How to Build the LEGO City Express Passenger Train Set

train toy made with plastic bricks

How to Build the LEGO City Express Passenger Train Set

For better or worse, when it comes to real-world train conductor work, it’s unlikely you are going to be in a position to drive a real train down a set of tracks anytime soon. Instead, you can live out your conductor dreams with the LEGO City Express Train, which is a fantastic motorized set for train and non-train fans alike. 

As soon as you open this set, there is going to be a little bit of anticipation for you put on a pseudo-conductor hat and drive this LEGO train round and round for the first time. No matter if this is your first LEGO set or your 500th, you will feel a real thrill the moment the last LEGO brick snaps into place. 

With the help of wonderful LEGO YouTubers like “AustrianBrickFan,” you can see all of the necessary steps to start building out your copy of the LEGO City Express Passenger Train. 

Video Tutorial

Check out this tutorial for building this set!

With over 1.3 million subscribers, AustrianBrickFan is well-known in the LEGO world for his incredible timelapse builds. This video, which is just shy of 17 minutes, will walk you through the box, instruction manuals, and the various bags of set pieces, all of which give you a strong sense of how this set will come together. 

What’s in the Box? 

Best Choo Choo
LEGO City Express Passenger Train Set
  • Features a remote control locomotive
  • 24 total track pieces
  • Dimmable lights that can be controlled via remote or downloadable smartphone app
  • Six included minifigs
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Inside the box for the LEGO City Express Passenger Train, you will find a total of 764 pieces. This includes the bullet locomotive with its working (and dimmable) headlights, passenger car, dining car, station platform, and 24 track pieces. The track pieces break down into 16 curved pieces and 8 straight track pieces to ensure the train can go completely around in a circle, ending up back where it started. 

Along with the LEGO brick pieces, you will also receive six different minifigs and their accessories. These accessories include a laptop, wheelchair, briefcase, backpack, hot dog, and telephone. There is also an adult-sized accessory, but this time it’s for you to operate the train’s working motor with the included remote control. As a bonus, LEGO also offers the downloadable LEGO Powered Up app available on Android and iOS, which can also be used to drive the train.  

When finished, the dimensions of the LEGO Passenger Train should be 3.5 inches high, 33.5 inches long, and 14 inches wide. 

How to Build the LEGO City Express Passenger Train: Tips and Tricks

As this LEGO set is geared for ages 7 and above, there shouldn’t be too many issues with the building process. Each bag of LEGOs is individually numbered and correlates to a specific manual book also included with the set. The track is undoubtedly going to be the easiest part of the whole process as it’s quite literally laying down each section of the track and connecting them together. 

Tip 1: Be Sure to Tuck in the Wiring

If there is any instance where you might find yourself being a bit more careful, it’s the tucking in of the wiring in the passenger train engine. As you have limited space to work with, the wiring requires a bit of messing around to properly fit into the car. Specifically, the wiring needs to be tucked into the car in a particular way so as to not get caught or bent in an awkward position that could interfere with motorized operations down the line. 

Should the wire get caught while building, just pull up the middle portion of the engine and retuck the wires into the train car for a better fit. Fortunately, LEGO makes it super easy to go back and make adjustments to the motorized components without having to take anything apart. 

Tip 2: Follow the Building Order

Ideally, you will build the train in the appropriate order with the first bag holding the track pieces as well as building the minifigs. The second and third sets of instructions come as one book together and provide directions for building the engine car and the remote control. The fourth and fifth instruction manuals are also combined into one book and walk you through how to build the passenger car. 

The final book walks you through building the dining car and put some finishing touches on the whole set. All totaled, you should be able to build the full LEGO City Express Passenger Train in around an hour or two as an adult. 

Similar LEGO City Sets

LEGO City Freight Train 

Best Freight Train
LEGO City Freight Train Set
  • Can be operated with the remote control or the LEGO Powered Up app
  • Comes with 33 track pieces plus 6 minifigs
  • 1,153-piece set
  • Perfect for ages 7 and up
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
12/03/2023 03:55 pm GMT

If you are looking for a similar train build that’s not as commercial-oriented, you can go more industrial with the LEGO City Freight Train Set.

