How To Cancel a Venmo Transaction: Step By Step With Photos

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How To Cancel a Venmo Transaction: Step By Step With Photos

Venmo gives users two chances to verify their transactions after hitting the “Pay” button. So, it’s less likely you will make an error. But it’s human nature to get distracted and send the payment to a stranger. Imagine if the amount is huge. That would be enough to give a healthy, active person a heart attack! If you’ve been in a similar situation, you might be wondering whether you can cancel a Venmo transaction. 

If you send the payment to an inactive Venmo user, you can easily cancel the transaction from the app. But if you entered the wrong amount, like $500 instead of $50, you can’t cancel the payment because it’s sent. The only option is to ask the recipient to return the money.

While you can’t cancel a Venmo transaction if it’s sent and deducted from your balance, there is an exception. Your payment can be canceled if you send it to a phone number or email address not linked to any Venmo account

You can also contact Venmo Support but don’t get your hopes too high. Their customer service reps won’t guarantee a refund of the payment. However, they will review your case thoroughly and tell you the way forward. Let’s learn more about it!

Can You Cancel a Venmo Transaction?

Remember, you can’t cancel a Venmo transaction once the money leaves your account to an active Venmo account. Once the money is deducted from your account, it will be available to the recipient immediately. They can transfer it to their bank account and do anything with it. 

If you mistakenly send an amount to your acquaintance (friends or family), send them the request on Venmo to transfer you the same payment. Once they issue a refund, you can send it to your linked bank account and cash it out. If you paid your friend twice, ask the recipient to pay you one payment back.

Venmo Support can also help you out in this regard if nothing works out. The team will verify your case correctly before taking any decision. According to Venmo, it only cancels and refunds a payment when the: 

  • Recipient agrees to the refund by giving their explicit permission
  • Recipient’s account has a sufficient balance
  • Money is still intact in the recipient’s Venmo account

Venmo only cancels or refunds a transaction when both parties are on the same page. This means it transfers the payment based only on the sender’s complaint. The recipient’s consent is a must!

How To Cancel a Venmo Transaction Sent To the Wrong User

Many users on Venmo have almost similar usernames. That’s because some people are too indecisive or lazy to pick a unique username. So, they follow Venmo’s suggestions when setting up their accounts. 

If you have accidentally sent the payment to the wrong user, Venmo can do little for you. The money goes to the recipient’s account, and they can transfer it to their bank account. So, the best solution in such a situation is to request the other person to return your money.

Here is how you can do that:

Step 1: Log in To Your Account

Enter your Venmo username and password to sign into your account.


Start by opening Venmo on your smartphone, whether iPhone or Android. Ensure you have downloaded the correct app from the App Store (for iOS) or Google Play Store (for Android). Venmo’s app has a blue background with a big, white “V” in the middle. Log in to your account once the app is downloaded.

Step 2: Choose the “Send/Request” Icon

Send or Request icon is represented by a dollar sign and pencil enclosed in a blue circle.


Once the app’s homepage loads, tap on the icon present at the top-right side of the screen. That’s the “Send/Request” option. If you’re using an Android phone, select the “Pay/Request” icon from the bottom of the screen.

Step 3: Search for the Recipient

Locate the recipient using their username or email.


A search screen will open on your device with a prominent search bar on the top. Type the wrong recipient’s name in the box and select their name from the search results. A “Pay or Request” screen will open as you tap their name.

Step 4: Enter the Payment Amount

Indicate the amount of money to request from the recipient.


Now, Venmo will ask you to enter the payment amount you want back from that user. Type it next to the dollar sign. Make sure you use the exact decimals as your original payment. 

Adding a note is essential when requesting a refund from another Venmo user. Because you want to cancel a Venmo transaction, state why you’re asking for the payment in the “What’s it for?” box. 

Just write that you accidentally paid them and would love to get the amount back to avoid the hassle. To seem polite, you should also apologize to that person for causing them inconvenience.

Step 5: Choose the Request

The recipient will receive a payment request notification on their phone.


Once you’ve entered the right amount, tap “Request” to proceed. Venmo will send you a confirmation prompt; accept it. This payment request will be visible in the “Incomplete” section of the menu. You can see it as long as the recipient doesn’t accept it.

Stay patient and wait for hours. Sometimes, it may take longer to get a response from the recipient. It will save you from contacting Venmo Support. If the recipient accepts your request, the amount will be credited to your Venmo Balance. 

Step 6: Remind the Person

Use the reminder option if you don’t get a response from the recipient.


Venmo also has a reminder option. If the recipient doesn’t respond to your request for days, you can send them a reminder notification. Open the menu, choose “Incomplete,” and tap the “Remind” option underneath the request. 

How To Cancel a Venmo Transaction Sent To an Inactive Account

You can send a payment to someone who doesn’t have an active Venmo account through their email address or phone number. If you send it to the wrong person, you can cancel the transaction! Follow the below steps to do that easily:

Step 1: Open the Menu in the App

Launch the Venmo app and tap the 3-dash line on the top left.


