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Key Points

  • The easiest way to cancel Apple TV is via a web browser.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page until you see the Subscriptions section and select Manage to proceed.
  • Choosing Manage takes you to the Subscriptions page where you check on the status of your Apple TV subscription.

Apple’s streaming service was late to the party but has made quite an impact. Millions of people enjoy Apple Originals. After months of watching, you may want out. Whether you signed up for the service through a promotion or simply want to know how to cancel Apple TV, our guide will walk you through all the steps.

How to Cancel Apple TV from the Web

The easiest way to cancel Apple TV is via a web browser, which takes a few minutes of your time. It’s our favorite method because you can do so from a PC browser or your mobile phone.

1. Go to Apple.com

From the browser of your choice, go to tv.apple.com. At the top right corner of the page, you should see a Sign In prompt. Click the Sign In prompt to log into the service using your Apple ID.

Apple TV login area

2. Access Settings

Once logged in, the screen will refresh, and you will see an account icon where the Sign In prompt was. Click it to bring up a dropdown menu, and then click on Settings.

Apple ID user icon

3. Locate Subscriptions

You’ll see a summary of your Apple account including your billing address and parental controls. Scroll down to the bottom of the page until you see the Subscriptions section and select Manage to proceed.

4. Edit Subscription

This is where you can cancel Apple TV or adjust your plan as you can see from the screenshot below. To cancel Apple TV, click on the Cancel Subscription button, and then confirm your selection on the next screen.

5. Confirmation

If you’ve followed our steps, you should see the screens below after your second cancellation confirmation for Apple TV+. When complete, the site will take you back to your account page where you’ll get an effective cancellation date for your Apple TV subscription.

How to Cancel Apple TV through iTunes

Another simple way to cancel Apple TV is through iTunes, a popular program. If you don’t want to use a browser, get ready to fire up iTunes and follow these steps to cancel Apple TV.

Start iTunes

From your PC or Mac, click on the iTunes icon to open the application. If you aren’t logged in, you’ll see a prompt asking you to do so, otherwise enter your account information and click to proceed.

Navigating Settings

Once iTunes is loaded, go to the top of the screen and select Account. When the menu appears, find View My Account and select it to move on to the next step.

Account Information

This screen is similar to what you’ll see on the web as it gives you a full rundown of your account through iTunes. Scroll to the bottom until you see the Settings sections with Subscriptions. If you have an active subscription with Apple, you’ll see a number here as shown.


Choosing Manage takes you to the Subscriptions page where you check on the status of your Apple TV subscription. Select Edit Subscription to proceed to the next page where you can cancel the Apple TV+ subscription along with any others you no longer need.

How to Cancel Apple TV from iPhones and iPads

While you can only cancel Apple TV+ from Android using a web browser, you can cancel your subscription directly from any iPhone or iPad.

Go to Settings

On your iPhone or iPad, go to settings and select your name to access your account.

Select Subscriptions

From this menu, look below the first few sections until you see a menu labeled Subscriptions, and then tap on it.

Cancel Apple TV

When the subscriptions menu opens, scroll to locate your Apple TV+ subscription. Tap through the menus and follow the prompts until your subscription to the streaming service has been canceled.

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What’s different between Apple TV and Apple TV Plus?

Apple TV Plus or Apple TV+ is a streaming service from Apple that produced original content. Apple TV is the name of a streaming media player from Apple.

Will you get your money back if you cancel Apple TV early?

You will receive a pro-rated refund immediately after canceling in Turkey, South Africa, Israel, and Germany.

How long can you watch Apple TV after canceling a subscription?

Until the next billing cycle. They will give you an expiration date as soon as you cancel the subscription.

Why don’t I see an Apple TV subscription listed when I try to cancel the service?

If you signed up for a free trial with a promotional code, it may have ended which canceled your subscription. You also need to ensure you’re signed into the Apple account you use for the Apple TV.

How much is Apple TV Plus+?

The streaming service is currently priced at $4.99 per month or you can bundle it through Apple One.

Can you cancel Apple TV on an iPod Touch?

Yes, on new models you would follow the same steps we outlined in our section on Cancelling Apple TV from iPhones and iPads.

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