How to Build a LEGO Castle

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How to Build a LEGO Castle

Key Points

  • Place a minifigure or small brick in the space where you’re going to build to ensure there’s enough space for LEGO figures to walk through the castle.
  • Use alternative bricks, such as taller bricks, to save on pieces when building the tower sections of your LEGO castle.
  • Customize your LEGO castle with your own colors and design to make it unique and reflect your personal taste.

If you’re familiar with LEGO, you know that there are an insane number of ways you can connect the bricks to create an awesome build. There have been some truly weird and wonderful sets coming out of the LEGO HQ. While themed sets and vehicles are always on trend, architectural builds are popular too. Maybe you’ve tried your hand at building a house, but want to expand to something more fantastical. There are a lot of LEGO sets based around castles, but it can be a lot of fun to build one from scratch yourself. We’re going to go over a relatively simple example of how to build a LEGO castle here, referring to this great instructional video from Mr Walkington’s World YouTube channel.

The good thing about this is that, aside from the base plate, all you need are standard 2×4 and 2×2 bricks. We’ve provided the video below, a list of the pieces you need, and our tricks for making your build a success.

Watch this vide to see how to build a castle with LEGO blocks.

How to Build a LEGO Castle: The Pieces You Need

You can build a LEGO castle using many different methods, depending on your desired result. You could aim for realism, take inspiration from a real-life castle, or let your imagination run wild. Either way, the build in this video is a good jumping-off point. Once you have the basics of constructing the walls, towers, and gate down, you can customize the castle however you wish. To get started with this build, you’ll find all the bricks you need listed in the table below, along with their part IDs.

Pieces Needed
32×32 green baseplate (11023)
369 2×4 bricks (3001)
55 2×2 bricks (3003)
Defend the Castle
LEGO Kings Castle
  • Includes 996 pieces in total
  • Accessories include 2 shields, a treasure chest, and working battering ram
  • Protect the King's throne
  • Good for ages 7-12
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11/28/2023 08:28 am GMT

How to Build a LEGO Castle: Useful Tips

Mr. Walkington gives a lot of useful pointers in his video, and it’s not too hard to follow along. This is especially true since the variety of bricks you need is kept to a minimum. As such, you can keep to this example, or add your own adjustments after you’ve finished the foundations. The beauty of LEGO is that the combinations are almost limitless. You can always swap out bricks as and when you wish to test out a different strategy. And remember, if you’re not happy with the result, all is not lost. You can easily adjust as you go, or start the project over completely. After all, the fun is mostly in the journey and not the destination!

Even though the tutorial is helpful, we can all use some extra guidance when building our LEGO projects. Take a look at our suggestions below to build a castle to be proud of.

Interlock Bricks to Build a Strong Foundation

One of the most important tricks when constructing anything architectural is to make sure the integrity of your walls is strong. The easiest way to do this is to overlap bricks as if you were building a real-life house. Instead of laying bricks directly on top of each other, you want to overlap the brick halfway along the bottom brick. This gives you an alternating brick structure, which adds a lot more strength to your build. If you follow this rule, your castle will be a lot more resistant to accidental nudges and movements.

Use a Minifigure or Brick to Visualize the Dimensions

Another great tip is to place a minifigure or small brick in the space where you’re going to build. For example, where the castle gate would be. Mr. Walkington does this in his video so that he can make sure there’s enough space for LEGO figures to comfortably walk through the castle.

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Use Alternative Bricks to Save on Pieces

It’s good that this build uses relatively simple bricks, but you may not have enough 2×4 pieces to complete it. In this case, you can use some taller bricks to build the tower sections. This will greatly minimize the number of bricks you need. You can also leave the back wall out if you’re limited on bricks or some gaps in the walls.

Customize Your Castle to Your Tastes

One of the best things about LEGO is that you can customize it however you wish. The tutorial uses fairly basic colors. But you can use any colors you like to build a castle that you love. Feel free to take some inspiration from some real-life examples as well, or castle-themed LEGO sets. Some builds are fairly complex, but they’re very impressive at the same time. Castles naturally lend themselves to fantasy settings, so let your creativity shine!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I build a LEGO castle?

The best way to start building a castle is to start with the foundation. Once this is strong and stable, you can customize it further from there. It’s a good idea to use a base plate, as this will provide a reliable base for you to stick your bricks on. You can find lots of videos on YouTube, and even Instagram and TikTok, to get guidance on castle building. There are also lots of blogs and instructables out there from experienced builders if you prefer written instructions.

Where do I get the LEGO pieces to build a tank?

For this build, you only need standard 2×4 bricks for the most part and some 2×2 bricks. If you’re a collector, there’s a good chance you have the bricks you need. However, if you don’t, then buying a LEGO Classic brick set would be a great idea, as these have loads of bricks you can use for this build and many others. You can get these from any good retailer, such as Amazon.

Are there specific LEGO parts to build castles?

Yes, some pieces are designed with castles in mind, such as doors, windows, arch-shaped bricks, panels, and various themed accessories. One of the simplest ways to get your hands on these is by purchasing a castle-themed set or buying specific pieces from the LEGO website via the Pick-a-Brick or Bricks and Pieces services. Alternatively, you could find some great deals on bricks from platforms such as Amazon, eBay, or the LEGO marketplace.

How do I make the castle archway?

There are two ways of building the castle entrance described in the video. Essentially, the choice is either between building the bricks up going in the direction of the castle wall, or arranging them perpendicularly. Either way will work well, but you’ll need one extra brick if you’re going with the first method.

Can I customize my LEGO castle?

Certainly! You can experiment with using different colors and styles for building the walls, towers and entrance, add different accessories depending on the theme you’re going for, and even add elements like a castle moat. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you’re happy with your build.

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