How to Change NAT Type Xbox One in Easy Steps, With Photos

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How to Change NAT Type Xbox One in Easy Steps, With Photos

If you’re experiencing connection issues with multiplayer games on Xbox One, the problem could be your NAT type. While the NAT type doesn’t matter much for core features such as Xbox Live, it can be a problem with peer-to-peer multiplayer games and voice chats. You might be trying to host a server and your friends can’t connect. It’s a frustrating problem for custom multiplayer games. The problem is that changing your Nat Type can be tricky. In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps to change the NAT type on Xbox One.

Hopefully, it will fix your network connection issues.

What is NAT Type?

Network Address Translation (NAT) is how a router or modem manages how devices outside the local area network can access local devices. It’s a type of firewall that protects devices on your local network from being accessed from the internet.

Why Is Open NAT Important on Xbox?

NAT on Xbox, NAT type table
Xbox A can connect with Xbox B if Xbox A has set its NAT to Moderate and Xbox B has set its NAT to Open or Moderate.


Open NAT will make it much easier to play online Xbox games with your friends. In addition, you can host internet servers. You may find that having an Open NAT speeds up the time it takes you to find online game servers, for example.

There are three NAT types:

  1. Open (NAT Type 1)
  2. Moderate (NAT Type 2)
  3. Strict. (NAT Type 3)

Open NAT allows services outside the local area network to communicate directly to it without any interference. On Moderate, certain services can connect to the device but others are limited. Strict NAT type only allows core services to access your device from outside the network.

An Xbox with Open NAT Type can connect to Moderate and Strict. Moderate NAT types can connect to Open and other Moderat clients. However, an Xbox with a Strict NAT type can only connect to devices with an Open NAT type. It’s the reason some people in your friend group can connect to one another while others cannot.

There are also a couple of other error codes that can be causing problems, such as “NAT Type: Unavailable” or “Double NAT Detected”.

How To Change Nat Type on Xbox One:

Keep in mind, most of these steps require access to your network’s router or modem. If you’re using a community network, such as a college Wi-Fi, you probably won’t be able to change your NAT type without contacting the network administrators.

Step 1: Run Xbox Network Troubleshooter

NAT on Xbox, Xbox network status
Your current network is working and you should be able to connect.


Xbox’s network troubleshooter will help point you toward the problem. Press the Xbox button on your control and tap Right Bumper until you reach “Profile & System”. Select “Settings”, followed by “General”, and then “Network Settings”. On the right side, you’ll see your current network status and the NAT type.

Select “Test Network connection” to check for any issues. You should see a message that reads “It’s all good. Your console is connected to the internet”.

If your NAT Type is Strict or Moderate, it’s time to access your router.

Step 2: Find Your Router or Modem’s IP Address

To access the configuration page of your router, you need its IP address. It’s usually printed on the bottom or side of the router. The most common one is

If you can’t physically access your router, another way to find the IP address is to open “Network Settings” on your Xbox and open “Advanced Settings”. In “Advanced Settings”, take note of the Gateway IP Address. Type that IP Address into a web browser on a PC or laptop and it should lead you to the router’s configuration page. You can also access it from your Xbox using the Edge browser but it might be harder to navigate.

Step 3: Log in to the Router

When you land on your router’s configuration page, you might feel stumped because you forgot the username and password. It’s also typically printed on the router. The good news is the credentials should still be set to default. To find the default username and password of a router, select your router manufacturer from this website, and it should show you the default credentials. Most router manufacturers use the same username and password across their products. The most common username is “admin” and the most common password is “password” or blank.

If the default password doesn’t work, chances are you or someone on the network changed it. In that case, you will have to factory reset your router. Look for a reset pin slot on your router. Insert a pin and hold the button while the router is powered on until all the lights turn off, then release.

Step 4: Enable UPnP

This is the easiest way to change the NAT type on the Xbox. When you log in to your router, you want to enable a feature called UPnP, a type of automatic port forwarding feature. The exact location of the setting will vary depending on your router. In most cases, it’s listed in the “Firewall” section.

