How To Change Your Email On Etsy In 5 Steps, With Photos

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How To Change Your Email On Etsy In 5 Steps, With Photos

Etsy is one of the most popular e-commerce sites on the Internet today. Since emerging in 2005 as a marketplace for handmade or vintage goods, Etsy has blossomed into a global powerhouse for unique items with nearly 100 million shoppers. But what if you want to change your account info? How exactly can you change your email address on Etsy? The process is actually quite simple, just as long as you follow along with the steps we’ve outlined in the guide below.

Why Change Your Email On Etsy?

Before walking you through the steps to change your email on Etsy, let’s see why someone might want to change their Etsy account email. From security reasons to privacy concerns to simple account management needs, these are the three top reasons why people wish to change their Etsy email addresses. Let’s look at the reasons then launch into the necessary steps below.

Security Reasons

If your Etsy email or account password has been compromised in a recent leak or cyber attack, it’s advisable to change your email on Etsy. This is especially true for those of you who have storefronts on the e-commerce platform. By knowing how to change your email on Etsy, you can protect your account security. You won’t need to create an entirely separate account with the new email you wish to use. Swapping the old email for a new one is definitely a great way to save a lot of trouble and prevent a headache.

Privacy Concerns

Going hand in hand with the previous point, privacy concerns are a totally valid reason to want to change your email on Etsy. If you feel the current email tied to your Etsy account puts you at risk, then you should absolutely change it. Maybe someone knows your login and tried to access your account, or you chose a weak password based on your email. Either way, changing your email could help secure your account.

Account Management

Lastly, you might want to change your email on Etsy because you’re merely switching over to a new email account. If you want to remove your current email address without having to put your Etsy account out of commission in the process, then you should definitely consider changing the email address tied to your account. Knowing how to change your email on Etsy means you can stop using the old email while continuing to use your Etsy account without interruption. This is especially important for those with Etsy storefronts or orders currently in process.

How To Change Your Email On Etsy

Moving away from the reasons to change your email on Etsy, let’s break down the steps necessary to do so. You can effect the change from your Etsy app or their website on a PC browser. However, we will be walking you through the website steps. If you prefer to use the app, the steps may look a little different. For the sake of this demonstration, we’re using Safari on a Mac, but you can use any other browser Now, let’s begin.

Step One: Sign Into Etsy

Pop-up box prompting user to sign into Etsy.

Sign into Etsy to access your account settings.

First, if you haven’t done so already, click the “Sign In” button to the right of the search bar. Log in using the email Etsy has on file for you. Even though we’re going to be changing this email momentarily, you still need to use it in order to log in.

Step Two: Click Profile

Etsy homepage with profile menu.

Click your Etsy profile to locate the account settings tab.

Once logged in, click on the profile icon in place of the “Sign In” button. It’s to the left of your cart and to the right of the “Like” button and the notification bell. You’ll see a number of options in this drop-down menu, but we’re looking for the option near the bottom.

Step Three: Go To Account Settings

Account settings page on Etsy's desktop website.

Your Etsy account settings let you make adjustments to your security, preferences, privacy, and more.

From the drop-down menu, click “Account Settings.” This will take you to your Etsy account and present you with a number of different headings, options, and settings. Don’t click on any of the headings except for the default “Account.” Stay put on this page.

Step Four: Scroll To Email Settings

Setting prompting Etsy user to change their email in the text box provided.

Change your email on Etsy by entering your new email and current password.

Now, scroll down on the “Account” tab until you see a heading that reads “Email.” This is the place where you’ll be able to change your email. Look for the appropriate text boxes: “New Email,” “Confirm New Email,” and “Your Etsy Password.” Enter the new email you would like to link with your Etsy account, then re-enter it along with your password. Then, click “Change Email.”

Step Five: Confirm Your Change

Pop-up asking user to enter a security code emailed to them.

Confirm your change of email by entering the security code Etsy sent to your old email.

Once you’ve clicked “Change Email,” you’ll be sent a security code to your previous email on file. Go to your inbox, copy the security code emailed to you, and enter it into the text box on the screen. (If you didn’t receive one, click “Resend Code.”) Once you’ve entered it, click the “Submit” button. This will make the email change official. Then, you’re all done!

Here is a step-by-step video for further reference:

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Etsy transactional emails?

Etsy transactional emails are automated emails the company sends to buyers and sellers to keep them informed about the latest updates to their Etsy transactions. These emails can cover anything from order confirmations to shipping notifications to recent review activity and more. Transactional emails are Etsy’s way of keeping buyers up to date about their purchases and helping sellers provide the best online shopping experience they can provide.

How do I change my Etsy email settings?

You can change or adjust your Etsy email settings from your Etsy account. Click account settings, and then select the tab that reads “Emails.” Next, choose the kinds of notifications you’d like to get (and how often you’d like to get them). On the flip side, you can also weed out the kinds of notifications you don’t want to get. You can also go back and adjust your email settings whenever you like.

Why am I not getting Etsy emails?

A number of things could stop you from receiving Etsy emails. One, the emails may be going to your Spam folder. Alternatively, they could be getting filtered into another folder or section of your email. It’s also possible that something has changed in your Etsy email settings. Go to your email settings and make sure your settings are okay. If the problem persists, feel free to contact Etsy customer service for additional help.

How do I get Etsy to stop emailing me?

If you want to stop getting emails from Etsy, click the “Unsubscribe” button at the bottom of any email. If the emails persist after clicking unsubscribe, try logging into your Etsy account and adjusting your email or notification settings. If you don’t have an Etsy account and the emails keep coming, try flagging them as spam or blocking the email address.

Will replying to an Etsy email send a message to the seller?

That depends on the type of message. Sometimes, with messages from buyers or sellers, replying to the email will send the reply directly to the person trying to get ahold of you. Other times, however, such as with shipping notifications or product review updates, your response will not be sent directly to the seller. Usually, the email itself will let you know if it’s possible to reply to it or not. If you’re uncertain whether a particular email supports responses, check with Etsy customer service.

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