How to Change Passwords on Windows 10

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How to Change Passwords on Windows 10

Did you know that you are supposed to change passwords after every 90 days? Sure, this seems complicated, given the effort you put in to get a good password, especially without a password generator

However, hackers who may need any information from your computer are trying their best to have access to that password. And, who knows, the hacker may be the person who you least suspected. Thankfully, when using Windows 10, it is easy to change your password and boost security. 

On the other hand, you may have forgotten or lost your password and need to reset it. Whatever your reason, below is a comprehensive guide on the steps to easily change passwords on Windows 10. 

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Changing Password on Windows 10 Local Account

A local account is an account that you use on one specific computer. This account has a username and a password that you use to access the system. Changing your local account password does not affect passwords used for other services. 

Here are several ways through which you can change passwords on Windows 10 local accounts. 

#1: Using Sign-in Options 

Step 1: Click on the Windows icon at the bottom left corner of your computer’s desktop screen.

change windows password
Click the Windows icon on the bottom lefthand corner of your screen.

Step 2: Scroll down and access Settings.

changing windows password
Go to Settings.

Step 3: Select Accounts.

change windows password
Go to Accounts.

Step 4: Select Sign-in options.

change windows password
Click on Sign-in options.

Step 5: Scroll down the Sign-in options, click on Password, then Change.

change windows password
Head down to Password, click on it, then click Change.

Step 6: When a prompt appears to confirm your current password, enter your password and click Next.

change windows password
Enter your current password and click Next.

Step 7: Enter your new password, add a Password hint, and click Next.

change windows password
Enter your new password twice, add a Password hint in case you need help remembering your password in the future, and click Next.

Step 9: Click Finish, and you will have successfully changed the password.

change windows password
Click Finish, and you’re all set!

#2: Using Keyboard Shortcut CTRL+Alt+Delete

Step 1: Press the keys ctrl+alt+delete to open a list of options.

change windows password
Press ctrl+alt+delete to open a list of options.

Step 2: Select Change a password.

change windows password
Click Change a password.

Step 3: Enter your old password, your new password, and then confirm the new password.

change windows password
Follow the prompt to enter your username, your old password, then the new password twice to confirm. Then, hit Enter.

Once you’ve hit enter, you’ll get a confirmation message saying that your password change was successful!

Otherwise, if the password change is unsuccessful, try and use a stronger password. Ensure that the password has a minimum of eight characters and has a combination of letters, numbers, symbols, and upper and lower case letters. 

Check out the video below to learn more about changing your password on Windows 10 local account.

#3: Using Local Users and Groups

Local users and groups can also help you change passwords in Windows 10. Below are the steps to follow.

Step 1: Go to the ‘This PC’ icon, right-click, and click Manage.

change password windows
Right click the This PC icon and select Manage.

Step 2: A Computer Management Window opens. Locate Local Users and Groups.

change password windows
Locate Local Users and Groups.

Step 3: Select Users and right-click on the user whose password you wish to change. Select Set Password.

change password windows
Under Users, click on the user whose password you want to change, click Set Password.

Step 4: Confirm whether you want to reset the password of the account you selected by clicking Proceed.

change password windows
Click Proceed.

Step 5: Enter the new password twice and click OK.

change password windows
Enter your new password and click OK.

#3: Using Netplwiz

Netplwiz is a key you run on your Windows 10 computer to activate user accounts. Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Click on the Windows icon+R to open the run box. Enter netplwiz.

change password windows
Press the Windows icon+R to open the Run program, and enter netplwiz.

Step 2: The User Accounts window will open, so select the person whose password you want to change, and select Reset Password, then enter your new password and click OK.

change password windows
Click on the desired user and select Reset Password.
change password windows
Enter your new password, confirm it, and click OK.

After clicking OK, you will have successfully changed the password of that account. 

#4: Using Command Prompt

If administrator rights are on your account, you can change passwords using the command prompt.

Here is how you do it:

Step 1: On the search bar, search for Command Prompt.

change password windows
Search for Command Prompt and open it.

Step 2: Type net user and press enter.

Search for Command Prompt and open it.
Type in the net user and click enter.

Step 3: Type net user [username new password]. Press enter, and you’re all set.

For instance, if you want to change the password for the account named Tom, your command will be net user Tom 123.

change windows password
Type in the net user followed by the net user’s name.

How to Change Your Local Account Password If You Forgot Your Password

If you forgot the current password of your local account, you would need to reset the password. Unfortunately, this option is only available for Windows 10 version 1803 and later. 

