How to Block Emails on Gmail, with Photos

How to Create Rules in Gmail

How to Block Emails on Gmail, with Photos

About  2 billion people use Gmail globally. Its functionality as an official communication channel is the reason why it is very popular. However, junk and spam emails have proliferated email traffic over the years. You might have found some of these unwanted emails in your Inbox, some of which would put your security and device at risk. The first step to secure your account is to block these emails on your Gmail.

We’ll cover step-by-step how to block emails in Gmail for desktop and mobile. Let’s dive in! 

Block Emails on Gmail Using a Desktop 

Step 1: Launch Gmail.com

Go to your computer on your preferred browser and log in to your Gmail account.

The opening screen of Gmail.


Step 2: Go to the email you’d want to block. 

Scroll down to the email you want to block. Otherwise, you can search for the particular email on the search bar and click on it.

Select the correct email.


Step 3: Select the menu with three dots (⋮) at the end of the address line. 

The menu will bring forth several options regarding the sender’s email address.

Select the ‘More’ menu.


Step 4: Select Block sender

From the previous step, the menu will contain Block “sender’s name.” Click on this one

When the menu opens, click on ‘Block …’


Step 5: Confirm that you’d wish to block email. 

A pop-up appears for you to either cancel or confirm the action. Confirm it by clicking Block.

Select ‘Block’ to confirm you want the email blocked.


Check out this helpful video tutorial on effectively blocking unwanted emails in Gmail. Say goodbye to spam and pesky messages with these simple steps. Click to watch and regain control of your email experience!

You have successfully blocked the email.

Blocking Emails Using the Mobile App

Step 1: Go to your phone and select the Gmail app.

Make sure you are logged in to the right Gmail account.

Log in to your Gmail account.


Step 2: Locate the email sender you’d like to block. 

Go to the email they sent or search for their email address on the search bar.

Find the correct email sender.


Step 3: Select the three-dot (⋮) directly beside the sender’s name.

It will open up a menu with several options.

Select the More menu.


Step 4: Select Block user

On the menu in step 3, there is one for Block User. Tap on it

When the menu opens, select ‘Block user’.


Step 5: A notification will show that you have blocked the email address.

this is the last step

You will get a message that the sender is blocked.


Unblocking A Sender

Sometimes, you may have blocked accidentally blocked someone or reconsidered blocking an email address. Fortunately, it’s easy to unblock an email address. 


  1. Search for the email address of the person you want to unblock on the search bar. A large Unblock Sender icon will appear.
Find the correct sender to unblock.


  1. Click on the Unblock button and confirm it.
Click on the Unblock button.


Alternative Method

The option is when you don’t remember the email address you want to unblock

  1. Select the gear-like icon on Gmail 
Find the Settings icon.


2. On the window that appears, select See all settings

Select the See all Settings option.


This will open up all the settings related to Gmail

3. Select the Filters and Blocked Addresses icon

Go to the Filters and Blocked Addresses option.


4. Choose filters and blocked addresses on the top bar containing all the settings fields.

Scroll down to the email address you want to unblock and click the unblock button on the right

Block emails on Gmail
The Unblock option is found on the bottom right-hand side.


How to Unsubscribe from Mailing Lists

If your inbox is spammed with emails from mailing lists you no longer read, unsubscribe from mass newsletters on Gmail instead of blocking them to keep your inbox uncluttered and clean. 

To unsubscribe from emails, open a message from a list you’re no longer interested in. Then, next to the sender’s name, click Unsubscribe. This change doesn’t take place immediately. It might take a few days before the email stops. 

Information on Spammers, Spoofing, Spam, and Phishing

Spammers can access your personal information or even steal your money. Let’s explain how spammers use phishing and spoofing is used for such activities.


Spoofing involves sending emails while impersonating trusted sources. They, for example, create emails bearing corporate taglines and send them out to people who would not suspect the ploy.

If one is not careful to analyze the email contents and the addresses, one can fall victim to such attacks. Clicking the email content will install malware on your Pc or extract personal details.


Phishing attacks are almost similar to spoofing attacks. The emails, however, come with links that, when clicked, lead to convincing websites that extract personal details. When receiving emails, one must be very careful to notice any questionable content, links, or addresses.

In Conclusion

Email shouldn’t be an unpleasant, problematic experience. Spam filters protect you from scams, but the providers can’t tell that you don’t want emails from specific senders for personal reasons. 

Gmail provides tools to prevent you from dealing with unwanted people, whether deleting or moving their emails to spam. These methods are easy to revert to, making it simple to reestablish a connection with people after a long period.

How to Block Emails on Gmail, with Photos FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

How do I block several users on Gmail?

Select the email addresses you intend to block and click on the “Report Spam” icon.

Can blocked senders still contact me?

Yes. The senders can disguise themselves through forged addresses and still contact you. It would be best if you were careful, as this is a form of email spoofing.

Do people I block on Gmail get notified about it?

No. the sender you block doesn’t receive any notification about your action.

Why should I not use the Spam function when blocking email?

The Spam button is the optimum response to junk emails. It is used for consistent junk emails from a certain sender. The block function is for emails that you recognize but down want to appear in your

How do I know if someone has blocked my email address?

You cannot tell if your email address is blocked.

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