How to Cancel Apple Subscriptions in 4 Easy Steps (with Photos)

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How to Cancel Apple Subscriptions in 4 Easy Steps (with Photos)

Signing up for a new service through Apple is simple, but when you need to cancel Apple subscriptions, things can become tricky unless you know your way around. Whether you’re trying to cancel an add-on for Disney Plus or Apple Arcade, our guide will show you how to cancel iTunes subscriptions.

How to Cancel Apple Subscriptions Through Windows

If you have subscriptions through Apple but don’t have an iPhone or iPad, the best way to cancel Apple memberships is by using iTunes. The exception is Apple TV, which you can cancel through a web browser using these steps.

1. Open iTunes

On your PC, click to open up iTunes and enter your account information when prompted. Use the account you signed up for the subscription with.

apple subscription
Signing in to iTunes.

2. Access Settings

With iTunes open, go to the top menu and click on the Account tab. This opens up a new window with your account information and settings. Scroll to the bottom, and then click on Manage next to subscriptions.

Accessing settings.

3. Manage Subscriptions

From this menu, you should be able to see any subscriptions you have with Apple under the Active section as shown. Find the subscription you want to cancel and choose Edit.

apple subscription
Checking active subscriptions.

4. Cancel Subscription

When you click Edit, you’ll see several options for the subscription you’re trying to manage, including the ability to upgrade or cancel. Click on Cancel and follow the instructions until you receive a confirmation that your Apple subscription has been canceled.

Once canceled, you will see an expiration date for the subscription along with an option to renew if you change your mind.

apple subscription
Finding the expiration date of a canceled account.

Here is a brief, step-by-step video for further, visual reference:

Cancel Apple Subscriptions on Macs

Canceling subscriptions through Apple is simple if you own a Mac. If using a shared computer, just make sure you sign in under the right account beforehand.

1. Open the App Store

Start up your Mac and click to open up the App Store on your computer.

2. Account Settings

With the App Store open, choose your name or sign into your account and then click on Account Settings.

3. Manage Subscriptions

Scroll through the page until you see a section for Subscriptions and click on Manage.

apple subscription
Managing subscriptions on Mac.

4. Cancel Subscriptions

Locate the subscription you want to change, and click on Cancel to end the subscription through Apple. Repeat the process and follow confirmations for any additional subscriptions you want to cancel.

Cancel Apple Subscriptions on an iPhone or iPad

Sometimes you need to cancel an Apple subscription quickly before it renews. If you aren’t near a PC but have an iPhone or iPad handy, just follow these steps.

1. Open Settings

On your iPhone, iPad or the newer iPod Touch tap to open up the Settings app.

apple subscription
Finding the Settings app.

2. Choose your Account

With the settings menu open, tap on your name to open up account settings. From here you’ll see account details and a new section for subscriptions.

apple subscription
Finding ‘Subscriptions’ to manage.

3. Choose Subscriptions

Tap on subscriptions to pull up any active memberships tied to your Apple account. You may need to scroll depending on the size of your device and how many active subscriptions you currently have.

4. Cancel the Subscription

From this menu, tap on the subscription you want to cancel and proceed through the confirmation screens. When complete the subscription should be canceled and you’ll see an expiration date for that membership.

Here is a brief, step-by-step video for further reference on how to cancel iTunes subscriptions:

When You Can’t Find the Apple Subscription You Want to Cancel

Our steps should allow you to cancel most subscriptions you’ve added on through Apple, but there may be times when you can’t find the membership you want to cancel. If you can’t locate it, there are a few steps you can take.

Are you using the same Apple ID that you used when signing up for a subscription? That could be the issue, especially if you have a family plan. In this case, you’ll need to log in with that Apple ID to cancel the subscription on iTunes, a Mac, or an iPad or iPhone.

If you signed up for the plan through a third-party service, you may not be able to cancel through Apple. You can backtrack by checking your email and credit card statements for billing receipts if you believe this is the case. When all else fails, you can contact Apple Support for assistance with canceling Apple subscriptions.  

How to Cancel iTunes Subscriptions: Summary

Learning how to cancel iTunes subscriptions is easy and is done in just four simple steps. You can cancel iTunes subscriptions on Windows, Mac, iPhone, or iPad. Canceling is a little different on each device; however, it’s still very simple. On a Windows machine, you will cancel iTunes subscriptions in iTunes. On a Mac, you will cancel subscriptions in the App Store. On an iPhone and iPad, you will cancel subscriptions in Settings. No matter which device you use to cancel your iTunes subscriptions, it’ll be a hassle free process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Apple charge my account $9.99 a month?

That’s the price of an iCloud storage plan which may be active but not showing up. You can check a subscription there through iCloud.com.

Where do you manage Apple TV subscriptions?

The best way to do this is through the Apple TV app or via tv.apple.com.

Can you see older purchases through Apple from an iPhone or iPad?

Yes, you can access older purchases by going to Settings, Media & Purchases. Select View Account and tap Purchase History to access this data.

How do you cancel an iCloud Plus subscription through Apple?

The basic steps remain the same on an iPhone or Mac, although you’ll need to access iCloud settings from within the Settings menu instead of subscriptions. With Windows, you’ll need to open the iCloud for Windows app and cancel under storage plan options.

Is canceling subscriptions through Apple the same in every country?

The instructions in our guide will work for most regions, but you may need to take a different approach if you reside in Turkey, South Africa, Germany, or Israel.

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