How to Change Your Connected App Settings on YouTube

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How to Change Your Connected App Settings on YouTube

As is the case with many social sites, you can easily link your YouTube account to a variety of separate services, many of which are YouTube rewards partners. Sometimes connecting these apps yields rewards or special discounts made available to customers or subscribers of these apps when you authorize the account through YouTube.

Note that any account authorized here may also be authorized through your broader Google account as well. 

What are Connected Apps? 

As part of your YouTube experience, you have the ability to connect a number of “partner” apps to your account that may give out rewards for viewing content. Usually, these rewards are granted by watching eligible live streams from one of Google’s partners which can include Epic Games, Activations, Battle.net, PUBG, Riot Games, Supercell, and Ubisoft. 

How Do You Know If You Won Something? 

This is a good question and one that may help sway you into connecting apps to your YouTube account in the first place. If you win, you may get a confirmation email indicating you won as well as seeing rewards distributed to your partner game account. 

These rewards can take all kinds of shapes but for example, on October 22, anyone watching Overwatch League through YouTube Live was able to connect their Battle.net accounts and earn in-game rewards like OWL tokens. These tokens could then be used to buy skins including Legendary skins. For every hour of viewing through YouTube, viewers earned five tokens, and if you hit 30 hours total of cumulative watch time over the course of the tournament, you received an extra 100 tokens.  

Easy Steps to Connect an Account on Desktop

Step 1: Click on Profile Picture

As is usually the case with making any changes to your YouTube account, you must first sign in and then click on your profile picture in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. 

Step 2: Click on Settings

As soon as you click on the profile picture, a drop-down window will open and you can look toward the bottom of this window and click on Settings. 

Click on settings.
Click on Settings.

Step 3: Locate Connected Apps

On the left-hand side of the screen, the third option from the bottom underneath Settings is labeled Connected apps, go ahead and click on that. 

locate connected apps.
Click on Connected apps.

Step 4: Connect/Disconnect Any Apps

You now have the option of not just seeing the full list of apps that can make a potential connection to your YouTube account but also those that already do. Given that, you can click on Connect to establish a connection between a service like Electronic Arts or Activision ID and YouTube. 

Alternatively, you can also click on Disconnect and break any connection that an app might have through YouTube and your broader Google account. 

Connect/Disconnect Any Apps
Click Connect.

Step 5: Sign in to Partner Account

If you are looking to make a connection to a new partner account and YouTube, clicking on Connect will take you to a separate login screen where you can create a login that will allow you to sync both this new account and YouTube. 

Connect an Account on Mobile

Step 1: Click on Profile Picture

Similarly to how you start the process on a desktop web browser, you will tap on your profile picture and tap again on Settings

Click on your profile picture.
Click on your profile icon.

Step 2: Tap on Connected Apps

Toward the middle of the screen will be an option for Connected apps, tap on it so a new screen opens listing all of the possible connected apps to your YouTube account. 

Tap on connected apps.
Click on Connected apps.

Step 3: Connect or Disconnect Any Apps

On this screen, whether you are on Android or iOS, you can now tap on Not connected or Disconnected to make changes. If you click on Connect, you receive a pop-up warning that indicates you are agreeing to share data with YouTube including info about a game account for example, and progress on any platform you connect with. 

If you attempt to disconnect, you will receive a secondary pop-up verifying that you want to make this break from the app and that you may lose potential data. As soon as an account is disconnected, you are no longer eligible for any rewards on that platform.

A list of apps will pop up.
A list of apps will pop up!
Connect any app you wish.
Connect any app you wish.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of game info is shared between Google and partner game accounts?

That’s a good question and there is definitely some data shared between Google and partner game accounts including basic info like viewing habits, game progress, information about your specific game account, and more. 

Can I win rewards if I’m not watching on YouTube through desktop or YouTube’s mobile apps?

In order to be eligible for any rewards through Connected Apps, you have to be watching through YouTube.com, m.youtube.com (mobile version), or through picture-in-picture viewing either on your smartphone, tablet, or web browser. 

Can I disconnect and reconnect different apps or all at once?

You can connect and disconnect apps separately without interfering with any other existing connections. 

Why am I not winning anything?

In the event you are not winning anything, double-check that your YouTube account is connected to the appropriate partner game account and that you have logged into the service. Also, double-check that a video is eligible as each eligible video will provide a message in the description making sure you have linked your partner game account. 

Do you lose existing rewards if you disconnect your partner game account?

No, you would not lose any existing rewards if you disconnect after you have earned any rewards. You just won’t be eligible for any future rewards that could be earned from viewing upcoming videos. 

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