How to Build a LEGO Tank

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How to Build a LEGO Tank

Key Points

  • There are common elements to most LEGO tank builds, including the main body, wheels, and turret.
  • Organizing your LEGO pieces before starting will save time during the build.
  • LEGO allows for customization, so you can add your own flair to the tank design.
  • Starting with the chassis provides a reliable base for building the rest of the tank.
  • Looking up tank models or consulting tank books can provide inspiration for your build.

One of the best things about LEGO is that there are so many ways to have fun with it. Whether you’re a loyal LEGO collector, a diehard customizer, or new to the scene, the opportunities for your next build are endless. Essentially, the only limit to what you can create is your imagination. However, we all need some inspiration from time to time to take our creations to the next level. If you’re a fan of military vehicles, you might have considered making a tank out of LEGO. Luckily, we’re going to showcase a simple tutorial on how to build a LEGO tank here. This video is courtesy of the AHA KIDS YouTube account. We’ll highlight the pieces you need. In addition, we’ll provide you with some tips and tricks for getting the most out of your new LEGO tank. You can take a look at the video below.

Watch this video to see how to build a tank with LEGO blocks.

How to Build a LEGO Tank: The Pieces You Need

There are lots of ways to construct a LEGO tank. But, generally speaking, there are a few elements that are common to most builds. These are the main body, or chassis, the wheels, and the turret, or cannon, on top. For the particular build in this video, you’ll need the pieces that are listed in the table below. There are a variety of colors in this build, which add a nice aesthetic. As such, we’ve indicated which pieces are of the same color as well. We’ve also given the part IDs in brackets so you can look them up easily. But if you own a Classic Creative Box, you should find everything you need in there.

Pieces NeededColor
Two 2×4 bricks (3001)Dark green
Six 1×4 slopes (60477)Dark green
One 2×4 slope (3037)Dark green
Six 2×2 round bricks (3941) (half of them lighter shade than the majority of the other bricks)3x dark green, 3x light green
Two 2×3 bricks (3002)Dark green
Four 24 x 8 tires with offset tread (61254)2x dark green, 2x black
One 2×2 brick (3003)Dark green
One 2×4 plate (3020)Light green
Two 1×2 slopes (3040)Dark green
Two 1×3 curved bricks (50950)Dark green
Four 2×2 slopes (3039)Darkest green
One 2×2 bracket (3956)Black
Three 1×4 plates (3710)Darkest green
One 4×6 plate (3032)Black
Six 1×4 plates with wheel holders (2926)Black
Ten 8×9 wheels with holes (74967) (four are diff colors)Black
One 2×2 turntable base plate (3680)Red
One 2×2 turntable top plate (3679)Gray
Ten 8×9 wheels with hole (74967) (four are diff colors)6x gray, 4x white
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How to Build a LEGO Tank: Useful Tips

While there aren’t any spoken instructions in AHA KIDS’ video, it shouldn’t be too complicated to follow. This is especially true if you own a LEGO Classic Creative Box, as you can visually match up the required pieces in the video to the pieces in your set. The video does provide a useful guide but is fairly flexible in terms of tank dimensions, colors, and wheel size.

Part of the fun of LEGO is improvising and letting your creativity shine, so feel free to switch things up as you go along. If you’re unhappy with how your build is going or the result, you can always start afresh and try out some alternative blocks instead. If you find that you don’t have all the same pieces as the video, don’t fret. You’ll likely be able to build an awesome tank with the pieces that you do have, as long as you follow the general guidelines.

With that said, it always helps to have some handy tips and tricks to make sure you’re on the right track. Our recommendations are next.

Prepare Your Pieces to Save Time

As with any LEGO project, it’s always a sensible idea to organize the pieces you need before you begin. You can lay them out similarly to the video tutorial, or in any arrangement that makes the most sense for you. This may seem like an annoying step, but you’ll save lots of time since you won’t need to scramble around for that pesky missing piece halfway through the build.

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Customize Your Tank to Your Tastes

LEGO is great for adding your own flair to whatever you’re building. You could use the same classic color combinations as they do in the tutorial. Or, you could mix it up with any shades that you like. The alternating shades of green on the tank cannon are a nice touch, but you could adjust this to your preferences as well. You could also scale the tank up to a bigger size, with larger pieces and bulkier wheels. The sky’s the limit here!

Start With the Chassis

This is a good tip when building a tank, or any larger vehicle. Once you’ve built the main body, you’ll have a better idea of the total dimensions. This will tell you how much wiggle room you have in adding the wheels and any extra components. With this part done, you’re simply building on top of a reliable base.

Get Inspired

Looking up tank models or consulting a book about tanks is a great idea to fuel your inspiration for your build. While the tank in this tutorial is fairly simple, there are countless variations you can make, with increasing degrees of complexity. For example, ASpengler’s YouTube channel has some fantastic tank builds, many of which are based on real-life tanks. Be sure to check out his videos if you’re a tank lover.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I build a LEGO tank?

One of the easiest ways to start building your LEGO tank is to look up an online tutorial. YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok are great places to find video tutorials, and Reddit is amazing for written guides. Consulting personal blogs of expert LEGO builders is also smart since they’ll have a lot of tips and tricks to share. All you need is the required pieces, some patience, and inspiration. The best place to start is usually with the chassis body of the tank, as this provides you with a strong base to add other components on top. This will help maintain the structural integrity of your build as you go.

Where do I get the LEGO pieces to build a tank?

For this tutorial, all the parts you need are in the LEGO Classic Creative Box. However, many of them can be swapped out for some other pieces in a pinch, as long as you understand the general mechanics of the build. You can also order spare pieces from the LEGO website, or any good retailer, such as Amazon, or Walmart.

Are there specific LEGO parts to build tanks?

LEGO doesn’t have pieces that are specifically designed for building tanks, but creators will often use pieces from the LEGO City and LEGO Technic lines. These offer more specialized and functional pieces than typical LEGO bricks. SNOT (Studs Not On Top) pieces are also fantastic for building vehicles, as they provide an aesthetically pleasing and smooth finish where the mechanics are hidden from sight.

How do I make the tank turret rotate?

If you follow the instructions in the video, you should end up with a rotatable turret by using the turntable pieces. Using Technic parts such as axles and gears is another great way to build a functioning turret.

Can I customize my LEGO tank?

Of course! You can experiment with different-sized pieces, swapping out the colors, and even building a bigger turret, among other things.

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