How to Cancel Disney Plus in 4 Easy steps (with photos)

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How to Cancel Disney Plus in 4 Easy steps (with photos)

Key Points

  • Disney Plus is a popular streaming service offering premium content.
  • You may need to learn how to cancel your Disney Plus subscription if you no longer want to watch the content or you are switching services.
  • Follow the instructions below to cancel your subscription either on a computer, Android app, or iPhone app.

Disney has been one of the more affordable streaming services since its inception. All good things must come to an end, and with a price hike on the horizon, you may be wondering how to cancel Disney Plus. You can accomplish this in only a few minutes with the steps in our guide, and if you change your mind, signing back up is just as simple.

How to Cancel Disney Plus from the Web

Disney Plus was only available on a handful of devices at launch. That changed quickly, and now you can find the streaming service on dozens of platforms and as an add-on service. Unless you signed up through a third party, the easiest way to cancel Disney Plus is probably by using a web browser.

1. Log in at Disney Plus

Go to the official website for Disney+ and click login at the upper right-hand corner of the page. You will be redirected to a new page where you can enter your account information.

The Disney+ login screen on the Disney+ website.
Log in to the Disney+ website.

2. Access Your Account

Once logged in at Disney Plus, you’re taken to the profile screen. From here, select the “main” account to go to the next screen where you can find the settings menu. When the new page loads, find your account icon at the top right, hover over it, and select Account as shown.

A list of options under your profile on the Disney+ website.
Click on “Account” under your profile.

3. Find Your Subscription

Halfway down the page, you will see a section for Subscriptions. When you select your subscription, you’ll see information on your plan where you can upgrade, change your method of payment or cancel Disney Plus.

Disney+ subscription plan and information.
Select your subscription to make changes or cancel.

The account setting page provides details on your Disney+ account including any services bundled with the streaming service.

4. Cancel the Subscription

The screen to cancel your Disney+ subscription.
Click on the cancel button to complete the cancellation of your subscription.

When you click on cancel, a pop-up will appear asking you why you want to leave Disney plus. You can choose to answer or scroll down and click Continue to Cancel to proceed to the next screen. After another pop-up asking you to stay, you can click on Cancel Disney Plus. When successful you’ll get a confirmation screen showing that your subscription has ended.

Cancel Disney Plus from the App

Disney Plus is a popular streaming service that’s available across a number of devices. Canceling from the PC is simple when you have one on hand, but you can also cancel Disney+ in the app whether you use Android or iOS.

1. Open the Disney Plus App

On your smartphone or tablet, locate Disney Plus and tap on the application to open it. If you are already logged in, you’ll see this familiar screen showing you what’s available through the streaming service. If you haven’t logged in, do so now.

Disney+ mobile app home screen after you sign in.
Open your Disney+ app and sign in.

2. Access your Disney Plus Account

To get into your account using the Disney Plus mobile app, you’ll need to find your account icon. It’s located on the bottom right of the page. Tap on your account icon to bring up a new screen with options for your Disney Plus account.

A list of Disney+ profiles with account options in the mobile app.
Select your Disney+ profile to see your account options.

3. Managing your Account

Once you are on the account page for the main account you subscribed to Disney Plus with, you should see a screen with a Subscription section. To cancel Disney Plus, tap on your plan which allows you to cancel the subscription.

The Manage Account screen in the Disney+ app.
Tap on the plan shown in your account to cancel Disney+.

4. Cancel Disney Plus

Tap on Manage under the subscription you want to cancel, and then confirm your selection on the next screen.

The Payments and Subscriptions screen on a mobile device.
Select “Manage” to cancel Disney+ when you are on the Payments and Subscriptions screen.

The screen you see next depends on your operating system and whether you’re using Android or iOS. In this example, the Disney Plus app redirects us to Google Play’s subscription section, as shown in the screenshot below.

For a visual walk-through of how to cancel your Disney Plus subscription on the Disney Plus website or in the app, watch the video below from Dusty Porter.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Disney offer a free trial for Disney Plus?

The company often gives new subscribers a free trial, but you’ll want to check to see if they are running specials beforehand.

Is there a cancellation fee if you cancel Disney Plus early?

No. Once you cancel your subscription, no further charges are applied to your account.

Can you cancel Disney Plus but keep EPSN+ or Hulu?

You can reconfigure your subscription to a degree but may need to sign back up for those services depending on how you set up your account.

Is it easy to re-subscribe to Disney Plus if you change your mind?

Yes, you can log back into your account and being streaming once within a few clicks of confirming payment.

Can you cancel Disney Plus from a smart TV?

That depends on the model and how much access they allow to your account. In most cases, it’s faster to cancel from the web or a mobile device.

Is there a cancellation fee if you cancel Disney Plus early?

No. Once you cancel your subscription, no further charges are applied to your account.

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