How to Cancel Xbox Live In 7 Steps, With Photos

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How to Cancel Xbox Live In 7 Steps, With Photos

An Xbox Live gold subscription is a necessary evil for most Xbox owners. This online service allows you to play online games for a monthly fee. Although you get additional benefits like free games, its price tag can quickly add up when combined with other services. So, it’s understandable you may want to cancel your Xbox Live membership.

You can terminate your Xbox Live membership on the console itself. However, the easier method, which we’ll cover below, is to access your Xbox account from a computer. From there, you will be able to see and manage all of your Microsoft subscriptions. Besides that, you can upgrade your Xbox Live membership to a Game Pass subscription.

Step 1: Go to the Xbox Website

To cancel an Xbox Live subscription from a web browser, you will first need to go to the Xbox website. Don’t worry about going to a specific webpage. You need to log in to your account first on a computer or phone.

Xbox mobile version is quite different from the PC version.


Step 2: Log in to Your Account

Now that you are on the Xbox website, it is time to log in to your account. To log in, click the sign-in button on the top right of any page. Sometimes the sign-in will appear; other times, you will see a blank profile picture with a “+” symbol. You may need to verify your identity if logging in on this device for the first time.

Sign in with your Microsoft Account credentials.


Step 3: Click on the Profile Picture

Once signed in, you will be redirected to the page you started on. From there, you need to click the profile picture on the top right. If you don’t have a profile picture, the area will be blank. When you click on the image, a drop-down menu will open, and you can proceed to the next step.

Xbox profile
Microsoft profile can be blank or have an image.


Step 4: Open the Subscriptions Window

With the drop-down menu open, you need to locate the three dots on the bottom right side to open the sub-menu. Click on these three dots and select “Subscriptions” from the menu. This will take you to another page with a list of your Microsoft subscriptions.

Subscriptions window
Navigate to Microsoft subscriptions.


Step 5: Select “Manage” Under Xbox Live

Once on the Subscriptions window, you will need to look for the Xbox section. Keep in mind that all of your other Microsoft subscriptions, like Office 365, will also be listed here. When you find the Xbox section (active Xbox Live Gold subscription), press the “Manage” button.

Services subscriptions
Tap on “Manage” on any subscription you want to cancel.


Step 6: Choose “Cancel Subscription”

After selecting Manage, a new window with the details of your subscription will open. In addition to the date and rate billed, you will see the option to cancel the subscription. Just click on the “Cancel” button to end the subscription.

Xbox billing
Go to billing and tap cancel subscription.


Step 7: Confirm Cancelation

Now that you’ve chosen to cancel the subscription, you need to confirm the cancellation. Double-check the subscription page to ensure it has been canceled successfully before exiting. Your subscription will remain active until the new payment date.

Confirm cancelation
Tapping the cancel subscription button will terminate your Xbox Live Membership.


Upgrade Xbox Live to GamePass

Before you cancel Xbox Live, you should know that you can upgrade an Xbox Live subscription to a Game Pass subscription. If you’re unfamiliar, Game Pass provides access to a large and awesome library of video games. With Game Pass Ultimate, which costs $14.99 a month, you also get access to computer games and an Xbox Live Gold subscription.

Difference Between Xbox Live and Gold

The terms Xbox Live and Xbox Live gold get thrown around a lot and, sometimes, used interchangeably. However, Xbox Live is technically the free account that you have, whereas Gold is the subscription level. Because Microsoft only has one subscription tier, many people simply refer to it as Xbox Live. Nonetheless, if you cancel your Gold subscription, you will still keep your Xbox Live account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free version of Xbox Live?

Yes, anyone can have a free Xbox Live account, but the canceling of Xbox Live specifically refers to the Gold membership which provides online access.

Can you upgrade from Xbox Live to Gamepass?

Yes, Microsoft offers an easy way to change your Xbox Live subscription into a Gamepass subscription.

Does Microsoft still sell Xbox Live cards?

Yes, Microsoft still sells 3, 6, and 12-month Xbox Live cards at many major retailers.

Does Xbox Live automatically renew?

Yes, a subscription to Xbox Live will automatically renew at the selected frequency.

Do you need a credit card to pay for Xbox Live?

Paying for Xbox Live with a credit card is currently the easiest method, but you can also pay with Paypal, a gift card, or an Xbox Live card.

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