How to Build a Lego Tree

an SUV driving off road on a forest trail surrounded by trees and flowers, made using LEGO toy blocks

How to Build a Lego Tree

Looking for a way to add a touch of nature to your Lego creations? Try building a custom Lego tree. This fun and creative project allows you to recreate the beauty of the natural world in Lego form. Whether you’re an experienced Lego builder or just starting out with custom builds, building your own Lego tree can be a rewarding and imaginative endeavor. So long as you know how to do it, that is. Thanks to the official LEGO YouTube channel, you can build your own Lego tree in just a handful of simple steps.

Check out the official LEGO YouTube channel for a helpful tutorial on building a Lego tree.

How to Build a Lego Tree: Pieces Required

Pieces Required
One green 12×6 plate
Two brown 1×2 bricks
one brown 2×2 brick
Three green 2×2 bricks
Eight green 1×2 bricks
Four brown 2×3 bricks
Nine green 2×4 bricks
Two green 2×6 bricks
Eight green 2×2 slope bricks
Four green 2×2 inverted slope bricks
Four brown 2×2 inverted slope bricks
Four flower pieces, any color (optional)

How to Build a Lego Tree: Tips and Tricks

Even something as simple as a Lego tree can feel intimidating when you’ve never done a custom build before. Dubbed “MOCs” by the LEGO Group — a.k.a. My Own Creations — these one-of-a-kind constructs aren’t part of any one set. As it turns out, building a Lego tree is a great place to start experimenting with MOCs.

When it comes to building a custom Lego tree, some key hints from knowledgeable experts can help make the process easier and all the more enjoyable. By paying attention to the simple tips and tricks listed below, you’ll be well on your way to constructing your very own custom Lego masterpiece. Before long, you could be looking at a forest of Lego trees.

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Tip 1: Subscribe to the Official LEGO YouTube Channel

If you enjoy this Lego tree tutorial, consider subscribing to the official LEGO YouTube channel. This how-to comes straight from the LEGO Group’s channel, and it’s far from the only video of its kind on the channel. Scrolling through the channel’s uploads, you’ll see plenty of other fun and creative builds to follow along with. Subscribe to never miss a LEGO upload.

Tip 2: Get Creative With Colors

As you saw in the video above, the custom Lego tree consists of several different shades of green and brown. You can choose to use all solid colors, or you can choose to mirror the colors selected by the LEGO Group. Either way, don’t feel like you need to restrict your color palette. Go wild with your choices for an even more abstract build! Who says your tree can’t be, say, purple and black?

Tip 3: Add More Flowers

This custom build is called custom for a reason. You don’t have to follow every step as you see in the video. For instance, you don’t have to put four flower pieces around the trunk of the tree as shown. If you’d like, you could add even more foliage than what you see in the video! Try building a whole garden underneath the tree for an even more beautiful build.

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Trick 1: Build and Repeat

If you think this Lego tree build is easy, try doing it again and again. Up for the challenge? If you have the necessary parts, go wild and build a whole Lego forest! Ditch the 12×6 plate and embrace an even bigger plate for your new Lego forest. Then, experiment with taller and shorter tree trunks or bigger and smaller crowns for added detail.

Trick 2: Set a Stage

It’s one thing to construct a natural scene around your Lego tree, but it’s something else entirely to place your Lego tree into an existing set. Try it out! Your custom Lego tree build can add some nice detail to sets you’ve already built. For example, insert a tree into a Lego city. You can even set the stage with several trees if it pleases you. They’ll add a pleasant touch of nature to any set.

Trick 3: Add Your Own Spin

Missing some pieces or finding yourself with ones you think might suit the build better? Feel free to get creative and add your own spin to the Lego tree. Perhaps you could customize the crown with some textured pieces. Or maybe you could mix things up with the trunk and throw in some extra branches jutting out from the sides. It’s your build, so make it your own!

Lego explorer in a Lego jungle wilderness
Place your Lego tree into another set to create your own spin.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stabilize my custom Lego builds?

Stability and durability are important aspects of any lasting Lego build. Start by ensuring a strong foundation for your creation by using a large Lego plate. Then, reinforce the base with additional bricks for extra stability. When building taller structures, consider reinforcing the internal structure with support columns or pillars hidden inside and out of sight. Use techniques like interlocking or overlapping bricks to add even more strength. And, of course, be sure to handle your creations with care to avoid any accidental damage.

How do you store custom Lego builds?

Storing custom LEGO builds can be a real challenge, especially if they are large or fragile. Consider investing in display cases or shelves designed specifically for LEGO sets. These cases provide protection from dust and keep your creations organized. You could also try building custom display stands or dioramas to show off your creations.

Where can you find instructions for custom Lego builds?

There are a number of online communities and forums dedicated to custom LEGO builds. From Reddit to YouTube to fan sites, the Internet has countless spaces for builders to share creations, ask questions, and get feedback on their custom builds. These communities also tend to host contests, challenges, and collaborative projects that inspire and motivate builders.

How do you find the right pieces for custom Lego builds?

Lego sets are all about creativity and improvisation. For this reason, custom builds should make the most out of whatever Lego bricks you can get your hands on. Don’t worry if the shape or the color isn’t an exact match for your design. Different colors and shapes are perfectly fine for a custom build! You can also try swapping bricks with fellow builders through online communities or local meet-ups. If all else fails, Lego’s online Pick-a-Brick service allows you to order individual pieces directly from their website.

How do you remember the instructions for your custom build?

To remember the steps that went into your custom build, try writing them down step by step as you go. You’re inevitably going to run into dead ends, so it might be best to type your instructions or use paper and pencil to correct your mistakes easily. You can also try taking a video of your build to make things even easier to remember.

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