How To Cancel Roku Subscription in 7 Easy Steps (With Photos)

How To Cancel Roku Subscription in 7 Easy Steps (With Photos)

Roku devices have been the standard for streaming TV content for years. If you can think of a streaming service, there is a good chance you can download the app and watch it on Roku. You can also sign up for these subscriptions directly through Roku. if at some point you want out, you can cancel these services through Roku. Not sure how to go about it? Below we show you how to cancel Roku subscription.

1. Select The Home Button 

On your Roku remote, select the Home button to get you back to the main screen.

2. Locate The App

Roku on tv streaming with remote
The directional pad on your Roku remote is helpful in finding the app or service whose subscription you wish to cancel.

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3. Push The Star Button

The asterisk (*) button is right above the fast-forward button to the right of your remote.

On your remote, press the * button. This might look like an asterisk as well. After pushing the button, the options menu for this app will open.

4. Manage Subscription Service

Your billing details are accessible under manage subscription service.

From this menu, select Manage Subscription Service.

5. Cancel Subscription

Select Cancel Subscription. Now a window will pop up, letting you know the date your plan will renew.

6. Confirm The Cancellation

You have the option to cancel your subscription or keep it.

Finally, another screen will appear, asking you to confirm your cancellation.

7. Monthly plan canceled

Once you cancel your Roku subscription, select done to go back to the home screen.

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Congratulations, you have canceled any subscription you have made through Roku. However, if you go through this process and don’t see the exact options we have listed above. Please ensure the subscription is made through Roku and not the provider itself. Because if it were made through the provider, you would need to cancel the subscription through their website or app.

How To Cancel Roku Subscription in 7 Easy Steps (With Photos) FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Why am I getting a bill from Roku?

If you have subscribed to any streaming services through Roku, the bill will be sent to your account as a charge from Roku instead of from that service.

Can I block a subscription from charging my credit card?

Suppose you have gone through a cancelation process and are still being charged on your card for that service. Contact your card issuer. You’ll have 60 days to dispute the charge, starting when the card issuer sends you the statement with the charges.

Does Roku charge a monthly fee?

Roku itself does not have a monthly charge. Instead, you only pay for the streaming services you are using on the Roku device.

Does removing a channel from Roku cancel the subscription?

Removing a channel from a Roku device does not cancel the subscription.

Will Roku work without Internet?

You can use a Roku without the internet, but its services are minimal. You can use external media like a hard drive or a USB stick to watch content on Roku if there’s no internet, and that’s it.

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