LEGO number 60366 is very similar to the Passenger Train as it offers an oval-shaped track and is created for ages 7 and up. Totaling 1,153 pieces, the Freight Train includes 2 wagons, a car transporter, 32 total track pieces (16 curved and 16 straight), as well as two EV cars. 

As is the case with the Passenger Train set, the Freight Train also utilizes LEGO’s Powered Up technology for motorized operation and also included a variety of sound effects to entertain the youngsters. Making for a perfect birthday or holiday present, the Freight Train is a great way to introduce children to the world of trains and easy remote control operation. 

LEGO City Train Station 

Best for Imagination
LEGO City Train Station Set
  • Includes 6 minifigs with a station worker, engineer, bus driver, and three passengers
  • Compatible with many other LEGO train sets
  • Great for ages 7 and up
  • Features a ticket office, coffee bar, control room, and more
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
12/03/2023 03:55 pm GMT

LEGO’s love for trains within its City collection is well-known, which is why another popular option is the LEGO City Train Station set.

Known as LEGO number 60335, this set is different from both the Passenger and Freight Train sets as it instead is more of a static set rather than one built to move around with a built-in motor. 

Even without working pieces, this set is full of surprises as it features a ticket office, control room, platform with access ramp, bench, rail truck, coffee bar, and a bright blue bus. There are also six different LEGO minifigs as part of the set including a station worker, a bus driver, an engineer, and three passengers. 

Similar to the other train sets, the City Train Station is good for ages 7 and up and shouldn’t be too tough to build with only 907 pieces in total. 

LEGO City Cargo Train

Best for Train Conductors
City Cargo Train Remote Control Train
  • Build your own runaway train story
  • Compatible with all LEGO train construction sets
  • Remote controlled
  • Perfect for ages 6-12
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
12/03/2023 02:01 am GMT

One final option that ties closely to the LEGO Passenger Train is the LEGO City Cargo Train.

Better known as LEGO number 60198, the Cargo Train is another remote control-based train that includes 1,226 pieces. Designed for ages 6-12, the set includes a 10-speed remote control, 4 train cars, an armored truck, a forklift, a control center, and rail tracks. 

The set also includes 6 minifigs in all, which means you get four train workers, a security officer, and a crook who hopes to rob the train of something valuable. 

Where the Cargo Train really shines is that it’s compatible with other LEGO construction sets so you can create an entire construction universe. Whether it’s another train set or something else in the LEGO City environment, there are no limits as to where the imagination can go with the Cargo Train. 

Wrapping Up

As is the case with different LEGO sets, the sky is truly the limit with all of the different fun and imaginative ways you can build.

The LEGO City Express Passenger Train is a prime example of a set that allows for plenty of opportunity to build something unique while also being able to connect to thousands of other LEGO sets.

Best of all, the remote control functionality allows you to add even more tracks so you can build a train that circles your entire home, with a parent’s (or spouse’s) permission, of course.

Summary Table

What’s in the Box?764 pieces including the bullet locomotive, passenger car, dining car, station platform, 24 track pieces, six minifigs and their accessories, and a remote control.
Dimensions3.5 inches high, 33.5 inches long, and 14 inches wide.
Building TipsBe careful with the engine wiring and follow the build order as per the instruction manuals.
Similar LEGO City SetsLEGO City Freight Train, LEGO City Train Station, LEGO City Cargo Train.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to build the LEGO City Express Passenger set?

With 764 pieces, an adult should be able to build the set in around an hour while a child may take a little longer. 

Is this LEGO set good for all ages?

While this LEGO set is intended for younger children ages 7 and above, adults can certainly take part in the build process. 

What happens if a piece is missing?

In the rare case a LEGO piece is missing from your set, you can write to LEGO and they will happily send you the missing bricks at no extra charge. 

Can you go out of order with the instructions?

While you might be able to build some of the sets out of order, it’s always a good idea to follow the instructions as LEGO intended. 

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