How to Build a LEGO Transformer

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How to Build a LEGO Transformer

Key Points

  • BrickMecha is a popular YouTuber that covers building your own transforming robots out of Lego pieces.
  • Lego doesn’t offer robots that transform in its product line, so building your own is the next best thing.
  • The building process for this Lego transformer is not complicated, but it is important to follow the instructions closely.
  • You can find the necessary Lego pieces for this build in common kits like the Harry Potter Advent Calendar or by seeking out external brick retailers like Bricklink.
  • Building custom Lego builds is a fun way to see new designs with existing Lego pieces and there are many resources available, such as BrickMecha’s YouTube channel, for inspiration.

How do you build a LEGO transformer? BrickMecha is a popular YouTuber that covers building your own transforming robots out of LEGO pieces. The instructions provided are usually quick and easy to understand. You get the added bonus of having a cool robot you made all by yourself.

Now, LEGO doesn’t offer robots that transform in its product line, so this is the next best thing. Sure, it isn’t in a readily available mass-market kit. That said, you can build it with common parts you’ll find at any major retailer.

BrickMecha shows you how to build a cool and easy Lego transformer.

Parts You’ll Need to Build a LEGO Transformer

There are a few pieces you need as detailed below:

First Transformer Section
Two gray 1×1 circle plates
One blue 1×1 circle plate
Two gray 1×2 circle plates
Three blue 1×2 circle plates
Two 1×4 blue circle plates
One 2×3 blue circle plate
One gray 1×3 circle plate
One blue 1×3 circle plate
Two dark gray 1×2 brackets, 1×2 up
Two gray connectors with axle holes
Two gray 1×1 plates with hollow studs and a horizontal bar
Two gray plates, modified 1×1 with open O clip (horizontal orientation)
Two gray plates, modified 1×2 with bar handled on end
One slope 30 1x1x2/3
Second Transformer Section
Two slopes, curved 2x1x2/3
One blue brick, round 1×1 open stud
Three bricks, modified 1×1 with headlight
Two gray modified bricks, 1×1 with studs on two sides, in the opposite direction
One slope 30 1x1x2/3
Two gray connectors with axle holes
Two blue 1×2 plates
Two gray plates, modified 1×2 with bar handle on the end
Two gray plates, modified 1×2 with open O clip (horizontal orientation)
One gray brick modified 1×1 with studs on four sides

Building a Lego Transformer: Things to Keep in Mind

The actual building process for this particular transformer isn’t terribly complicated. However, you’ll want to pay close attention to the instructions BrickMecha has provided during the course of the video. If you have trouble with the step-by-step instructions, you can check their website for more details.

Doing a kit-bashed build is a great way to see what LEGO bricks are really capable of. This is especially true for folks who like to tinker. It might not have the brand appeal of the licensed kits. However, you can readily apply these steps to your own builds to create something wholly new.

Before getting ready to build this transformer, take the time to sort the pieces you’ll need per section out beforehand. This will help you stay organized and on track, as well as help with tracking your progress.

Make sure your pieces are in a clean and well-lit workspace. This will help reduce the strain you might experience during the course of the build. Of course, this isn’t a time-consuming custom build. Having a clean workspace also helps so you aren’t misplacing parts.

There are ways to make this particular design unique. If the provided colors aren’t to your liking, you could always choose your own uniform colors to make a custom transformer.

You would of course still need the same pieces. However, you get something totally unique that is yours alone.

Assembly is straightforward, as all of BrickMecha’s content can be. If this particular build isn’t to your liking, you can always seek out another build on their YouTube channel.

Building a LEGO Transformer: Sourcing the Parts

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BrickMecha has provided a list of the common kits where you can find the pieces for this build. Kits like the Harry Potter Advent Calendar contain some of the needed pieces. You also get the added bonus of getting even more bricks and minifigures to add to your collection.

You can find slopes of all sorts of colors in the LEGO Lamborghini Urus ST-X kit. Who knows, you might even be inspired to build your own custom transforming car robot next.

You can also find slopes in the Chinese New Year Temple Fair, this is a great kit and is filled with some vibrant bricks to add to your stash.

If all else fails, you can seek out external brick retailers like Bricklink. It might be a more time-consuming endeavor, but if you’re after a specific part it helps to just get what you need.

Getting Started on Your Own Custom Builds

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BrickMecha and many other LEGO YouTubers are invaluable in the information they provide. With practice and a fair amount of diligence, you can apply their steps to your own creations. While building someone else’s custom builds can be a ton of fun, who knows what you’ll come up with on your own?

If you’re looking to get into your own custom builds, it certainly helps to build other designs from scratch. This helps for seeing which pieces work best for a specific purpose and not just building aimlessly. Any devoted LEGO fan knows there are countless bricks and plates for all sorts of purposes.

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After you’ve done a few of someone else’s custom builds, you could easily branch out. If you know the mechanics and process behind building other creations, that sort of knowledge is readily applied to your own.

If you’re looking to build your own custom designs, make sure you sketch out the prototype design before setting it to work. This might not be as fun as building from scratch, but it’ll give a good baseline of what the design needs to be capable of doing.

Wrapping Up

Building custom LEGO builds like the combining transformer can be a ton of fun. If you or your children are deeply invested in LEGO, it could be a good way to see new designs with tired old pieces.

BrickMecha has a plethora of designs readily available, beyond this one build. You could find hours of entertainment building up your own robot army of LEGO transformers. It does require a bit of an investment to get rolling, but if you already have the required parts, why not give it a try?

LEGO has proven time and time again to be a toy line intended for creativity. BrickMecha’s designs are just scratching the surface of what LEGO can do in the hands of a driven and creative individual.

You can also search out other custom builds on YouTube, there are many channels devoted to creating impressive and wholly unique designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the design by BrickMecha easy to build?

It isn’t a complicated build by any means. However, it does require the usage of some specialized LEGO pieces you won’t find in typical kits. It isn’t a hard build, but it could be potentially expensive if are lacking some of the core pieces.

Are there are other LEGO transformer designs?

Transforming robots are a popular build for LEGO creators, so you’ll find more than what BrickMecha has on offer with a little searching. What makes this design so fun is it is relatively easy and gives you two vehicles that combine into a single robot.

Can I make the robot accommodate a mini-figure?

You would have to tweak the design around quite a bit to accommodate a mini-figure. It is a fairly small design as it stands, so it might need to scale up. If you’re new to custom builds you would probably want to hold off until you get some more experience under your belt.

Why should I do a custom build instead of a kit?

Kits are great, there’s no denying that. Custom builds allow for LEGO creations that might not be possible due to copyright laws and other restrictions.

Is this an easy build for kids?

Yes. It should be, at least. Kids in the recommended age brackets for LEGO use could probably do this build very easily with a little supervision. It isn’t complicated as previously stated, but it does have some super tiny parts that require a bit of patience to put in place.

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