How to Change the Language on Netflix in 5 Steps, with Photos

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How to Change the Language on Netflix in 5 Steps, with Photos

Key Points

  • Netflix has made it easy to change the language on their platform, whether you’re using the website or mobile apps.
  • To change the language on Netflix from the web, log in to your account, access the profiles section, choose a profile, select a language, and save your settings.
  • To change the language on Netflix through the mobile app, open the app, access settings, manage profiles, select the profile, choose a language, and save the changes.

As Netflix has grown in popularity, the amount of content with subtitles and foreign languages has increased. If you’re wondering how to change the language on Netflix, we’re pleased to say the company has made things simple. You can switch languages in seconds, whether you’re watching content on a mobile device or a larger screen.

How to Change the Language on Netflix from the Web

The best way to change languages on Netflix is through the company’s official website. This gives account holders full access to their settings, which can be challenging to access from mobile apps.

1. Log In at Netflix

Head over to Netflix and click on the Sign In section at the top right-hand side of the page. Enter your credentials in the fields to login to the site.

Go to Netflix and sign into the site with your credentials.


2. Access Profiles

Once you’re logged in at Netflix, you need to access the profiles section. To do this, hover over your profile icon and select Manage Profiles from the options that appear.  

Go to your profile icon and choose Manage Profiles from the sub-menu.


3. Pick a Profile

From the Manage Profiles screen, you can choose the profile for which you want to change the language. A new screen will open where you can rename the profile, set a gaming handle, or choose a language.

Choose the profile for which you want to change the language.


4. Choose a Language

Look for the section labeled Language under your profile name. Click on the drop-down box and scroll through the options until you see the language you want to use on Netflix, then select it.

Select a language from the list of options.


5. Save Your Settings

After selecting a language, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on the Save button to complete the process.

Confirm your settings to save the new language for the Netflix sub-account.


How to Change the Language on Netflix Through Apps

Netflix may be popular through web browsers, but millions of users rely on mobile apps for the streaming service. When you want to know how to change the language on Netflix through an app, follow these steps.

1. Open the Netflix App

From your mobile device, tap on the Netflix app to open it. Sign in if you’re not automatically logged in to the platform.

Open the Netflix app on your smartphone or tablet.


2. Access Settings

To access Netflix settings from the mobile app, find your profile picture and tap on it. From this screen, locate the menu represented by three dashes, then select Manage Profiles.

change the language on Netflix
In the Netflix app, access the Manage Profiles section located at the top of the menu.


3. Manage Profiles

From the Profiles menu, choose the icon or account for which you want to change the language and tap it to proceed.

Select the profile you want to manage.


4. Select and Save

Choose the section labeled Display Language to open a sub-menu with the languages available in your area. Scroll through the list until you see the language you want to use on Netflix for this account. Select the language, and Netflix will automatically save it. Back out of the menu when the process is complete.

Choose a language and Netflix will save your selection automatically.


The Wrap-Up

Changing settings on Netflix is simple, and the ability to set individual languages for different profiles is the icing on the cake. If you’re considering switching plans or upgrading from your current tier on Netflix, we have that covered as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the most popular language used for movies and shows on Netflix?

English, although the company’s foreign language programming is on the rise.

Does changing the subtitles on Netflix change the language?

No, but if you change the language settings, they automatically apply to your subtitle settings.

How many languages does Netflix offer?

That varies by location, but the company provides more than 20 languages for consumers in the United States alone.

Can each user profile have their own language preference on a Netflix account?

Yes, each user on a Netflix account can set and save their own language preferences.

What's the most popular non-English show on Netflix?

Squid Game, although that can change at any moment with the company’s schedule of monthly new releases.

Why does my the language change on Netlflix?

This typically happens if someone else has recently used your account, through a VPN or by accident.

Can Netflix detect your location?

Yes, the service uses your IP address to detect your location when watching Netflix.

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