How to Cancel Microsoft Subscriptions in 5 Easy Steps (with Photos)

cancel microsoft subscriptions

How to Cancel Microsoft Subscriptions in 5 Easy Steps (with Photos)

Digital subscriptions have become a part of life for many people, from Netflix and Amazon Prime to services like Microsoft 365. If you have a membership and want to cancel Microsoft subscriptions, it’s easier than ever before. You don’t need special access to an app or facial recognition, and it’s a process that only takes 5 quick steps. Now, let’s find out how to cancel your Microsoft subscription.

How to Cancel Microsoft Subscriptions

Before you begin to cancel a Microsoft subscription, you’ll need to have your login information handy. That varies depending on how you signed up, so it could be an email address, phone number or Skype handle.

Step 1: Log in to Microsoft

cancel microsoft subscriprions
Sign in to Microsoft.

Go to Microsoft.com and log in with your credentials. Follow any prompts until the screen refreshed to their home page.

Step 2: My Microsoft Account

cancel microsoft subscriprions
Go into My Microsoft Account.

Find the user icon at the top right-hand side of the page and click it. Choose My Microsoft Account from the submenu that appears to open a new webpage with your account details.

Step 3: Services & Subscriptions

cancel microsoft subscriptions
Services & subscriptions are located at the top of the page.

Some active subscriptions may appear on this page. To see all subscriptions tied to your Microsoft account, choose Services & subscriptions from the top of the page.

Step 4: Manage Subscription

cancel miscrosoft subscriptions
Manage your Microsoft subscription.

From the Services & subscriptions screen, you can see current subscriptions along with any you’ve canceled previously. Find the Microsoft subscription you want to cancel and click on Manage.

Step 5: Cancel Subscription

cancel microsoft subscription

Confirm the cancelation of your Microsoft subscription.

When you have access to the subscription you want to cancel, scroll down until you see an option that says Cancel Subscription. Now you’re given the chance to confirm or cancel. Choose Cancel Subscription to end that service through Microsoft.

Trouble Canceling Microsoft Subscriptions

While Microsoft has made its cancelation process relatively streamlined, sometimes issues can prevent a membership cancelation through the company’s website. If the steps in our guide didn’t work, these tricks may solve the issue.

It’s not uncommon for people to have multiple Microsoft accounts, just like they do with services like Twitter or Gmail. If you know you have an active subscription through Microsoft but don’t see any in the Services & subscriptions section, make sure you’re logged into the right account.

It’s a simple mistake that has cost people countless hours of frustration. It’s also the first thing you should do when a subscription doesn’t show up that you’re billed for through Microsoft.

How long have you had the subscription? Is it an older plan or just a free trial you want to cancel before a charge comes through? If it’s an older membership plan you’ve had for over a year, there’s a good chance your payment method may have changed.

If you signed up with a debit or credit card and a new one has been issued, that could be the problem. You should see a message telling you to update your payment method on that plan in the Payment options section of your Microsoft account. You can access this information by going to Payment & billing and selecting Payment options from the drop-down menu.

cancel microsoft subscriptions
The Payment & billing section is located at the top of the page.

Another potential problem tied to subscriptions comes into play with payment methods. If you’re blocked from making a purchase and have a subscription with a past-due balance, you’ll need to settle that with Microsoft. This often happens when a payment method expires before a membership plan, but it is easy to fix through Services & subscriptions.

In the following video, Dusty Porter demonstrates how to cancel your Microsoft 365 subscription or any other Microsoft subscription service.

How to Cancel Microsoft Subscription: Summary

Knowing how to cancel your Microsoft subscription takes some stress off your plate. It’s not as complicated as you may have thought. It’s as simple as logging in to Microsoft, accessing My Microsoft Account, going to Services & Subscriptions, finding Manage Subscription, and clicking “Cancel subscription.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cancel Microsoft subscriptions purchased through a third party?

If you began a subscription through a third-party service, you’ll need to contact that retailer to handle the cancelation of your Microsoft subscriptions.

What are the main subscriptions offered by Microsoft?

Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass are popular options for gamers, along with services from Microsoft 365.

Can you cancel Microsoft Subscriptions from a mobile device?

While the company has dozens of mobile apps, the easiest way to manage or cancel memberships is by using a web browser on a smartphone or tablet.

Does Microsoft offer a prorated refund for subscriptions?

It depends on the country and length. Canada, Israel, Korea, and Turkey are among the countries with policies in place.

What if I see a subscription, but no option to cancel?

Some Microsoft subscriptions may have the option to upgrade instead of cancel. Choose that to find the cancel option for the membership.

How do I check the billing history for a Microsoft subscription?

You can find this information in the Manage subscription section under Services & subscriptions.

Can you cancel Xbox Game Pass from the Microsoft Store on PC?

Not directly, although you can “manage” it, which opens a web page where you can cancel your Game Pass subscription.

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