How to Change Payment Method on App Store

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How to Change Payment Method on App Store

If you just got a new credit card, you may need to update your payment method on every account. But you don’t have to do that when paying for every App Store subscription. We’ll show you how to change your payment method in the App Store on iOS and OSX.

While it can get overwhelming, our simple-to-follow guide will help you update your App Store Payment Method quickly.

How to Change Your Payment Method on the App Store – iOS

Perhaps you just got a new iPhone and are trying to set everything up, or you got a new credit card. If you have your iPhone handy, you can follow these steps to change your App Store payment method.

Step 1: Tap Settings

Settings is accessible from your device’s home screen.

Unlock your phone and tap the Settings app.

Note: Ensure the iCloud account on your phone is the same one where you need to update the payment method. You can check this at the top of the Settings home page.

Step 2: Click Your Name

Under settings you can see your Apple ID.

Now, you’ll see your name on top. Tap it.

Step 3: Tap Payment & Shipping

You may need to complete an authentication using your FaceID or fingerprint.

Tap Payment & Shipping.

Note: This part does require authentication approval. It may need your Face ID, fingerprint, or password.

Step 4: Tap Add Payment Method

You can add multiple payment methods to your account.

After completing the verification process, you’ll see an option to Add payment method. Tap that option.

Step 5: Tap Credit/Debit Card

Apple Cash, Credit/Debit Card, and PayPal are all acceptable payment methods.

Now, you’ll see a few options. You can tap Credit/Debit Card to add your 16-digit card number. Alternatively, you can tap Apple Cash to set your Apple Wallet as the payment method. You can also tap PayPal, which requires you to log into your PayPal account.

Step 6: Input Your New Card Information

Enter your card number and other details.

Finally, input your card information or sign into your PayPal account. Then, click Done in the top right corner. For a walkthrough of these steps, you can refer to the following video:

How to Change Your App Store Payment Method on a Mac

You can easily update your App Store payment method from your Mac or MacBook. Here’s what to do:

Step 1: Open the App Store

The appstore icon is a blue square with rounded angles that encloses a stylized letter “A.”

Double-click the Launchpad in your Mac’s dock.

Note: The launchpad is the icon that has apps in it. Use the search bar at the top to quickly find applications.

Step 2: Click Your Name

Click on your name.

After opening the App Store, you can click on your name in the bottom corner.

Note: If your name doesn’t appear, sign into your account by clicking the sign-in option.

Step 3: Click Account Settings

Under account settings, you can customize personalize details.

A window will open listing apps you have downloaded. Click Account Settings above those apps.

Step 4: Click Manage Payments

Under manage payment sections, you can add or remove payment methods.

Verify your password and click Manage Payments. The Manage Payments option is allocated on the right next to your current payment method.

Step 5: Click Add Payment

Apple ID allows you to add different payment methods.

Scroll down this page a bit and click the Add Payment button.

Step 6: Add Your Payment Method

Click done to enable your preferred payment method.

Input your payment method credentials and tap Done at the bottom to add it to the App Store.

How to Change Your App Store Payment Method on a PC

You don’t need a Mac to update your App Store payment method. But you will need the iTunes App. Install the iTunes app from the Microsoft App Store (don’t worry, it’s less than 300 Mb). Then, follow these steps:

Step 1: Log into Your Apple Account

Before you can do anything, click Account at the top of the page and sign in.

Note: Be sure to sign into the iCloud account where you want to update your payment method.

Step 2: Click Account

View My Account is the first item under Account drop-down menu.

After signing into iCloud, click Account at the top of iTunes.

Step 3: Click View My Account

Under View My Account, you can find your purchases and media.

Choose View My Account in the drop-down menu.

Step 4: Click Manage Payments

Manage Payments lets you add or remove payment methods.

Verify your iCloud password when prompted. Then, click Manage Payments (third option down on the right).

Step 5: Click Add Payment

You can add PayPal, Apple Cash and debit/credit card to your account.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Add Payment.

Step 6: Add Your Credit/Debit Card

By clicking done, you enable your preferred method of payment.

Enter your payment information and click Done.

Deleting App Store Payment Methods

Before we end our tutorial, you may want to delete some older App Store payment methods. If your iCloud account has been in use for a few years, you probably have a lot of outdated payment methods.

Fortunately, you can delete them on iOS, OSX, and Windows.

Note: Before removing any payment methods, beware that Apple may use an older payment as verification if you’re ever locked out of your iCloud account.

Removing App Store Payment Methods Using iOS

For those who prefer to manage payment methods on iOS, you can follow the same steps above (Settings>tap your name>Payment & Shipping). Then, tap on the outdated payment method and Remove at the bottom of the page.

Confirm that you want to remove that payment method.

Removing App Store Payment Methods Using a Mac

Using your Mac or Macbook to delete payment methods is pretty straightforward. Open App Store then, click your name at the bottom. Click Manage Payments and click Edit to the right of the method you want to delete.

Click Remove Payment Method at the bottom of the page.

Remove App Store Payment Methods Using iTunes

Finally, you can delete an App Store payment method if you have iTunes on your PC. Open iTunes and click Account (found at the top of the window). Click View My Account and select Manage Payments. Then, select Edit and Remove Payment Method at the bottom.

App Store Payment Methods Made Simple

Your default App Store payment method is useful for a host of reasons. While it’s handy for purchasing apps and paying subscription fees, you can’t do much without adding a valid payment method to the App Store.

Sometimes Apple will prompt you to update your payment method when a card expires. However, if your card is compromised or you open a new bank account, you won’t receive any communications about it until you try to make a purchase. To save yourself from a headache later, follow the steps above to update your App Store payment method.

How to Change Payment Method on App Store FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Can I add a bank account as payment to the App Store.

Yes. You can add your bank account to the Apple Wallet (open the Wallet app and tap Add Payment). Then, follow the steps above to set your Apple Wallet as your payment method.

What's the difference between the App Store method and the Wallet?

You can use your Apple Wallet for nearly anything from tap-to-pay to making purchases on the App Store. The App Store payment method, however, is only used for subscriptions and digital Apple-purchases.

What do I do if I forgot my iCloud password?

You can’t update your payment method if you don’t have your Apple password (unless you’re using an iPhone with Face ID). So, you will have to reset your Apple password if you forgot it. Go to this website and follow the options to reset your Apple ID password.

How do I set my default App Store payment method?

After adding a new payment method, you may want to ensure it’s set as the default. Follow the steps above and go to the Manage Payments page. No matter the device you use, locate the one you want to use and grab it to drag it to the top of the list (there’s a small icon to the right for dragging).


Do I have to set up a payment method to use the App Store?

Yes. Apple requires a valid form of payment to use the App Store.

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