Chances are it was already enabled. Most routers automatically enable it. However, even though it’s enabled, it may not be working as intended. To double-check, disable it and click “Apply”. Your router might have to reboot. When it restarts, enable UPnP once again. This refreshes the UPnP service and can fix issues with NAT types.

Now check the Network Status on your Xbox. Did the NAT type change to Open?

If yes, you’re ready to play. If not, the next couple of steps involve opening ports for your Xbox One.

Step 5: Set Up a Static IP Address for Xbox One

NAT on Xbox, Router settings
Type your Xbox One’s MAC Address into your router’s Reserved IP screen and click “Apply” to reserve that IP address for your Xbox from now on.


To start, we need to tell your router to always assign your Xbox One the same IP address. Log in to your router and look for an option called “Reserved IP” or “Manually Assign IP Address”. It should be listed under the LAN section. You will need an IP address and a MAC address.

To assign a static IP address, you need your Xbox One’s MAC Address, which is a unique number assigned to your Xbox One. Some routers will have a button labeled “Connected Computers” below the IP address configuration, which will make this much easier for you. If your router doesn’t have that button, one way to find your Xbox MAC Address is to search for “Attached Devices” within your router’s configuration page and copy the MAC Address of your Xbox. You can also find it by opening “Advanced Network Settings” on your Xbox.

Next, under “Reserved IP” or “Manually Assigned IP” in your router, enter the IP address you want for your Xbox and then enter the Xbox’s MAC address. Save the settings.

Step 6: Port forward

NAT on Xbox, Router settings
Add a new rule for each port listed and carefully set their protocols correctly (TCP/UDP).


Now that your Xbox has a static IP, we can go ahead and forward ports. The port-forwarding option should be listed under “Firewall” in your router’s settings. Add the following ports, making sure to add the IP Address linked to your Xbox:

  • Port 3074 (UDP and TCP)
  • Port 500 (UDP)
  • Port 3544 (UDP)
  • Port UDP 4500 (UDP)

You will need to make a new rule for each port. Save your changes. Head back to your Xbox and see if the network status updated your NAT Type. It should be OPEN now. If not, continue to Step 7.

Step 7: Put Xbox in DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) Zone

NAT on Xbox, Router settings
If all else fails, enable DMZ for your Xbox.


There’s an option on your router called the DMZ zone, which places a single device outside the network. Placing your Xbox’s IP Address in the DMZ zone is one way to guarantee an Open NAT type. However, it may be accessed from outside devices, so it’s not the most secure option.

Xbox NAT Type Not Changing After Port Forwarding

In some cases, even if you follow all the steps above, the NAT type will refuse to change. I struggled with this problem and was at my wit’s end.

First of all, take a very close look at your port forwarding rules and make sure the IP address of the rules matches your Xbox. Your Xbox may have changed its IP address which would make the port forwarding rules obsolete.

In many cases, ISP companies will change your IP address, which will make port forwarding impossible. Call your ISP and ask them to assign your modem a dedicated IP address. It may be free or cost a few dollars.

Another quick fix is to go on your Xbox and head to “Settings”, then “General”, followed by “Network Settings”, and then “Advanced Settings”. Next, select “Alternate Port Selection” and select a port from the list.

Make sure it matches the ports you opened earlier. The recommended port is 3074. Press the “Test Nat Type” option a few times and it should change to Open.

The Bottom Line

The easiest option in this list is to enable UPnP because you don’t need to worry about configuring IP addresses and port forwarding rules.

Just remember, public Wi-Fi networks probably won’t allow you to change the router configuration, so you’ll be stuck with whichever NAT type you can get from the network.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which NAT Type is Best for Xbox?

The best NAT Type for Xbox is Open because it allows you to connect to devices that use all the other NAT types.

Why is My NAT Type Strict on Xbox?

A Strict NAT type means the Xbox can’t access core services from inside your local area network. To fix it, enable UPnP on your router or open ports.

Why is my NAT type strict no matter what I do?

Your modem could be using a dynamic IP address from your ISP company. Call them to change it to a dedicated or Fixed IP and your NAT type should Open.

Does NAT Type add Lag?

NAT Type can make an online game lag because certain services can’t connect to your device.

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