How to Change Your LG Smart TV Screensaver

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How to Change Your LG Smart TV Screensaver

If you’ve ever used a Roku TV or device, you’re probably quite familiar with the iconic purple sheen of Roku City. If you’re an Apple TV user, you’re likely to recognize the cityscapes and ocean views that make up this streaming device‘s screensaver. Smart TVs are no different. Every brand has its own set of screensavers to display whenever the TV goes idle. But how can you change them? Let’s walk through the steps required to change an LG smart TV screensaver. These steps should work for both new and old LG smart TVs alike.

What’s the Point of an LG Smart TV Screensaver?

Screensavers help prevent burn-in on your TV’s display.

LG smart TV screensavers exist to prevent burn-in on your television screen. Burn-in happens when the same still image is displayed on the screen for hours at a time. The exact times for burn-in to set in will vary depending on your display type. Regardless, it’s never good to keep the TV paused on the same screen for too long without a screensaver.

Screensavers use moving slideshows of still images or other short, low-energy looping videos to prevent the screen from staying locked on one image for too long. (It’s not unlike the way computers will trigger a screensaver animation if left idle for too long.) You can customize your LG smart TV screensaver with the steps listed below.

How to Change Your LG Smart TV Screensaver

Using the steps below, you’ll be able to adjust your screensaver and other advanced settings on your LG smart TV. These steps should remain the same across the full catalog of LG smart TVs because the vast majority rely on the same smart operating system. However, if your LG smart TV does not follow these steps exactly, you can be certain the screensaver settings will still be found in the TV’s settings app. If you get lost, know that you are sure to find the right screensaver settings while perusing your TV’s settings page.

Step One: Go to Home Screen

LG smart TV settings.
Find the Settings app on your LG smart TV.

First, go to your LG smart TV’s home screen (if you’re not already there). Hit the Home button on your remote to exit the application or input you’re currently using. On certain remotes, this button may look like the boxy smart hub logo instead of a traditional home button.

Settings on LG smart TV.
Open “General” under settings (or open the Art Gallery app if available).

From the smart TV hub, open up your LG TV’s settings app. Use the navigational keys on the face of your remote to highlight the icon, then hit the Select button once you’ve arrived there. Or, if you have a motion control remote, simply point and click.

For some LG smart TVs, you may see an app called Art Gallery instead. This is only available on certain LG models, but if you have it, then you’re in luck: It’s going to make things a lot easier. Simply open Art Gallery and choose a new LG smart TV screensaver from the gallery by hitting Select on your remote. You’re all done!

Step Three: Select General Settings, Then Screen Saver

Art Gallery app on LG smart TV.
If your LG smart TV has the Art Gallery app, you can choose a new screensaver from there.

For those without the Art Gallery feature, we’ll continue with the old-fashioned way. From within the settings app, look for the tab that reads “General.” Again, use the navigational keys to make your way there, then hit the Select button.

Scroll through the general settings until you see a heading that reads “Screen Saver.” This is where you’ll be able to adjust your LG smart TV screensaver preferences. Move to the heading and hit Select.

Step Four: Change LG Smart TV Screensaver

Screensaver on LG smart TV.
Choose a new screensaver for your LG smart TV.

Here, you will be able to change the LG smart TV screensaver as you see fit. Choose from the list of available presets. (Or, with certain LG smart TV models, follow the instructions on-screen to upload your own images to use as your LG smart TV screensaver.)

On this page, you’ll also be able to make additional customizations for your screensaver. You can set how long you want the screensaver to play before shutting off the device. You can also choose how long you want the TV to idle before activating the screensaver.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my LG smart TV use screensavers?

LG smart TVs use screensavers to prevent screen burn-in. When the TV goes inactive after a designated period, the screensaver kicks in to prevent the idling television from being seared into the TV’s display.

How do I toggle screensavers on an LG smart TV?

You can toggle your screensaver settings by going to your LG smart TV’s settings app, choosing general settings, and then selecting “Screen Saver” options. Here, you can toggle it on or off depending on what you prefer.

Can I customize screensavers on my LG smart TV?

Yes, you can customize your screensavers on an LG smart TV. Most limit you to a pre-set collection of images or videos. On some LG smart TVs, you can even upload your own photos to use as a screensaver.

Do screensavers impact overall energy consumption of an LG smart TV?

Yes, screensavers do impact your TV’s overall energy consumption. However, this impact is positive instead of negative. Screensavers can reduce your overall power usage by dimming the screen and displaying simple images and animations.

Why won’t my LG smart TV activate its screensaver?

If your LG smart TV is taking too long to activate its screensaver, then you may need to adjust your screensaver settings. Go to the Settings app, select General, then Screen Saver. Here, you can adjust how long or short it takes for the screensaver to kick on.

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