How to Build LEGO Sonic

how to build LEGO Sonic

How to Build LEGO Sonic

Key Points

  • BRICK 101 is a popular LEGO YouTuber who has created a tutorial on how to build a custom Sonic the Hedgehog using LEGO bricks.
  • The tutorial provides a list of the specific LEGO pieces required to build Lego Sonic.
  • There are tips and tricks provided in the tutorial, such as using LEGO rubber bands for Sonic’s shoes and sorting the pieces before beginning the build.
  • The tutorial also suggests adding floating gold rings to complete the scene and explains how to build Chaos Emeralds and Super Sonic using spare LEGO pieces.
  • By swapping the blue LEGO pieces with black and red ones, it is possible to build Shadow instead of Sonic.

BRICK 101 is one of the most popular LEGO YouTubers on the Internet. He’s figured out how to build a custom Sonic the Hedgehog using bricks you might already own. Until LEGO releases its new line of Sonic the Hedgehog sets coming soon, BRICK 101’s tutorial serves as the perfect holdover. Check out his video showing how to build LEGO Sonic below.

BRICK 101 shows how to build LEGO Sonic in quick, simple steps.

How to Build LEGO Sonic: Pieces Required

Sonic’s Legs
Two red 1×1 plates
Two red 1×2 plates
Two red 1×1 slope bricks
Two white 1×1 circle plates
One pair blue LEGO legs
Two white rubber bands (optional)
Sonic’s Torso and Head
One blue LEGO torso
Two tan LEGO arms
Two white LEGO hands
One white 1×1 brick with studs on 4 sides
Three white 1×2 plates
Two blue 1×2 plates
One tan 1×2 plate
Three blue 1×3 plates
Two tan 1×1 tiles
One tan 1×2 tile with 1 stud
one blue 1×2 tile with 1 stud
One black 1×1 circle plate
One blue 1×2 upward slope brick
Eight blue 1×1 slope bricks
Four blue 1×3 slope bricks
Three blue 1×1 plate

How to Build LEGO Sonic: Tips and Tricks

As you watch BRICK 101’s LEGO Sonic walkthrough, there are some tips and tricks you should know. From which pieces to use, to general pointers that’ll simplify your build, keep these in mind as you follow along with the how-to above. Don’t forget: building with LEGOS is all about embracing creativity! If you want to diverge from this how-to and do your own thing instead, feel free to do so. Who knows? You might end up preferring your custom build over BRICK 101’s.

Building custom LEGO sets is such a fun and creative process. With that said, don’t be afraid to experiment with LEGOS and learn from your mistakes. If something doesn’t work out as planned, take it apart and try a different approach. If you don’t have all the right pieces, try tinkering with some of the pieces you do have. Play around with different combinations of pieces and see what works best. Sometimes, the most unexpected combinations can lead to the most fantastic results.

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Tip: Use LEGO Rubber Bands for Sonic’s Shoes

While not a requirement to complete the set, white LEGO rubber bands wrapped around Sonic’s special red shoes can help perfect the look of the iconic lightning-fast hedgehog. These LEGO rubber bands come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. You’ll want to use the smallest, whitest ones you can find. If they’re a little big, try wrapping them around the shoe twice.

Tip: Any Blue LEGO Torso Will Suffice

Don’t worry if you don’t have a solid blue LEGO torso in your collection. Because of the white fur on Sonic’s torso, it doesn’t really matter if your LEGO torso has a design (such as a vest or a tee) on the front. From afar, these designs can simply look like Sonic’s fur. If you’d prefer, you can also display your LEGO Sonic from the side. That way, the front of the LEGO torso piece doesn’t show.

Tip: Add Some Floating Gold Rings

As you create a display around your new LEGO Sonic build, consider adding some floating gold rings to complete the scene. Take any circular gold, yellow, or white LEGO piece and all the clear LEGO pieces you can find. Then, arrange them to create an illusion that makes the rings look like they’re floating. BRICK 101 will show you one possible way to do this in the video above.

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Trick: Sort Pieces Before Beginning

Before you dive into building LEGO Sonic, take some time to sort and organize all the necessary LEGO pieces. Separate them by size, color, and type (bricks, plates, slopes, etc.). This will make it quicker and easier to find the specific pieces you need during the building process. Going forward, you can also use storage containers or compartmentalized trays to keep everything tidy for future builds.

Trick: Chaos Emeralds and Super Sonic

After explaining how to build LEGO Sonic, BRICK 101 goes on to explain how to assemble your own Chaos Emeralds and Super Sonic figure using spare LEGO pieces. Of course, you don’t have to keep watching the video after the Sonic build is complete. However, these additional builds included later in the video can help you create a more complete Sonic scene.

Trick: How to Build Shadow

If you swap all the blue LEGO pieces in the video with black and red ones, you could actually build Shadow instead of Sonic. Simply take inventory of the blue pieces used by BRICK 101. Then, find a corresponding black or red piece that fits the specifications. Using the same number of steps, you can just as easily build Shadow.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you build custom LEGO sets?

To build custom LEGO sets, take an inventory of all your available LEGO bricks. Sort them based on size, color, and shape, so they’re easier to find during building. Then, come up with a plan or design for what you want to build. You can sketch or find inspiration online. Then, follow an online guide or come up with your own!

Where do you find custom LEGO set instructions?

You can find a variety of custom LEGO set instructions on YouTube, Reddit, and other online forums and sites. The LEGO community is so creative and ingenious, you can probably find a custom set for just about anything you can think of.

Where can you find inspiration for custom LEGO sets?

To get inspired for a custom LEGO set, try browsing online platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, or LEGO-specific sites or forums where people share their creations. Many talented LEGO builders also have their own blogs or YouTube channels, which can provide ideas and building techniques.

Where can you find extra LEGO parts?

LEGO sells thousands and thousands of spare pieces on its website. Additionally, many eBay and other second-hand resellers have a massive assortment of spare parts available to purchase online. If you’re looking for a specific brick or piece, try searching the Internet for the part and comparing prices from there.

Why do people modify existing LEGO sets?

Modifying existing LEGO sets is a fantastic way to create custom models. You can use parts from multiple sets to combine and create something entirely new. Start by selecting the sets you want to modify and gather their instruction manuals. Review the manuals to understand how the pieces fit together, and then begin experimenting with alternative arrangements and additional pieces.

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