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Open Settings, go to Accounts, then Sign-in options. Click on the password, then Change.
  2. When prompted to enter your current password, enter the last password you remember.
  3. If the password is incorrect, there is a reset password link below the password field. Click on it to open the password reset wizard. 
  4. On the password reset wizard, answer the security questions. Once the security questions are answered, you will be prompted to enter a new password.

If using the Windows version before 1803, you can only reset the password if another local administrator of the account remembers their password. Otherwise, you may have to reset the computer, losing all data and programs installed. 

Change Your Local Password from Another User Account

You can use one user account to change the password of another user account on the same computer. However, the account you use to change the password must have administrative rights. 

Below are the steps you follow.

Step 1: Open the Control Panel by searching “control panel” on the start menu.

change windows password
Search for Command Prompt and open it.

Step 2: Select User Accounts.

change windows password
Open User Accounts.

Step 3: On the window that opens, select Manage another account.

If this option is unavailable, the account you are working on does not have administrative rights.

change windows password
Click Manage another account.

Step 4: Select the account whose password you would like to manage.

If any account does not have the words “password protected” below it, it has no password. You can open the account without logging in with any password. 

change windows password
Select the user account you want to manage.

Step 5: Select the Change the password option.

In case you don’t have the change the password option, it means the user signs in using a Microsoft account and not a local account.

change windows password
Click Change the password.

Step 6: Type in the new password and confirm it.

You will also find a field to type the password hint, which is optional. If you choose to fill it, remember that it will be visible to everyone using the computer. Therefore, ensure that the hint doesn’t jeopardize the account’s security. 

change windows password
Enter your new password and you have the choice to enter a password hint. Click Change password.

Since another user changed this account’s password, the user whose password was changed loses access to personal certificates, EFS-encrypted files, and any stored passwords.

How to Change Passwords in Windows 10 Microsoft Account

A Microsoft account is an account you use to access any Microsoft services such as Office online apps, Hotmail, Skype, Onedrive, Xbox, Bing, or Microsoft Store. 

To change the password of your Microsoft account on Windows 10, you should:

Step 1: Log in to the account and click on Security.

change windows password
Log into your account and open Security.

Step 2: Click on Change password.

change windows password
Click Change password


Alternatively, you can click on Password security and go through the authentication steps.

Step 3: Enter the code sent via your email address to verify that you are trying to change the password.

You can copy-paste the code to avoid mistakes.

Step 4: After entering the correct code, enter your current password, enter the old password, and confirm. 

change windows password
Enter your password and confirm. Click Save, and you’re all set!

The Microsoft account recommends that you choose a stronger password if you entered a weak password. A strong password has at least eight characters, combines upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols, and does not have common names or words. 

How to Change Your Microsoft Account Password If You Can’t Remember Your Current Password

Similar to the local account, you will need to reset your password if you can’t remember your current password. 

Here is how you do it: 

Step 1: Go to account.microsoft.com and click Sign In.

change windows password
Sign into your Microsoft account.

Step 2: When asked to enter a password, click on the Forgot Password option below the field.

change windows password
Click on Forgot password? to get a security code.

Step 3: Select where you would like to receive the verification code.

change windows password
Select how you want to receive the security code.

Step 4: Enter the code you receive and reset your password.

change windows password
Reset your password, hit Next, and you’re all set!

After clicking Next, you get a confirmation that your password has been changed, and you can use the new password to sign into your Microsoft account. 

Wrapping Up

Given how paramount it is to change passwords from time to time, Windows 10 made it easy for its users to change passwords for both local and Microsoft accounts. Use any of the methods given above to change your password and keep your content secure. Moreover, ensure that your password is not easy to crack or guess. Otherwise, you give hackers swift access to your data. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you open a computer if you forgot the password?

You can open a computer if you forget your password and are using a Microsoft account. Click on Forgot password? and follow the steps to recover or reset the password. If you have a local account, you will need to reset Windows, and you may lose some of your data.

How many times can you attempt passwords in Windows 10?

You can attempt passwords as many times as possible in Windows 10. However, after the first six attempts, you will have to wait a while before trying the password again.

Which is the best password to use for Windows 10?

The best password for Windows 10 is one that is at least 12 characters long, has a combination of upper and lower case letters, and includes symbols and numbers. The password should also not be obvious phrases and names.

Where do I find the password policy in Windows 10?

To get the password policy, type secpol in the search bar and select the applet that shows. Select account policies setting and later password policy option.

Can you change your password from another user account?

You can change the password from another password account. However, the account that is changing the password will need to have administrator rights. If there are no administrator rights, you will not have the option to manage other accounts.

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