How to Buy Bitcoin with PayPal, a Step-by-Step Guide

buy bitcoin with PayPal

How to Buy Bitcoin with PayPal, a Step-by-Step Guide

Cryptocurrency was challenging to acquire for many a few years ago, but we’ve seen new companies step into the space including PayPal. If you’re wondering how to buy Bitcoin with PayPal, it couldn’t be easier. As long as you have an account set up, our guide will show you how to purchase BTC on PayPal using 6 steps.

How to Buy Bitcoin with PayPal through the Web

You can buy Bitcoin and a few other tokens through PayPal using a web browser or the app. If you don’t have access to a smartphone or tablet, follow the steps below.

1. Login at PayPal

Open a web browser and go to PayPal. Click on Log In, and enter your account information in the fields when prompted.

You can log in to Paypal using your email or phone number.


2. Access Crypto

When you are logged in at PayPal, you need to locate the Crypto section on the site. Look for the Send and Request buttons and click on the three dots to open up a drop-down menu. Select Crypto to proceed.

The Crypto option can be found at the bottom of the list.


3. Select Bitcoin

From this screen, you’ll see a tab for Crypto and Savings along with options for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a few other tokens. Find Bitcoin on the list of options and click on it.

Select the Bitcoin option from the list.


 4. Set the Amount

Now you should see a section that shows the current price of Bitcoin with a Buy button and some preset amounts. You can click on one of those denominations or select Buy to open up a pop-up where you can enter any amount you want.

It is important to enter the correct amount you want to spend.


5. Choose a Payment Method

When you have entered how much you want to spend on Bitcoin, you need to choose a payment method. Select the option you need and click on Next.

You have to have your payment methods linked to Paypal to be able to use them.


6. Review and Buy

From this section, you’ll need to confirm your selection and you can check the exchange rate before proceeding. Unless you want to change your payment method, select Buy Now to complete your purchase.

You are now ready to buy.


How to Buy Bitcoin with PayPal App

Purchasing Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other tokens through a smartphone is handy when you’re on the go and not near a PC. It’s also faster through the app when you only have to use a fingerprint to log in.

1. Open the PayPal App

Grab your smartphone or tablet, and find the PayPal app on your device. Tap to open the app and log in using your credentials.

The Paypal app logo on a smartphone.


2. Select Crypto

With the app open, look until you see a section marked Crypto. Tap on the Crypto section to see the available cryptocurrency on PayPal.

You have to select the Crypto option.


3. Choose Bitcoin

On this screen, you can select Buy which brings up a list of cryptocurrencies or tap on Bitcoin at the top of the list to proceed.

Choose the correct Bitcoin option.


4. Enter an Amount

Like with the previous screen, there are two ways you can set an amount. You can choose from a preset amount or choose the Buy button and enter one there.

Enter or choose the correct amount you want to buy for.


5. Choose your Payment Method

When the new screen pops up, you’ll need to select a method of payment if you have multiple options with PayPal. You can also set up a new card or account here. Select the option you want to purchase BTC with and tap on it.

Make sure that you select the correct payment method.


6. Review and Confirm

Once you review your selection, you’ll receive Bitcoin in your account. Check the rates and tap on Buy Now to complete your purchase.

You are now ready to buy the Bitcoin.


The Wrap-Up

Whether you’re on a PC or smartphone, buying cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is simple through PayPal. At this time, they only have a few major tokens like BTC, Bitcoin Cash, Lite coin, and Ethereum. Don’t be surprised if they add more crypto in the future, however. If you want to buy other tokens and altcoins, check out our guide on how to buy any cryptocurrency.

Check out the video below for a quick overview of the steps required to buy Bitcoin on PayPal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use PayPal business to buy Bitcoin?

No, you can only use a personal account to buy Bitcoin with PayPal.

What’s the minimum amount of Bitcoin you can buy with PayPal?

You can buy as little as $1 although the fees associated with the transaction may be worth more than the Bitcoin.

Will PayPal report cryptocurrency transactions to the IRS?

If you live in the United States, you will need to account for any transaction through the company using the proper forms at tax time.

Are there fees for trading crypto on PayPal?

Yes, they charge fees for buying and selling, but not holding cryptocurrency in your account.

Are you able to transfer Bitcoin on PayPal to another wallet?

The company allows you to send BTC and other tokens to wallets once you’ve completed a few steps on their site.

Can you sell cryptocurrency on PayPal?

Yes, and the proceeds are transferred to your PayPal balance once the sale is complete. You can also use the Checkout with Crypto feature via PayPal with select merchants.

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