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Key Points

  • LinkedIn is a social media platform to connect businesses, peers, and employees.
  • The premium feature opens up analytics and tools not offered in the free version.
  • To cancel LinkedIn Premium, click on your profile icon and then the premium button.

LinkedIn is one of the foremost professional social media platforms in the world. Users interact with businesses, connect with peers, and apply for jobs, all through the intuitive platform.

LinkedIn offers a Premium feature that opens up special tools and analytics that are usually hidden behind a paywall. Often, people will use a free trial or simply pay for the Premium features while searching for a job. Whatever the reason, it can get quite costly once the trial ends, prompting many users to cancel.

Here are the 4 simple steps you can take to cancel your LinkedIn Premium. Let’s get started!

4 Steps to Cancel Your LinkedIn Premium Subscription

Step 1: Select Your Profile Icon

How to cancel LinkedIn premium in easy steps (with photos)
Tap your profile icon near the top right of the screen where it reads Me.

The first thing you need to do is head to the website. You can click here or simply type it in your search bar yourself. If you aren’t logged in, you will be prompted to log in with your account details. Go ahead and log in.

If you are already logged in, the first page you see should be your Feed. This is a page that displays recent posts, news, and more, but it also has buttons to take you to different parts of the platform.

When you click the Me tab, a drop-down menu will pop up that has various account options.

Step 2: Select Premium Features

How to cancel LinkedIn premium in easy steps (with photos)
Select the Premium features option with the gold square on the drop-down menu pictured above.

Under the dropdown menu are a few options. Click the option that reads Premium features. It is under the Account section and should have a large gold square icon next to it.

Step 3: Manage Subscription

How to cancel LinkedIn premium in easy steps (with photos)
Select the blue text on the top right that reads Manage subscription.

Clicking on the Premium features button will take you to your Premium home page. From this page, you can manage your subscription, see your history using Premium, and see the benefits you receive from using the Premium platform.

Near the top is a large header rectangle that is titled “My Premium.” On the right side of that large box is some blue text that reads Manage Subscription. Go ahead and click that link.

Step 4: Cancel Subscription

How to cancel LinkedIn premium in easy steps (with photos)
Under the Premium Career heading, select the Cancel subscription option. Follow any prompts after.

After clicking Manage Subscription, you will be taken to your account management page. From here, you can see your account preferences, visibility, as well as some other settings.

In the center of the screen, however, you should see a small white box that’s titled Manage Premium Account. Under this header is a blue link titled Cancel subscription. Once you click this, you will need to confirm a prompt or two to confirm that you really want to cancel.

Once you finish with the prompts, you will have officially canceled your Premium subscription to LinkedIn!

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How to Cancel LinkedIn Premium in 4 Easy Steps (with Photos) FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Can you cancel your LinkedIn Premium?

Yes, canceling your LinkedIn Premium is super easy and only requires a few steps.

Should I cancel my LinkedIn Premium?

You should think about canceling your LinkedIn Premium membership if you don’t need the benefits anymore, have gotten a job that you used the plan to get, or simply can’t afford it.

How much does LinkedIn Premium cost?

There are multiple options when it comes to LinkedIn Premium. The four tiers are $29.99, $59.99, $79.99 (for sales professionals), and $119.95 (for professional recruiters) a month.

Is LinkedIn Premium worth it?

LinkedIn Premium is a great way to access your Profile analytics and message potential job opportunities. If you are looking to widen your network or find a job, LinkedIn Premium could definitely be worth it.

Who owns LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a professionally oriented social media company owned by Microsoft.

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