How to Cancel Discovery Plus in 5 Easy Steps (With Photos)

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How to Cancel Discovery Plus in 5 Easy Steps (With Photos)

Discovery Plus is one of the newer streaming services, but has nonfiction shows that have already been featured on Discovery Channel, and elsewhere. Whether shows are no longer interesting, or just need to end your 7-day trial, canceling a Discovery Plus subscription is a bit harder than purchasing one. Our handy guide shows you how to cancel Discovery Plus account in five simple steps.

1. Open Discoveryplus.com

On your web browser and navigate to discoveryplus.com.

2. Click on the dropdown menu

How to Cancel Discovery Plus

You should see a downwards-facing arrow in the top right corner of the screen. Hover your mouse over that and select Account.

3. Manage My Account

How to Cancel Discovery Plus

This should automatically bring you to a page called Manage My Account. On the far left of the screen, you will see two boxes. One has your Profile information, and the one below is your Subscription.

4. Select Cancel

How to Cancel Discovery Plus

At the bottom of the Subscriptions box, you will see an option to Cancel Subscription. Click on the blue Cancel text to the right of the Cancel Subscription.

5. Fill Out Survey

How to Cancel Discovery Plus

Specify the reason for ending your plan by completing the survey then click the red Cancel Subscription button.

This will bring up a new page that lets you know how long your subscription lasts after you have canceled it. Usually, if you are past the 7-day free trial, canceling your subscription will give you one more month of streaming.

Check out this helpful video tutorial on canceling Discovery Plus, where you’ll find step-by-step instructions and tips to make the process a breeze. Save time and money with these expert insights – watch now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you cancel Discovery Plus at any time?

If you have signed up for a Monthly Subscription with a free period of access, you can cancel your subscription at any time before the free period of access ends.

Can you pay for a full year of Discovery Plus?

In September, Discovery+ offered a special deal where you could sign up for a full 12 months. Unfortunately, you cannot still sign up for this, but be sure to keep an eye out for that deal again.

What is the monthly fee for Discovery Plus?

You can sign up for either the $4.99 a month or the $6.99 a month. Both levels give you full access to the Discovery+ library, but the $6.99 level gives you an ad-free experience.

Is getting Discovery Plus worth it?

While Discovery+ has a good number of shows, we wouldn’t recommend it to those who mostly watch movies or fictional TV shows.

Who offers Discovery Plus for free?

Those who use Verizon Unlimited, Go Unlimited, Beyond Unlimited, Above Unlimited, Do More Unlimited, and Start Unlimited plans, get a free 6 months of Discovery+ with their plan.

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