How To Cancel Peacock in 4 Easy Steps (With Photos)

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How To Cancel Peacock in 4 Easy Steps (With Photos)

Key Points

  • Peacock is a streaming service by NBC that offers premium content.
  • You may wish to cancel your Peacock subscription for several reasons, including saving money or if you are switching services.
  • follow the instructions below to cancel your Peacock subscription in the settings menu.

We live in the age of streaming services, where most major networks have an app tied to a TV channel. That includes major networks like NBC, which launched Peacock in 2020. The free tier provides plenty of content. If your plan no longer serves you, we’ll show you how to cancel Peacock premium subscriptions in less than five minutes. It’s more or less the same as canceling Apple TV or Netflix.

How to Cancel Peacock from the Web

Canceling Peacock using a web browser is the easiest and fastest way to end your premium subscription with this streaming service. We recommend this method if you aren’t sure how you signed up or need to access your full account.

1. Sign in at Peacock

Go to the official site at Peacocktv, and click on the log-in button shown on the upper right-hand side of the screen. You will see a pop-up box with a prompt for you to enter your account information and log in to the site from here.

The Peakcocktv log in screen.
Log in to your Peacock account.

2. Access your Account

From the new screen, you’ll see any profiles that are associated with your Peacock account. While you can click those to access the site, if you select the Account button with the gear icon, you’ll be taken to Account Settings.

The profile screen on Peacock's website.
Select the Account button to access Account Settings.

3. Managing your Account

When you have the account screen open, you’ll see three tabs for Plans & Payment, Settings, and Devices. If the Plans & Payment tab isn’t already open, select that to pull up your subscription. This will show your current subscription, and how you signed up for the service.

The account screen for Peacock's website.
Select the “Plans and Payment” tab to see your subscription.

In this case, we signed up through Google Play, so we are given the Manage on Google option. If you signed up with a credit card or another method, you will see a slightly different screen although the rest of the process remains the same.

Payment type screen on Peacock's website.
View your payment method.

4. Cancel Peacock

When you click on Manage, you’ll be taken to a new screen or pop-up giving you the option to proceed. Follow the prompts and confirm as needed until your subscription is canceled. If successful, you should see a similar screen to the one below.

Cancel subscription screen on Peacock's website.
Cancel your Peacock subscription.

Check out this video from How To Geek on how to cancel your Peacock subscription through the mobile app.

Canceling Peacock through Third-Party Services

Peacock is available through a number of providers including streaming services and set-top boxes like Apple TV. If you signed up for Peacock through any of these services, you may have to take another route to cancel instead of going through the web.

Cancel Peacock through Apple

If you signed up using Apple, you’ll need to proceed to iTunes from a PC or pull up your active subscriptions on your iPhone or iPad. To cancel Peacock through iTunes, follow the steps we used in “How to cancel Apple TV through iTunes” featured in this guide.

Are you an iPhone or iPad user? Go to Settings, then tap name and choose Subscriptions. Locate your Peacock subscription and select Cancel to proceed. Follow any prompts until your Peacock subscription is canceled.

Cancel Peacock through Roku

The Roku provides users with hundreds of free channels, but you can also subscribe to streaming services like Peacock Plus through the streamer. Your subscription to Peacock through Roku will auto-renew until you cancel it, which you can do through the web in just as few easy steps.

Sign into your Roku account and then choose Manage your Subscriptions. Find Peacock under Active Subscriptions and select Turn off Auto-Renew. Follow the prompts and confirm your selection to cancel the service.

If you want to cancel using your Roku streaming stick or set-top box, pick up your remote and press the Home Button. Locate the Peacock channel, then press the * symbol on the remote to bring up the options menu. Select Manage Subscription and then choose Cancel. Confirm your selection to finish canceling your Peacock account.

Peacock Streaming Plans Explained

It’s not uncommon for a streaming service to have multiple packages for their customers, but Peacock takes things a step further. Their service is split into three tiers with two paid plans and a free tier.

The free version of Peacock is available to anyone that’s able to sign up for an account. You’ll get access to a significant amount of content, including the first episodes of some Peacock Originals. For $4.99 a month, you can watch their entire catalog including live sporting events and newly released movies.

The free tier and Premium plan are both ad-supported, however. If you want to skip those ads, you’ll need to choose Peacock Premium Plus. It’s $9.99 per month and also allows you to download and watch select titles offline.  


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to delete your Peacock account and any data associated with it?

You can delete your account but will need to go through NBC Universal to remove data tied to your account.

Is Peacock Premium free through any cable providers?

If you are a subscriber through Comcast Xfinity and other select providers, you can access Peacock Premium for free through your cable or internet package.

What’s the difference between Peacock and Peacock Premium?

Both tiers are ad-supported, but you have more access to content including Peacock Originals through the company’s premium plan.

Can you cancel Peacock subscriptions at any time?

If you’re unhappy with your subscription, you can cancel Peacock at any time and continue to watch until your subscription expires.

Is Peacock supported on video game consoles?

Yes, you can install the Peacock app for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and the Xbox Series X/S.

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