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You can purchase almost anything you can imagine on eBay and have it shipped to your door from around the world. However, that’s only if they have the right address. If you move or need to have something shipped to you while traveling, you’ll need to know how to change shipping addresses on eBay.

Addresses on eBay

When you register for an eBay account, you must enter an address before you can buy or sell items on the platform. Sellers have some leeway from a business standpoint, but it’s a necessary step on eBay nonetheless. Unless you’ve gone through the settings, you might be surprised to find out they store more than one type of address.

There are a total of five types of addresses you can enter on eBay. Only one is tied to where you can have items shipped and can be completely separate from your “registration” address. That’s the address linked to your personal account, which means you can have packages shipped to a separate location.

If you sell on eBay, you can also set an address where you intend to ship packages from and an address for returned shipments. This is key for power sellers that keep their goods in warehouses, not storage sheds, and deal with multiple locations. There’s also an option to set an address for offline payment methods, including cash.

How to Change Shipping Address on eBay on Desktop

The only thing you’ll need for this process is access to a device with a web browser, your username, and your password. You may also need access to another device for authentication depending on how you have set the security on your eBay account.

Step 1. Sign In at eBay

Go to eBay and log in to the site using the prompt in the top left corner of the web page.

Shipping address on eBay, sign in
Sign in first. If you don’t already have an account, create one now.


Step 2. Find eBay Account Settings

When you have full access to the site, you’ll need to navigate to “Account settings”. You can do this by going to your Username and choosing “Account settings” from the drop-down menu.

Shipping address on eBay, Profile
Click on your Username or profile image at the top left of the page to get access to your Account Settings.


Step 3. Go to Addresses

From this section of your eBay Account settings, look for an area called “Addresses” and click on it to open the next menu.

Shipping address on eBay, Account settings
Addresses” is under “Personal Info” on the left.


Step 4. Choose Shipping Addresses

This is the address section of your account, which has your personal, selling, and shipping addresses. Locate the “Shipping address” section and click on “Edit”. If prompted, enter your password to confirm your identity.

Shipping address on eBay, Addresses settings
Scroll down until you find “Shipping Addresses”.


Step 5. Edit and Save the Address

Enter the new street address and zip code where you need your packages shipped and click on “Save” to complete the process.

Shipping address on eBay, Edit Address
Carefully enter your shipping address. Do this wrong and someone else is getting your packages.


How to Change Shipping Address on eBay From the App

You can also change your shipping address through the eBay app for smartphones and tablets. While the process is similar, some settings locations and menus are slightly different in the app.

Step 1. Sign In to the eBay App

Open the eBay app on your smartphone or slate and sign in if you’re not logged in automatically.

Shipping address on eBay, App
Install the eBay app if you haven’t already, then open it and sign in.


Step 2. Open eBay Settings

To access the Settings menu from the eBay mobile app, tap on the menu at the top right and then select “Settings” from the new screen.

Shipping address on eBay, App Settings
Scroll down on the menu until you find Settings next to a gear icon.


Step 3. Go to eBay Shipping Addresses

When you get to this menu, your current shipping address is listed under “Account settings”. Tap on the address and then choose your address again on the next screen.

Shipping address on eBay, App Settings
Tap on Shipping address to update your address.


Step 4. Save the New Address

On the “Edit Address” screen, change the fields you need to set up your new shipping address. When complete, tap on “Done” at the top of the screen.  

Shipping address on eBay, App Edit Address
Enter the details of your new address carefully or someone else will get to enjoy whatever packages you order.


The Wrap-Up

It doesn’t matter whether you’re ordering a t-shirt or a priceless antique on eBay, always keep your shipping address updated. It’s something that’s easy to overlook if you only use the platform occasionally, and difficult to fix once your package is on the way.

How To Change Shipping Address On eBay In Easy Steps, With Photos FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Can you change the shipping address during checkout?

Yes, you can change your shipping address or add a new one before checking out on eBay.

Can you set more than one shipping address on eBay?

eBay allows customers to set up multiple shipping addresses for their profile.

What happens if you need to change your address after placing an order on eBay?

You will need to contact the seller immediately and have them cancel the order so that you can change your address. Failure to do so could void eBay’s money-back guarantee if there’s an issue.

Are you able to have items shipped to a PO box on eBay?

Yes, although some sellers may have an issue shipping to PO boxes.

Does your eBay shipping address need to be the same as your sign-in address?

No, you can have a different shipping address than your home or contact address.

Can sellers increase shipping costs when you change eBay addresses?

Your primary shipping address is tied to shipping costs unless the seller provides free or flat-rate shipping. Rates to a new address may be different from an old one, otherwise.

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