How to Bookmark on Twitter in 3 Steps

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How to Bookmark on Twitter in 3 Steps

Scrolling back to a specific tweet can be challenging if you don’t have a screenshot or username because new content keeps streaming every second. Bookmarks enable you to get back to a tweet without retweeting or liking it. It’s a way of saving information that you deem inaccurate, controversial, or valuable. 

You might think that the “Like” button on Twitter is the simplest way to bookmark interesting tweets if you’re unfamiliar with the platform. However, as you’ll discover shortly, there are better options than liking a tweet. 

Twitter’s bookmark, introduced in 2018, is a cool feature that allows you to save your favorite tweet without anyone else knowing. This article will show you how to bookmark tweets on different devices. 

How to Bookmark a Tweet on a PC

The process of bookmarking a tweet is straightforward. Here are the steps;

Step 1: Log in to Twitter

Launch your preferred browser and search for Twitter, then log in.

Bookmark on Twitter
Sign in to Twitter with Apple or with your Twitter credentials.


Step 2: Tap the Share Icon

When you see a tweet that interests you, locate the share icon in the bottom right corner of the tweet and tap it to reveal more options.

Bookmark a Tweet
The Share icon is located at the bottom right of the Tweet.


Step 3: Select Bookmark

Select bookmark on the menu that comes up after clicking “share,” 

That’s it. The tweet will be saved for future reference. You can also bookmark your tweet.

Bookmark a Tweet
Bookmark is located at the bottom of the menu that appears.


How to Bookmark a Tweet on Android Devices

Bookmarking a Tweet on Android is a bit different from the browser. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Launch the Twitter App

Locate the Twitter app on your device and tap it.

Bookmark a Tweet
Locate the blue and white Twitter icon and tap it to launch the app.


Step 2: Select a Tweet

Tap the tweet you would like to bookmark to select it. Tapping will open the tweet in a new window. 

Bookmark a Tweet
You can find the Share icon at the bottom right of the Tweet.


Step 3: Tap Bookmark

Select the Bookmark tab at the bottom center of the menu.

The Share icon is located at the bottom right of the Tweet.
Tap on the Bookmark icon at the bottom of the screen.


A pop-up will appear on your screen, confirming that your tweet has been bookmarked.

Bookmark a Tweet
You will see a message confirming your tweet was bookmarked.


How to View Your Saved Bookmarks on Desktop

Viewing your bookmarked tweets is equally easy. On your desktop, click Bookmarks on the left of your screen.

Bookmark a Tweet
Bookmarks is located halfway down the screen in the left-hand tab.


Viewing Your Bookmarks on an Android Device

Accessing your bookmarks on android devices is equally easy through the following steps.

Step 1: Tap Your Profile Picture

On your android device, tap your profile picture in the top left corner of your screen.

Bookmark a Tweet
Your profile icon is located in the top left-hand corner.


Step 2: Tap on Bookmarks

Tap the Bookmarks tab to view your saved bookmarks.

Bookmark a Tweet
Tap Bookmarks under your Profile to view your saved bookmarks.


How to Remove a Bookmark

To remove a bookmark from your tweet, click the share icon on the bookmark’s timeline and select “Remove Tweet from Bookmarks.”

Bookmark a Tweet
Click the share icon on the bookmark’s timeline and select to remove the tweet.


To delete all your bookmarks at once, tap the dots in the top right corner of your Bookmark’s timeline and click “Clear all Bookmarks.”

Bookmark a Tweet
Delete all bookmarks by tapping the three dot menu bookmark’s timeline and pressing Clear all Bookmarks.


Unable to Bookmark a Tweet?

The bookmarking feature often works smoothly, but it might have issues if your twitter app has problems. Below are possible reasons why you might be unable to bookmark a tweet:

Unstable Internet Connection

When your internet connection is sketchy, you might think you have bookmarked your tweet when you haven’t. When you eventually make a connection, the tweet won’t appear on the “Bookmark” tab.

Outdated Apps

Some older versions of Twitter may present such problems. Try checking on Google Play Store for updates and new versions. Also, ensure that your operating system is updated, which can cause some apps to malfunction.

Cache Build-up

Over time, a cache can accumulate and cause some functionalities to stop working. Try emptying the browser cache if you’re having these problems with a browser. If you’re experiencing a problem with the app, clear the app’s cache memory.

Temporary Bugs

Sometimes, an app can act funny. In such an instance, restart your device or uninstall and reinstall it. 


There you have it, no more “liking” an odd tweet with a link to an article to return to it later when you have some spare time, only to have the same weird tweet remain in your “likes” tab indefinitely. Get to bookmarking and tidy up that “likes” section while you’re at it.

Check out the video below for a visual guide to the steps outlined in our post.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a difference between lists and bookmarks?

They are not the same. Twitter Lists are searchable compilations of tweets from different accounts arranged by topic, group, or interest. On the other hand, Bookmarks save your favorite tweets on the “Bookmark” tab.

Can other people see your bookmarks?

No. The good thing about bookmarks is that they are only visible to you. Even the original author does not know when you bookmark a tweet.

Can I organize my Twitter bookmarks in folders?

Only Twitter blue members can organize bookmarks in folders. There are various methods for making Bookmark Folders, but each one requires you first bookmark a Tweet. When you make a new Bookmark as a Twitter Blue member, you’ll get a message with the choice to Add a Folder straightaway.

How many bookmarks can I save on Twitter?

Currently, there’s no limit to the number of bookmarks you can save. However, some users claim that they can only bookmark 744 tweets. 


Can I retrieve a bookmark that I deleted accidentally?

Yes. Follow this easy procedure if you accidentally erased your bookmarks and wish to recover them:

  1. Access the settings page.
  2. Click “More Settings” on the settings screen after opening it.
  3. The screen that follows will appear.
  4. Select “Account” from the menu.
  5. You will now see the following display.
  6. Select “Bookmarks” and “Deleted Tweets.”
  7. Select “Restore” from the menu now.
  8. Tap “Done”
  9. On the next screen that shows up, click “OK” to confirm.
  10.  Click “OK.” to have your bookmarks restored.
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