How to Cancel ESPN Plus in 3 Easy Steps (with Photos)


How to Cancel ESPN Plus in 3 Easy Steps (with Photos)

There is a streaming app for everyone, whether you’re partial to premium content from HBO and Apple or you’re a sports fanatic. For sports fans, the best option is ESPN Plus, a service people tend to take seasonal breaks from. If you fall into that category and need to cancel ESPN Plus, we’ll show you how to end your membership in a matter of minutes.

How to Cancel ESPN Plus Subscriptions

While ESPN + is available through a mobile app, the best way to cancel the service is through the web. This process will work with any browser on a PC or a smartphone.

Step 1: Go to ESPN Plus

Open up a web browser and go to ESPN+. From the site, click on Log in, which is located in the top right corner of the page, then enter your credentials.

espn plus
Signing in on ESPN Plus’ website.

Step 2: Access ESPN Plus

When logged into the site, you’ll see a row of options across the top of the screen. Go to the far right until you see an account icon. Hover over that and select ESPN+ Subscriptions from the drop-down menu when it appears.

espn plus
Managing your ESPN Plus account’s subscriptions.

Step 3: Cancel Membership

After clicking on that tab, you’ll see your subscription along with an option to cancel. Choose Cancel and confirm any pop-ups that appear to end your subscription to ESPN Plus.

espn plus
Choosing to cancel your subscription.

We recommend this short YouTube video that demonstrates how to unsubscribe from ESPN+ across multiple different branded devices.

Canceling ESPN Plus Through Third-Party Providers

ESPN+ is a popular streaming service for sports fans, so you can find it on close to a dozen platforms. That includes Amazon through their Prime-based subscriptions, Apple, and companies like Verizon and Xfinity.

If you signed up for ESPN Plus or the Disney bundle through Xfinity, you don’t have to deal with Xfinity to cancel your subscription. For the Disney Bundle, you can cancel through your account page on Disney Plus. ESPN subscribers can do the same by heading to ESPN+ and following the steps we outlined above.

You can cancel subscriptions added through Apple from an iPhone, an iPad, or by using iTunes. Neither process is complicated, although you’ll need to take a few extra steps if you plan to cancel ESPN+ subscriptions via Apple TV or iTunes.

espn plus
Canceling ESPN + through other providers.

Have a subscription through Amazon? The cancelation process is similar to ending memberships through Apple. You simply need to log in to your account, go to Memberships & subscriptions, and manage the membership you want to end.

espn plus
Managing your subscriptions.

To cancel ESPN+ through providers including Verizon, Hulu, and Google, you’ll need to manage your account settings on those sites. Regardless of the platform or package, once you’ve clicked Cancel, you can continue to enjoy your subscription until the end of your billing cycle.

How to Cancel ESPN+ with the Disney Bundle

If you followed our steps and didn’t see an option to cancel, but saw a screen similar to the one below, it means you have the Disney+ bundle. The cheapest way to subscribe to ESPN Plus is through the bundle, which allows you to watch Disney+, Hulu, and EPSN+ for one flat charge every month.

To cancel ESPN+ with the Disney bundle, you have to go to the Disney Plus website and cancel the entire membership. As it’s a package, there’s no way to split the bundle. That means you’ll need to re-subscribe to Hulu or Disney if you still want to keep those active.

espn plus
Canceling the entire Disney + bundle.

You can follow the steps in this guide to cancel Disney+ through the web or by using the app for Android and iOS. Just remember that you can only cancel subscriptions through the account you signed up with, so make sure you’re not logged into any sub-accounts before starting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get ESPN Plus free with an Amazon Prime subscription?

While the company allows members to subscribe to ESPN+ through their membership plans, it’s not free with Amazon Prime.

How much is an ESPN Plus subscription?

At this time, an ESPN+ membership is $9.99 per month or $99.99 for a year. You can also subscribe through the Disney bundle for a big discount.

What’s the difference between ESPN+ and ESPN?

ESPN+ is a subscription and standalone service that doesn’t require a cable package. You can find some of the same content on both, but you’ll get access to more events and on-demand content through ESPN Plus.

Is ESPN Plus free with a Disney+ subscription?

You can’t get ESPN Plus for free, but you will get a discount on the service, as well as Hulu if you purchase the Disney Plus bundle.

Is it easy to restart an ESPN+ subscription?

Yes, just go to ESPN Plus, log in with your old account and restart your membership.

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