

Wrapping Up

Changing your Google background can give your browser a new look, making your browsing experience much more fun and even motivating you to do more. One thing is for sure, it’s never been easier to give your browser a new face!

This feature has been around for a while, but only recently has it taken off since Google started suggesting customizability to its users with a small pop-up window. In certain browsers like Chrome, you’ll be alerted to the possibility of customizing the browsing experience, and changing the background is one of the first steps you can take. The best part is that it’s free and integrated into the browser, so you can change it in just a few minutes!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you change a Google background even if you don't have a Chrome browser?

Yes, you can change the Google background even if you don’t have a Chrome browser. You’ll need to check your browser’s settings to learn how to change the background. Keep in mind that you might need to set Google as your default search engine in your browser.

Is the theme and background the same thing?

No, the background is only on the homepage of the Google search engine while the theme changes the design of the taskbar and other browser-related areas that you can see on almost any page you load.

How long does a background last on Google?

The background lasts for as long as you wish to keep it. You can always go back to a default background, choose any other wallpaper, or even add your own photo so you can set it as a background.

Will changing the background change your desktop wallpaper?

No, changing Google’s background won’t change your desktop wallpaper, and the background you change on Google will only be visible to you and anyone who uses your computer.

Do you need to use a photo or can you use a color?

There’s a large selection of colors and shades you can use for your background, so if you’re not a fan of wallpapers, you can use the color of your choice.

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