Launch the Venmo app on your phone and navigate to the three-horizontal lines or the hamburger icon on the top-left corner of the screen. Tap on it to have a list of options.

Step 2: Choose Incomplete

Tap Incomplete in the drop-down menu.


From the menu, select “Incomplete.” This section will give you two options: Requests and Payments. 

Step 3: Tap Payments

Under Incomplete, select Payments.


Choose the “Payments” tab to see all the pending or in-question transactions. Ensure the transaction you want to cancel was sent to an inactive user. For that, look at the recipient’s email or phone number on the top. If it is linked to Venmo, the user’s name will be visible. However, if it doesn’t, you can move forward.

Step 4: Select Take Back

Choose the Take Back option to reverse the payment.


You will have two options beneath the payment you want to cancel. The first will be “Take Back,” and the second will be “Remind.” Of course, you’ll have to choose “Take Back” to remove the transaction from the payment list instantly. The amount will return to your card or account from which you initiated it. You can receive it within one working day.

How To Contact Venmo Support To Cancel a Transaction

If neither the recipient returns the money nor the “Take Back” option works, you have no solution but to contact Venmo Support. The team won’t cancel the transaction but will review your case thoroughly to refund the amount. 

However, there is a problem. Venmo’s customer representatives require permission from both the sender and the recipient. This means if you contact Venmo Support, it will also reach out to the recipient for confirmation. And if the other party doesn’t respond, the support team won’t proceed. 

Step 1: Navigate the Menu

Open the menu at the top left of your screen.


Open the Venmo app and open the three horizontal lines on the top-left corner of the screen. A side menu will open on your left.

Step 2: Choose Get Help

Tap Get help for assistance.


Now, find the “Get Help” option at the bottom of the menu.

Step 3: Tap Contact Us

You can email or initiate a live chat with Venmo support agents.


The “Get Help” section will give you a list of options. Tap “Contact Us.” The next screen will display multiple ways you can reach out to the support team, including “Email Us,” “Chat With Us,” and “Check Our Hours.”

How To Cancel a Venmo Transaction in iMessage

If you often use iMessage for Venmo transactions, you can cancel them easily in the Venmo app. But that should be before the recipient accepts the payment. However, all transactions in iMessage expire and cancel automatically when the recipient doesn’t respond in the following three days of the transaction. 

Once you cancel a Venmo transaction in iMessage, the funds will transfer to your linked payment source. If you accidentally send any amount to a scammer and they accept it immediately, you can get your money back in any way.

Here is how to cancel a Venmo transaction in iMessage:

  • Open the Venmo app on your smartphone or iOS desktop.
  • Tap on your profile to open the “Me” tab.
  • Look at the top of your screen for the Transactions feed. Your payment request will be listed there. You can view your pending transactions on your desktop by opening a conversation and tapping the iMessage payment bubble.
  • Choose “Cancel” to remove the payment from the list.

If you used your Venmo Balance to transfer the money, it would return there when Venmo cancels the payment. However, the money will take 3-5 working days to reach a bank account. With a credit or debit card, your payment will return to your card within the next 30 days, depending on your card issuer’s policy. You should contact them to get a more accurate deadline.


While you can cancel a Venmo transaction, but there are a few exceptions. If you send the money to an inactive Venmo user, you can easily cancel the payment from the “Incomplete” section in the menu. However, if the user is active, you have no option but to request the money back. 

Contacting Venmo Support should be your last resort. That’s because the team requires permission from the sender and the recipient to cancel the transaction and refund the amount. If a stranger is on the other side, they may ignore or reject Venmo’s cancellation or refund request.

To see these steps in action check out the video below which walks you through the process.

How To Cancel a Venmo Transaction: Step By Step With Photos FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Can I cancel all types of Venmo transactions?

You can cancel only those transactions sent to an inactive Venmo account. When the amount is deducted from your account, it reaches the recipient immediately. Venmo only cancels a transaction sent to an active account with the recipient’s explicit permission.

How do I cancel a transfer from Venmo to my bank?

You can cancel a transfer from Venmo to your bank by contacting Venmo Support. If your payment’s batch doesn’t get issued at that time, the Support team can cancel it. Remember, timing is the key in these situations.

How long does it take for a Venmo transaction to cancel?

If you send a transaction from your Venmo Balance, you can instantly receive the amount back upon the cancellation. However, bank account transactions take 3 to 5 working days, and card payments can be refunded within 30 days.

Can I cancel a split request?

You can cancel a split request by navigating to the “Me” tab in the app. Then, find your payment request on your “Transactions” feed top. Choose “Cancel” to remove the transaction from the list or “Remind” to notify the other person about the payment.

How do I reverse a Venmo payment to an inactive account?

You can reverse a Venmo payment to an inactive account by opening the menu in the app and tapping the “Incomplete” option. Then, choose “Payment” to see all your transactions. Tap on the transaction you want to cancel and select “Take Back” to remove it from the list. The money will be refunded to your account.

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