How to Change Etsy Shop Name in 7 Steps, With Photos

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How to Change Etsy Shop Name in 7 Steps, With Photos

Key Points

  • Etsy is a global online marketplace that allows entrepreneurs to sell their handmade products.
  • You can easily change your Etsy shop name, but it must abide by Etsy’s guidelines.
  • When you change your Etsy shop name, the URL also changes, so you need to inform your customers.
  • You can change your Etsy shop name up to five times after launching, but you can request a change after that by contacting Etsy support.
  • When choosing a new name, keep it unique, SEO-friendly, and check for availability.

Do you plan to rebrand your business on Etsy? Start by changing your shop’s name! Etsy is a global online marketplace that empowers entrepreneurs to showcase their handmade products and sell them for good money. Its interface is very user-friendly, meaning you can change your Etsy shop name whenever you want. But there is one thing you need to keep in mind: your shop name must abide by Etsy’s guidelines. 

A business might want to change its name on Etsy for many reasons. Maybe you want to make your shop’s name more trendy or give it a new look. It could also be possible that you just don’t like the shop’s name you chose a decade ago. Regardless of the reason, you can easily change your Etsy shop name in a few steps. 

Don’t know where to start? This guide will list all the steps to change your Etsy shop name. Not only that, but we will also include the rules you must follow when choosing a new name. So, let’s get started without further ado!

What Changes After You Replace Your Etsy Shop Name?

If you’re changing the name of your Etsy shop, you might want to know the consequences of taking this step. Will your customers instantly start seeing this change, or will it take some time? Will Etsy notify them? How will they know that it’s you with a new name?

To answer all these questions, let’s start with the basics. People on Etsy usually find a shop by visiting either http://www.etsy.com/shop/[shopname]/ or https://[shopname].etsy.com, where [shopname] is replaced with your shop’s name. For example, if your shop is called FlowerShop, customers could visit http://www.etsy.com/shop/FlowerShop/ or https://FlowerShop.etsy.com. When you change your Etsy shop name, the URL also changes, considering the backlinks directing people to your site. 

Etsy doesn’t specifically notify your customers, so you have to do this on your own. This step is essential, or else how would people know it’s still you but with a new name? You can inform your customer through social media posts, emails, or direct notifications. It depends on your marketing approach!

How to Change Your Etsy Shop Name: Step-By-Step Guide

While changing an Etsy shop name is mostly a personal choice, it can be an excellent way to boost your shop’s performance. Many people don’t realize it in the early days, but the name of the business plays a significant role in its popularity on Etsy. It creates a unique brand identity, giving your potential customers something to remember you by. 

Follow the below steps if you’ve decided to change Etsy shop name:

Step 1: Sign In to Your Etsy Account

Etsy website sign in
Sign in to access your shop.

First, visit Etsy’s official website and sign in to your Etsy account with your credentials (email and password). If you’re just getting started on the platform, click “Register” to make an account. You can also use your Google, Facebook, or Apple ID to sign up quickly.

Step 2: Open Shop Manager 

Etsy website home page
The Shop Manager icon is a small stylized shop at the top right, next to the user profile icon.

On the welcome screen or homepage, look for a shop icon in the upper right corner of the screen. It is “Shop Manager,” located between the “Notification Bell” and the “Account” icons. Click on it to proceed.

Step 3: Select “Settings”

Etsy Shop Manager page
Scroll down on the left menu until you find “Settings” next to a gear shaped icon.

As you open the Shop Manager, Etsy will direct you to the seller’s Dashboard, displaying all the information about your shop’s performance. Look at the left menu on the window and select “Settings,” present right before “Sale Channels.” 

Step 4: Choose “Info & Appearance”

Etsy Info & Appearance page
Choose “Info & Appearance” from the left menu bar.

Click “Info & Appearance” to see how your store appears on Etsy. You will have multiple options here, including your shop name, title, icon, etc.

Step 5: Click “Shop Name” 

Etsy Info & Appearance page
Think of a great shop name before clicking on either “Change” or “Shop Name”.

Now is the time to change your Etsy shop name. Click “Change” or “Shop Name” to access the option. 

Step 6: Change Your Etsy Shop Name

Etsy Shop Name page
Type in your interesting new shop name carefully.

Type your new shop name in the field. You must keep the name to 20 characters with no spaces and punctuation marks. If you want to differentiate two words in the name, you can capitalize the first letter of each word for easy identification.

Step 7: Save the New Name

Etsy Shop Name page
Check your shop name over carefully to make sure you are 100% happy with it before saving.

Once satisfied with your Etsy shop’s new name, click “Save” to apply the changes. And you’re done! That’s all you need to do to change your Etsy shop name and give your business a fresh look.

Is There Any Limit to Changing Your Etsy Shop Name?

If you haven’t launched your Etsy shop yet, you can change its name as many times as you want. But once it goes live on the platform, you can only modify it for a maximum of five times. The same applies to information and appearance. 

However, it doesn’t mean you can’t change your Etsy shop name for a lifetime. You can do that by contacting Etsy support, calling, or submitting a request. Once your request is approved, you may be able to change your store name for the sixth time. 

Remember, you can’t use a shop name once you or any other seller uses it. The company’s policy is to make the username unavailable after someone picks it up. So, keep this in mind when changing your Etsy shop name. This way, you won’t be frustrated seeing Etsy not accepting your new shop name. 

