How to Change Language on YouTube, Step by Step with Photos

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How to Change Language on YouTube, Step by Step with Photos

As a global entertainment app, YouTube provides content in several languages. When you first use the platform, the language is localized but easy to switch. If you want to change the language on YouTube, our guide will walk you through the steps from a PC or a mobile device.

YouTube Language Settings

It’s pretty simple to change your language on YouTube, but do you know what it does? Changing your language settings on the platform changes the “text” that appears – not the audio. The language settings are tied to localization on YouTube, directly affecting the types of videos on your screen.

When you change YouTube language or localization, news and trending videos also change. In addition, the icons on your screen and headings will change, not the videos you watch. Turning on captions may help, but not language or localization settings.


How to Change Language on YouTube App

Millions of people enjoy using YouTube on their mobile phones and tablets. The YouTube app is available across multiple platforms, including smart TVs. The location of the settings menu will vary slightly on some devices. Here is how to change the YouTube language on the app.

1. Open the App

From your smartphone or tablet, locate the YouTube app and tap it to open up the service. If you aren’t already logged in, do so now.

YouTube app is accessible from your device’s home screen.


2. Access your Profile

When you login into the app, go to your profile settings. To do this, find your profile icon or photo and tap on it to bring up a submenu of options.

On Android, you’ll find it in the top right hand of the screen, as shown.


3. Settings

From this screen, scroll down until you see the section marked Settings and select it to bring up settings tied to your YouTube account.

Settings lets you adjust you account’s privacy, language among other things.


4. Location Settings

Once you can see the settings menu, tap on General and scroll to the bottom until you see an area called Location.

Location will automatically show your country of residence.


5. Change your Language

Location shows the region where YouTube is currently set, but when you tap that area, you’ll see dozens of new regions. Choose your country from the list to change your language on YouTube. If you don’t see your country, the company recommends choosing the closest region to your area.


How to Change Language on YouTube from a Computer

Altering the language used on YouTube is easier from a PC or mobile browser. The settings are applied just like they are with the app, so while the site text changes, the videos will stay in their native languages.

1. Access your Profile

From any web browser, go to YouTube and sign in to the site. Click on your profile icon on the upper right-hand corner of the page to open a drop-down menu.


2. Change YouTube Language

Localization and language settings are split on the web. To change your language on YouTube, choose Language and select a new option from the list that appears.


To see the steps for this method in action check out the video below.

Changing YouTube Languages without an Account

Is it possible to change languages on YouTube when you don’t have an account? The answer is yes. You can do it from any browser and it is helpful when browsing and don’t want to log in to the site.

Go to YouTube using a web browser and look for the 3-dot menu at the top of the screen. Click it to open a new menu and choose the Language option to change the settings. Unless you log in with a YouTube account, the site won’t “save” your language settings.


The Wrap-Up

While YouTube allows users to change their language or region on demand, remember it won’t alter the audio of the videos you’re watching through the service. If you want to take a deeper look into the platform’s options, check out our complete guide to YouTube settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a VPN to watch YouTube?

Yes, it’s a popular way to get around geo-blocked content in some regions, but you’ll want to know your country’s laws beforehand.

How many languages does YouTube offer?

More than a dozen although what’s available will depend on your region.

Can you change your YouTube emails to match the site’s language settings?

Yes, you can do this through the Email Settings menu on your YouTube account.

Is it possible to reset your YouTube recommendations?

You can alter the content they show you by adjusting your settings or wiping your history on the platform.

Do any countries block YouTube?

While many people have no problem accessing content from the platform, China and North Korea are two countries that have blocked YouTube within their borders while others have restrictions.

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