How to Cc on Gmail with Photos

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How to Cc on Gmail with Photos

Letters were once the primary form of communication. However, emails and other forms of modern communication are the norms. Even so, some features used in letters have been brought to emails, such as carbon copy (Cc).  Like the typewriter days, where carbon copy paper was used to create a copy of the letter, Cc in Gmail sends a duplicate email to several recipients.                   

With this feature, you don’t have to rewrite, forward, or copy-paste an email to send to different recipients. Let’s dive in to see when and how Cc is used in Gmail and how you make the best of this feature. 

When Do You Use Cc in Gmail?

Understanding these circumstances when you can use Cc will keep you from going against email etiquette. So, when do you Cc an email? Here are the top reasons:

Need to Keep People in the Loop

For instance, you may have sent an email to your colleague and need your boss to see what you communicated. In this case, you will Cc the boss to keep them in the loop. It is a form of courtesy to show them that they are part of the conversation, although they are not the focus of the message

Introduce People to Each Other

Suppose you have new clients or employees; you can use a Cc’d email to introduce them to the rest of the team. Since every recipient can see the Cc’d email addresses, they can use this to save them to their contacts. You also save the new person the multiple email threads they would have if each person introduced themselves in a single email. 

Internal Communication 

Cc’d emails are ideal communication modes for sending organizational messages eg. between departments. These are primarily those that don’t need replies. For instance, you can use Ccs to send meeting invites, and the invitees can also see who else will be part of the meeting. 

Method 1: How to Cc in Gmail on a Web Browser

Use these steps to Cc on Gmail if you are working on your computer and have a browser like Chrome or Firefox. 

Step 1: Open your Gmail account 

Log in to Gmail.

Launch your ideal browser and type mail.google.com, then hit enter. If you are not logged on to your device, enter your Google Account details to proceed. Otherwise, the search automatically opens your Gmail Account. 

Step 2: Open the compose field 

Tap compose.

On the left-side corner of your Gmail inbox screen, click compose. It is the first option on the menu list. 

Step 3: Open the Cc field 

Click on Cc.

On the new message field that opens, you see a “To” field, and on the right are the letters Cc and Bcc. Click on Cc to access the function and type the Cc email addresses. 

Step 4: Enter the recipients’ addresses. 

Add recipient(s). 

Enter the secondary recipient(s) address(es) in this Cc field and the primary recipient in the “To” field. A comma appears after each complete address, and you can add a new recipient after every comma. 

Step 5: Compose the email 

Write your message.

Write your email, as usual, communicating to the people whose addresses you’ve written above. 

Step 6: Send the email.

Click send.

After your email is ready, hit send at the bottom of the compose field to send the email to both the primary and secondary recipients. 

For a walkthrough of the steps covered above, check out the following video:

Method 2: How to Cc in Gmail on iPhone

It is possible to send a Cc from your iPhone using the Gmail app. Here are the steps you should follow.

Step 1: Open your Gmail account 

Open Gmail.

Go to the apps list and open the Gmail app, which is shown by a colored capital M. In case you don’t have the app on your iPhone, you can download it from the Apple store. Enter your Google Account username and password to open your Gmail inbox. 

Step 2: Open the compose field. 

Click on compose.

Tap compose at the bottom right of the screen to type the message. 

Step 3: Open the Cc field

Find Cc.

After the compose field opens, you will see a downfacing arrow to the right of the “To” field. Click on the arrow and tap on Cc. 

Step 4: Enter the recipients’ addresses

Type the addresses.

Enter the address of the primary recipient in the ‘To’ field and the secondary recipient(s) in the ‘Cc’ field.

Step 5: Type and send the email

Click send.

Type your message in the compose field and tap the right-facing arrow on the top right menu to send the email. These emails will be delivered to the addresses in the ‘To’ and ‘Cc’ fields.

Method 3: How to Cc on Android 

Android devices such as phones or tablets can also send a Cc’d email using the Gmail app. Here is how to go about it.

Step 1: Open your Gmail account on your Android device 

Open Gmail on your device.

Download the Gmail app if you do not have it on your phone and enter your Google account details to open your Gmail inbox. 

Step 2: Open the compose field

Tap on compose.

Click on the pen-like icon at the bottom right corner to open the typing field. 

Step 3: Open the Cc field 

Find Cc.

Click on the downfacing arrow to the top right of the ‘To’ field to open the ‘Cc’ and ‘Bcc’ fields. 

Step 4: Enter the recipient’s address. 

Type address(es).

Enter the address of the primary and secondary recipients in the ‘To’ and ‘Cc’ fields. 

Step 5: Enter the email subject and compose the email 

Write the email subject.

Tap on the subject field to type the email subject and the compose email field to type the content. 

Step 6: Send the email 

Tap the send icon.

When you are done typing the email body, confirm the addresses and hit on the arrow icon at the right of the top right menu to send the message. The email will be sent to the recipients. 

What to Remember When Sending Ccs on Gmail

  1. When you send a Cc email, recipients’ email addresses are visible to everyone in the loop. If you are sending a Cc’d email to a group of people who are strangers, this becomes a breach of privacy. Cc’ing is not a great way of sending promotional or marketing emails to your customers. Bcc is a preferable option. 
  2. Although you can Cc up to 100 people in an email, avoid having too many recipients. A crowded Cc field looks unprofessional and takes up too much space for the email message. 
  3. Email etiquette says Cc emails are not meant to be replied to. Don’t always expect to get a reply to a Cc’d email.
  4. If you have to reply to a Cc’d email, be careful to click on Reply and not Reply all. Reply sends your reply only to the person who sent the email, while Reply All sends it to everyone in the loop. 


Cc’ing in Gmail is ideal when emailing a group of people, especially at work. However, this is not a place for group discussion. Generally, Cc emails are emails without replies. 

Use the methods and steps above to help you Cc on Gmail, whether you are using a computer, iPhone, or Android device. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum number of people you can Cc in one email?

You can Cc up to 100 people in the same email. However, avoid too many recipients since the email will look unprofessional and take up a lot of unnecessary space. Additionally, you might breach privacy if you Cc too many people.

What is the difference between Cc and Bcc?

Cc means carbon copy, while Bcc means blind carbon copy. When you Cc in Gmail, the recipients can see the address of those who have been Cc’d. On the other hand, if you use Bcc, the primary recipient cannot see the addresses of other people who have received the email. Additionally, Cc has the Reply All feature for replying to all people in the loop, but this feature is absent in Bcc.

Can I use Cc to send an email to more than 500 people?

You cannot use Cc to send an email to 500 people or more since the maximum number of people you can Cc in one email is 100.

Is it rude to Cc someone?

It’s not rude to Cc somebody as it is a courteous way to keep them in the loop. Cc is, at times, used to mean courteous copy. Nevertheless, avoid overdoing it, as it can be offensive, especially to the primary address.

Can you use Cc and Bcc in the same email?

You can use Cc and Bcc in the same email. Both of these features are available in the compose field.

Should you use Cc or Bcc?

Using Cc or Bcc depends on your needs. Use Cc if you want the primary recipient to know that others are receiving the email. Otherwise, use Bcc to hide the addresses of other people in the loop. Bcc is also the best choice if the recipients are strangers.

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