Things to Keep in Mind When Changing Your Etsy Shop Name

Etsy has strict rules for business owners wanting to change their shop name. We now know that you can’t reuse a username once it’s picked and can’t change the name more than five times after you’ve launched the store. But is there something else to know? 

Here are a few essential things to keep in mind when changing your Etsy shop name to save you time and effort:

  • Try to pick a username within 20 characters
  • Capitalize the first letter of each word to enhance its readability
  • Don’t include spaces or punctuation in your Etsy shop name
  • Change your shop’s name within a month or 30 days
  • Never choose a shop name that’s closely associated with another person’s intellectual property

You should remember these basic guidelines when attempting to change your Etsy shop name. 

Tips to Choose the Best Name for Your Etsy Shop

how does etsy work
As of December 2022, Etsy had over 100 million items in its marketplace from various shops. The most successful of those had memorable names.

Your shop’s name is the first thing a customer notices when coming across your product on Etsy. Suppose the name is boring and traditional. How many people do you think could remember it? Not even 1% unless they found your products worthy enough. 

With a creative and unique shop name, you can significantly increase the chances of turning a prospect into a loyal customer. So, if you have a few ideas, give yourself a nice pat. But if you don’t, follow the below tips to choose an exceptional name as soon as possible:

Keep It Unique

To begin with, keep your Etsy shop name short, simple, and unique. It must be relevant to the type of products you’re selling and properly reflect your business theme. This way, customers will easily understand what your shop is all about. 

Don’t forget the only critical thing that adds uniqueness to a shop name (i.e., creativity). Try playing with different creative words and then combine them with attributes. For instance, make a list of words you think perfectly describe the theme that you want people to feel at your shop. 

Picking your shop’s name this way will offer you one more benefit. You can easily extend the name if the number of product categories increases. It’s recommended to add “Inc.,” “Co.,” and “Solutions” in the name’s end to stand out as a business. 

Make It SEO-Friendly

The next thing to keep in mind is SEO. Your Etsy name must include the correct and relevant keywords to increase your chances of showing up on the customer’s feed. When you change your Etsy shop name, remember to include the main keyword in it, along with the tags and descriptions of your products. It may rank you higher on the general seller’s catalog.

You can use many keyword-generators on the internet for practical suggestions. One example is Google Keyword Planner. This software helps business owners research keywords that help their shops achieve higher visibility on Etsy. 

Remember the first tip and make the shop name unique. If you choose common terms, your competitors will leave you behind regarding ranking. However, a thin line exists between being “unique” and “overdoing” it. By overdoing it, we mean you don’t have to choose unusual words in the shop’s name that people won’t be able to read. They should be unique, but not too much!

Keep an Eye on Your Competitors

The next thing to do is to see what other brands are doing on Etsy. Search different companies on the platform that sell similar products to you and check out their shop names. Take inspiration from the most popular ones and try to use them as references for your name. 

Remember, you shouldn’t copy the usernames that you like. All you have to do is grab the idea and use your creativity to create something unique, relevant, and fresh. Consider your job done if people understand your shop’s vibe without actually visiting it.

Ensure It Is Available

As we know, you can’t reuse a shop name you or another seller has used. So, the next thing you must do is ensure the name you’re considering adopting is available on the platform. For that, simply navigate Shop Manager > Settings > Info & Appearance > Shop Name. Then, type the name in the field, and Etsy will tell you about its availability.

If luck isn’t on your side, you may find that the name already exists. In that case, you can try different variations of your chosen name. For instance, you can add words or variations or anything you find suitable at the end of the name.

Wrapping Up

Etsy is an easy-to-use online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers from different corners of the world. It’s an excellent platform for entrepreneurs to sell their original, handmade items at a reasonable price. However, as with any business site, you must optimize your shop’s appearance for better reach and engagement. This includes changing the shop’s name and title too.

To change your Etsy shop’s name, you must first log in to your account and then access its settings. Then select “Info & Appearance,” select “Shop Name,” enter the shop’s name in the field, and save the changes. Enjoy the new name of your shop!

Summary Table

Step 1Sign In to Your Etsy Account
Step 2Open Shop Manager
Step 3Select “Settings”
Step 4Choose “Info & Appearance”
Step 5Click “Shop Name”
Step 6Change Your Etsy Shop Name
Step 7Save the New Name

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the shop name important for Etsy?

Choosing a shop name is essential for Etsy as it lays the foundation of your business. The shop’s name is the first thing that helps people recognize your brand among thousands of others. It also allows them to understand your shop’s vibe and products.

How do I rebrand my Etsy shop?

You can rebrand your Etsy shop by changing its name, title, or icon.

How do I name my Etsy shop?

When naming your Etsy shop, remember to make it easily recognizable, unique, reflect your brand’s message and products, and SEO-friendly. It should be easy to read, speak, and write.

Can I edit my Etsy shop name?

You can edit or change your Etsy shop name by navigating to the “Shop Manager” from your homepage. Once it opens, click “Info & Appearance,” then “Shop Name,” enter the new name in the field, and save the changes.

Why can't I change my shop name on Etsy?

You won’t be able to change your shop name on Etsy if you have already done it five times. If you want to do it the sixth time, you must contact Etsy Support and submit a request.

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